Where to Sell Disney VHS Tapes for the Highest Price: The Ultimate Guide

Disney VHS tapes are a hot commodity on the secondary market. Everyone seems to want a piece of nostalgia, and Disney VHS tapes are the perfect way to revisit childhood classics. If you have some lying around your house, it’s an Simple item to sell quickly for a profit on money.

You may be wondering about the best place to sell your VHS tape black diamond collection. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to figure out where to get the highest price for your tapes.

Where to sell Disney VHS tapes for the most money is covered in our exhaustive guide.

Where to Sell Disney VHS Tapes for the Highest Price?

The easiest place to sell Disney VHS tapes is online resale marketplaces like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Amazon. However, you may get a better price for your Disney collection by selling old for cash to a local collector.

For instance, local comic book stores or secondhand bookshops are interested in purchasing unusual VHS tape collections.

Also, look for classified websites and social media groups devoted to Disney collectors. For example, makes all-cash offers for Disney collectibles.

What Makes Disney VHS Tapes Worth a Lot of Money

So many childhood memories are associated with Disney. For many of us, the VHS taps were our introduction to the magic of . While today’s standards don’t advance the VHS tape technology, many still cherish them.

Disney VHS tapes are worth money for a number of reasons.

Rarest VHS Tapes

The most expensive Disney VHS recordings are some of the rarest. The rarest or longest-out-of-print Disney VHS tapes are the most expensive ones.

The priciest Disney VHS tapes ever include some of the following:

  • 1992’s VHS copy of Beauty and the Beast went for $14,000.
  • 1989’s Little Mermaid VHS video went for over $12,000 at auction.

Other antique tapes can be purchased for hundreds of dollars.


The value of a VHS tape to a collector greatly depends on its condition.

It goes without saying that tapes in good condition are worth more money than tapes in bad condition. Even if the tape is still functional, you won’t make as much money if you sell it.

Language and Misprints

Movies dubbed into languages other than English are frequently very hard to get and cost more. Additionally, if your VHS tape contains typos or errors, this will attract collectors’ attention and may raise its value.


Although it’s not always the case, are typically worth more money than child-friendly versions. If you have any adult-rated Disney VHS tapes in your collection, list them separately. You should price explicit Disney VHS tapes higher than the standard tapes.

Market Conditions

The value of Disney VHS tapes on the secondary market might change. Sometimes, expensive tapes today might not be as valuable tomorrow. Hence, keep an eye on the market and sell your recordings when there is a strong demand. For instance, every year around Christmas, I resale items.

Therefore, if you have any old Disney VHS tapes sitting around in your attic collecting dust, take them out and check their worth.

Who Buys Old Disney VHS Tapes?

Many people experience nostalgia when watching Disney movies. Adults recall their childhood VHS viewings of classics like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast.

But who is purchasing vintage Disney VHS tapes?

Sometimes they are fans who are adults who want to go back to their childhood. Otherwise, they’re parents that wish to provide their kids with the same upbringing they did.

There is undoubtedly a market for these old Disney tapes, whatever the cause.

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Where to Sell Disney VHS Tapes: 10 Best Places

There are several places where you can sell your old VHS tapes. Online marketplaces like eBay or Etsy are popular sites collectors frequent. You’re unlikely to make thousands of dollars by , but you can still get extra money.

Provide prospective customers all the information they require in order to purchase your Disney VHS cassettes. When selling items online, it’s important to add information about the item’s condition, any damage, and the sort of tape it is (such as standard, widescreen, etc.).).

With additional information, the customer can make a decision more easily. It also lessens negative seller reviews for upcoming listings.

Disney VHS tapes can be purchased in the following places:

1. eBay

is one of the most popular places to sell old Disney VHS tapes. You can list your tapes for auction on eBay and set a starting price. It helps to search for “Completed Listings” to get an idea of the price old tapes sold for.

But, remember to consider the item’s state. A Disney VHS tape, for instance, would be worth more in mint condition than in poor condition.

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2. Amazon

You can list your vintage VHS tapes on for a fixed price. One advantage of reselling stuff on Amazon is its potential audience of millions of shoppers. In addition, most of its shoppers have credit cards loaded and ready to spend.

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3. Disney Facebook Groups

Consider putting your rare Disney VHS tapes in a Facebook community for Disney merchandise buyers and sellers.

Disney World Facebook groups include, for instance:

Many groups can be found by Googling “.”

To access a sizable audience of Disney enthusiasts, there are various Facebook groups available. If you’re looking to sell your VHS tapes in your neighborhood, you might also try posting in Facebook groups for your area.

4. Facebook Marketplace

is a part of Facebook where people can trade and buy local goods. For instance, you can reach a sizable audience of potential customers by offering your Disney VHS cassettes on Facebook Marketplace.

Post a few images of your vintage VHS cassettes in a post on Facebook Marketplace. Make sure to provide your post correct titles and fair rates. Then just wait for the offers to come in while you relax!

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5. Mercari

is a good place to find deals on Disney VHS tapes. In addition, you can find some great prices on classic Disney movies like The Little Mermaid, Belle and the Beast, and Aladdin.

Disney VHS tapes that you no longer want can be sold on Mercari.com. Put your items for sale and decide on a price for any good-quality VHS cassettes.

6. Craigslist

If you’re looking for other options to sell your Disney VHS tapes locally, is a good place to try.

Craigslist is a mostly free classifieds website for people to find housing, job listings, sale items, and free stuff like dump dirt, Metal and plastic 55-gallon drums, recycled wood pallets, appliance removal, and recycled cardboard.

On Craigslist, you may post a classified ad and reach millions of people. Simply establish a reasonable price and provide precise descriptions of your VHS cassettes.

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7. Garage Sales

Garage sales are easy to sell old Disney VHS tape collections locally. You can set up a table in your yard and sell your stuff to passersby, like out-of-date publications, vinyl records, and used furniture.

You don’t want to give away your tapes, but you also want to charge a fair amount for them. Pricing your recordings at 50% of their original worth is a fair general rule of thumb. Be ready to bargain with garage sale customers as well.

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8. Etsy

is an online marketplace where people sell and buy handmade or vintage items, like moissanite rings and costume jewelry. You can create a listing for your tapes on Etsy and set a price.

One advantage of selling on Etsy is reaching buyers worldwide. Since Etsy is one of the most popular vintage marketplaces globally, you’ll have a good chance of finding a buyer for your vintage Disney VHS tapes.

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9. Pawn Shops

Disney VHS cassettes can be quickly and easily sold to a pawn shop. Usually, your neighborhood pawn shop can give you immediate access to cash.

These are not the cheapest. Yet, when buying items, most pawn shops allow for some wiggle room. Therefore, their best offer may not be the first one they make.

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10. OfferUp

is a mobile classified app that enables local buying and selling. It’s free and the simplest method to start selling your goods.!

Get the app, snap a picture of your items, write a description, and enter a price. You will then be informed when a local person is interested in purchasing your old VHS tapes. After that, agree on a price and arrange to meet in a public place to trade your items for money.

Tips for Selling Disney VHS Tapes for Maximum Profit

When selling your recordings, it’s crucial to set a reasonable price and provide all information.

The following advice will help you sell Disney VHS tapes for the highest money:

  • Sort your collection, then evaluate the state of each videotape. If you sell VHS cassettes in bulk, you’ll make more money.
  • Look up the list price of Disney VHS cassettes in comparable condition right now. Since the pricing may change depending on the marketplace, you should have an sense of the appropriate list price.
  • Provide accurate descriptions and thorough images of the recordings in your writing. Buyers can see the tapes’ condition thanks to this. Additionally, a Disney VHS tape that has not been opened will be worth more than one that has been damaged or has other flaws.
  • Remember that the eBay list price might not correspond to the actual selling price. When purchasing vintage items, buyers frequently haggle with the seller.
  • Post your vintage VHS tapes for sale on various online marketplaces. If your item is placed on many online marketplaces, you are more likely to find a buyer who will pay more money.

You should be able to sell your Disney VHS tapes for the highest money using these advice.

Sell Disney VHS Tapes Online and Nearby Summary

Do you still have the Disney VHS cassettes in your possession? The fact that some people are willing to pay for them may surprise you! Selling your Disney VHS tapes on the secondary market will bring you quick cash!

Old Disney VHS tapes can be bought and sold in many places. Local thrift shops and pawn shops are both excellent choices. In any other case, consider listing your goods on an internet market site like OfferUp or eBay.

You might be surprised at how much money you can make by selling your old tapes! Decluttering is a good way to begin to save $10,000 every year..

It is admittedly unusual to consider VHS tapes to be precious items. It is evident that there is a market for sentimental goods, though.

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