Where To Get Wooden Crates For Free? 10 Nearby Places! Wine Crates Too! 

Are you looking for a place to store your old belongings for free? Or do you simply require additional containers to renovate and tidy up your property? Wooden crates are a great place to start. These self-supporting containers are ideal for storing and transporting objects that are lightweight, extremely heavy, or fragile.

are typically less priced and lighter, making them a popular choice for household storage. However, did you know that wooden crates can be obtained for free?

There are many benefits to getting old crates for free. You can also help reduce carbon emissions by upcycling and recycling reusable containers. Fortunately, recycling is an ongoing trend, with a in the US. So you get them for free and help save the environment at the same time!

So, where can you acquire free wooden crates?

Short answer: You can acquire free wooden boxes at local grocery stores, furniture stores, pet stores, hardware stores, and warehouses that are giving them away. Visit local wine and liquor establishments to see if they have any free wine crates.

Where Can I Get Wooden Crates For Free?

While looking for free wooden crates near me, keep in mind that wooden crates serve a variety of tasks and are available in varied quality levels.

Wooden storage crates are useful for home storage since they are often composed of pine or other softwoods and are not as strong as shipping crates. The crates have been renovated and are widely used to store items such as tools, culinary supplies, clothing, and toys.

Wooden shipping crates are also designed to be durable and protect the items inside during transport. Typically, they are made of plywood or lumber and have reinforced corners and edges. Shipping crates come in many sizes and are suitable for moving items from small boxes to large furniture or hauling large appliances.

Here are few places where you can receive free wooden crates:

1. Online Marketplaces

The products available on online marketplaces are diverse. Also, there are people offering freebies on each site, such as wooden containers and pallets.

These are several popular internet markets where you can pick up free items:

Look for things like free, for sale, or freebie sections, depending on the site. When meeting someone online to get free items, be cautious.

See our guide on the Other good locations for free items include Craigslist.

2. Liquor Stores

Crates are commonly found in liquor stores since alcoholic beverages, such as wine, are delivered and stored in wooden crates. Pallets and old wooden boxes typically incur a disposal cost, so retailers prefer to give them away to save money.

Check with your local liquor store to see if you can get any free used wooden boxes.

3. Grocery Stores

Apple crates are usually available for free at your local grocery shop. Produce and wine are stored in a variety of containers found in supermarkets.

Yet, because they reuse crates and pallets in warehouses, big-box retailers like Walmart are unlikely to give them away for free.

Looking for smaller, family-owned food stores in your region is a good idea. They’d probably rather give away free wooden fruit containers than pay extra for hauling expenses.

Smaller containers, such as wooden fruit crates and wooden milk crates, can be found.

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4. Home Improvement Stores

Building supplies, appliances, and furniture are sold in hardware stores, and are frequently shipped on pallets. Pallets may be available at smaller home improvement stores.

Big-box hardware stores like Home Depot may or may not give away free containers, so inquire at the customer service desk or with the manager.

Learn about the Rebate of 11% at Home Depot and the Dates for Menards’ 11% rebate.

5. Construction Sites

Many of the supplies used on construction sites are supplied in wooden shipping containers. Some construction businesses will give away discarded wooden shipping crates for free, however this is not frequent.

Googling construction firms [your location] is a easy approach to find nearby construction companies. There should be a list of possible contractors displayed.

There’s no harm in respectfully requesting that discarded shipping containers for construction sites be hauled away.

6. Dealerships 

Wooden containers are frequently used by dealerships to store and ship automotive parts. Call your local motorcycle or car dealer first if you’re looking for used wooden crates and containers.

Most national vehicle dealers, on the other hand, have a hardware infrastructure in place that allows them to reuse their containers.

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7. Pet Stores

Pallets and wooden crates are frequently used to transport pet care products and bulk supplies to pet stores. It’s a good way to receive free, usable timber crates or pallets.

While many pet stores will recycle the containers, some will pay to have them recycled.

8. Furniture Stores

Valued or fragile furniture is sometimes delivered to furniture stores in solid wooden crates. It is a secure and environmentally friendly option.

Because they are dry products, wooden crates and pallets are a good way to distribute furniture.

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9. Recycling Centers

Goods can be found in plenty at recycling centers. But, recycling sites near you often provide worn-out items for free, such as old crates.

Some people may try repurposing the wood as repurposed storage bins for their homes.

Find a local center for wooden pallet recycling near me.

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10. U-Haul Customer Connect

You can use U-Haul Customer Connect to look for free moving boxes all throughout the country. You can also locate folks looking for moving boxes and those looking to sell moving boxes on the U-Haul Box Exchange.

To find out where you can get wooden crates near you, type your zip code into the search box.

Learn more about the exchange program at .

Where Can I Get Wooden Wine Crates for Free?

Wine crates made of wood are a popular DIY project component. The wooden boxes have a rustic feel to them and are a great way to store stuff in a small space.

Do you want to use these boxes to add some personality to your room?

Here are few places where you can receive free wooden wine crates:

Warehouse Stores

National warehouse clubs often sell alcohol, including wine, so they have an ample supply of wooden wine crates.

The following are the largest warehouse clubs in the United States that have wooden wine crates:

Costco is likely to let you take empty wooden wine cartons if you ask nicely. It’s fine to take empty boxes piled high at the checkouts if you see them. If there are fewer than four bottles, you can usually shift them to various wine boxes.

Local Wine Shops and Liquor Stores

The bottles in the delivered crates are kept in most wine stores that buy high-end wines. Because the used crates are like-new and in superb condition, they make excellent shelves.

How to prepare and refurbish a wine crate is as follows:

Check with your local wine shop to see if they offer complimentary wine crates.

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Where To Buy Wooden Crates?

Wooden boxes of good quality are not always simple to get by. Because untreated timber crates are more prone to be damaged and decay, you might opt to acquire a new one.

The following are the most typical places to purchase wooden crates:

Hardware Stores

Good-quality hardwood crates are available for purchase at hardware stores and are suitable for storing or transporting products.

The following are the largest home improvement stores that sell wooden crates:

You may also get storage containers from your local mom-and-pop hardware store.

Craft Stores

Craft stores sell inexpensive wooden boxes that are ideal for décor.

Small and large wooden crates can be purchased at the following craft stores:

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Amazon is the leading e-retailer with , including various wooden crates.

The following are the types of wooden boxes available on Amazon:

  • Unfinished
  • Small
  • Large
  • Decorative
  • Rustic
  • Stackable
  • Lids
  • Dog crate furniture made of wood

  • Wood Crates That Are One-of-a-Kind We let our product speak for itself. These wooden containers in a rustic style are wonderful. Appealing Home Design for your business, store, or residence. Your beautiful new rustic wood crates will wow any visitor!
  • Gorgeous Wood crates for display, wood boxes for crafts, stylish wooden crates for centerpieces, bathroom decor, and wine crates These storage boxes will bring your vision to life, no matter what it is!
  • It’s impossible to find another wood box with the same rustic design and chalkboard as ours. Its one-of-a-kind barnwood style, along with a chalkboard, making it the ideal set of wooden boxes. Label what you have on display in the crates with ease.

/ Affiliate links / Photos from Amazon Product Advertising / Latest update on 2022-05-23

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Decorative wooden boxes for cubbies, storage, an ottoman, bookcase, organizing crafts, and more are available from a variety of retailers.

These are some local businesses that sell wooden crates:


focuses on shipping and office supplies. It is a retailer of long-lasting wooden shipping crates. Heavy-duty, commercial, and big hardwood crates are available for purchase, providing vault-like protection for your cargo.

The following are some of the features of its wooden shipment boxes:

  • For easy storage, it ships flat.
  • 1/4″ thick plywood
  • With only a screwdriver, it comes together in minutes.
  • ISPM 15 standards are met and the product is certified for export.
  • Heat-treated and stamped wood pallets are used for export shipments.

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Get Wooden Crates For Free Summary

Grocery stores, furniture stores, pet stores, hardware stores, and warehouses all give away old crates for free in the area. Also, liquor and wine stores may provide free wine cartons for décor.

We advocate calling local retailers because they are more willing to give away used crates than than pay hauling fees. You can also look for people who are giving away free wooden boxes and pallets for recycling or upcycling on online marketplaces.

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