Whole Foods Cakes Guide – Ordering Cakes and Prices

Is there a particular occasion on the horizon for you? Are you looking for the ideal dessert to commemorate a special occasion? If that’s the case, your quest is over. Whole Foods Store features a wide variety of cakes to suit any taste.

Delicious cakes from Whole Foods Market bakery, such as berry chantilly cake and chocolate eruption cake, will make your celebration unforgettable.

Unbleached, unbromated flour, cage-free or higher eggs, high-fructose corn syrup, and no hydrogenated fats are used to make the cakes.

So, what kind of cakes can you get at Whole Foods? Additionally, how do you order both in-store and online?

Short Answer: Whole Foods carries a wide variety of cakes, from its renowned berry chantilly to vegan and gluten-free options, as well as classics like tiramisu, tres leches, and fruit tarts.

Cakes and cupcakes are also available for birthdays, weddings, graduations, baby showers, holidays, and other special occasions at the bakery.

Cakes from Whole Foods are of greater quality than those found in regular grocery stores, hence they are more expensive. You can either go to your local Whole Foods shop or order online to place an order.

How Does Whole Foods Cake Order Work?

You can order your Whole Foods Market cake in a variety of ways. You can order one in one of three ways:

1. Online Reservation for In-Store Pickup

Many Whole Foods Market locations provide a wide range of ready-made and custom cakes to be picked in-store. In addition, customers can reserve their cake order online and pick it up at a designated time for convenience.

2. Order Ready-Made Desserts for Delivery or Pickup

Members of Amazon Prime can order ready-made cakes online for delivery or pickup at select locations. But, Amazon Prime does not allow you to order a personalized cake. Instead, based on your store location, the site will display you available possibilities.

3. Contact Your Local Store

Contact or go to your local Whole Foods bakery for more information. Inform the bakery employee what kind of cake you want, how big it should be, and if you want any personalized designs on it.

If you require a custom cake, you must come or phone at least 48 hours in advance to provide the icing artist sufficient time to create your design. If you want a ready-made cake, you can choose one from the bakery department’s showcase display.

If you want to buy a popular cake-like berry chantilly, call ahead to see if it’s available.

Can I Order a Whole Foods Cake Online?

No, you won’t be able to order a Whole Foods cake over the internet. Many cakes and customizations, on the other hand, are available for online ordering and pick-up in-store.

If you’re an , you can order ready-made cakes online for delivery or pickup. A Prime member can get 2-hour delivery or free 1-hour pickup offered at select stores.

Amazon Prime subscribers, on the other hand, are unable to order personalized cakes from Whole Foods online.

How to Order a Whole Foods Cake on Amazon Prime:

  • Navigate to the Whole Foods Market section of the website.
  • Choose the cake you’d like to order.
  • Add to Cart by clicking the Add to Cart button.
  • When you’ve finished shopping, go to the upper right corner of the screen and click the shopping cart button.
  • To proceed to the payment page, click Proceed.
  • You have the option of having your order delivered or picking it up in-store.
  • You can get free 2-hour delivery on orders over $35 if you have a Prime membership.

How to Order a Whole Foods Cake Online and Pickup In-Store:

  • To place an order, go to the Whole Foods Market website.
  • Choose a store in your area after entering your state.
  • Click Desserts & Cakes on the left side of the screen, under Daily Choices.
  • Choose the cake you want to order and fill out the form with the size and quantity you want.
  • Add to cart by clicking the Add to Cart button.
  • After you’ve completed shopping, click the shopping cart button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Click “Proceed” to the billing and pickup process. EBT is accepted at Whole Foods. and other forms of payment.
  • To complete your order, simply follow the prompts.
  • Pick up your cake from a nearby store.

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What Kind of Cakes Does Whole Foods Sell?

Whole Foods Market sells a variety of cakes, from its signature berry chantilly to classics like tiramisu, tres leches, and fruit tarts, as well as seasonal favorites like carrot cake.

Vegan cookies, cream cake, raspberry chocolate cake, and gluten-free chocolate cakes are among the gluten-free and vegan options available at Whole Foods. Cookies and cream cupcakes and German chocolate and coconut cream cupcakes are also available.

For special occasions, you can order a personalized cake with your preferred theme, size, flavor, and color.

Whole Foods cakes come in various sizes, including cupcakes, 6-inch and 8-inch round, quarter, half, and full sheet. If you’re not in the market for a whole cake, you can also find a wide range of gluten-free, vegan, keto cake slices and other options in the .

Whole Foods’ bakery department sells the following types of cakes:

  • Berry chantilly cake
  • Chocolate eruption cake
  • Carrot cake
  • Custom cakes
  • Coconut cream cake
  • Vanilla cake
  • Cheesecake
  • Dairy-free cake
  • Eggless cake
  • Fresh fruit tart
  • German chocolate cake
  • Gluten-free cake
  • King cake
  • Mango mousse
  • Mini cake
  • Pound Cake
  • Red velvet cake
  • Sugar-free cake
  • Tiramisu cake
  • Tres leches cake
  • Vegan birthday cake
  • Vegan carrot cake
  • Vegan chocolate cake

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Does Whole Foods Sell Birthday Cakes?

Yes, Whole Foods does sell custom birthday cakes in the bakery department. However, keep in mind that the company does not print such as Disney characters or Marvel superheroes.

If you want to write a message on your birthday cake, go to your local Whole Foods and ask a team member to print it for you. A free dark or white chocolate message will be written by the baking department!

Does Whole Foods Make Custom Cakes?

Yes, Whole Foods sells personalized cakes for all events, including birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays, and other special occasions. You have the option of adding a personalized message to a pre-made cake or having a custom-designed cake built just for you.

Here’s how you order a Whole Foods personalized cake:

  1. Fill out an order form for a custom Whole Foods cake by calling your local bakery or going in person. You must place your order at least 48 hours ahead of time. Begin by requesting to talk with a member of the bakery’s staff.
  2. Describe your special occasion and how you’d want the cake to be customized.
  3. Expect to pay more if you want a design that isn’t included in the base price.
  4. Pick it up whenever you want. Most Whole Foods supermarkets, for example, are open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.

Bring a picture to show the cake designer if you have a specific design in mind. If you don’t have a special occasion in mind, Whole Foods has a brochure with personalized designs.

Ask if you can send a photo to the designer as a reference when placing a custom cake order over the phone.

What are the Whole Food Custom Cakes Prices?

The cost of a Whole Foods custom cake varies depending on the size, number of layers, level of customization, and shop location. Prices on the internet may also differ.

For example, a 6-inch lemon and coconut cake costs $18, while a 9-inch lemon and coconut cake costs roughly $26.

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How Much Does Whole Foods Charge for Delivery?

Whole Foods charges $9.95 for food delivery. The charge applies to all delivery customers, including Prime members. Delivery is available from 8 am to 10 pm every day. In addition to delivering cakes, the Amazon Prime driver can bring anything from the wonton wrapper from the grocery store, cheesecloth to make your own food, makeup, and more.

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What is the Whole Foods Chantilly Cake Price?

The price of a Whole Foods berry chantilly cake varies between $12 and $30 for round cakes and $50 to $180 for sheet cakes.

Layers of exquisite vanilla cake, fluffy chantilly cream icing, and fresh berries make up the berry chantilly cake, which is an exceptional delicacy.

Furthermore, chantilly cupcakes are usually around $4 apiece, while slices are roughly $3.99 each. If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, take a look at their ready-made bakery cakes.

Cake Price Serves
4’’ Berry Chantilly Round Cake $12 2
6” Berry Chantilly Round Cake $25 8
8” Berry Chantilly Round Cake $30 – $33 10
Quarter sheet Berry Chantilly Cake $50 – $55 25
Half sheet Berry Chantilly Cake $70 – $90 50
Full sheet Berry Chantilly Cake $140 – $180 100
**Prices may vary    

Whole Foods Cakes Summary

Whole Foods Market is a supermarket that specializes in handcrafted cakes for birthdays and other special occasions.

From their extensive selection, you’ll be able to find the ideal cake for your special occasion. Custom cakes range in price from $12 to $180, depending on the size and style of the cake.

Thus, if you’re looking for a unique way to commemorate a special occasion with friends and family, Whole Foods Bakery offers just what you’re looking for!

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