Where to Get Laminating Services Near Me? [Ultimate Guide]

Coffee is healthy for you—until it splatters all over your important papers, including diplomas, company licenses, awards, plans, licenses, IDs, testimonies, and pricey pieces of art. If this has ever occurred to you, you are aware of how frustrating it can be. Don’t wait to destroy or rip a crucial document if you haven’t already!

The greatest place to start is by keeping your documents secure. However, laminating your documents will ensure that they are protected from rips, dust, dirt, spilled liquids, and dirty hands. The blazing sun, wind, rain, and even snow—especially for banners, signs, or displays placed outdoors—are other elements that could harm paper.

Whether you operate in the hotel or service sector, you are aware of how quickly printing and copying expenses may rise. However, if left unattended, items like menus and badges that are frequently touched can easily become spoiled or damaged. These documents can be prepared more quickly and with lower printing costs if they are laminated.

Whatever your documents are, laminating them can help them last longer and be less stressful.

So where can I find affordable laminating services close to me?

Short Answer: FedEx Office/Kinkos, Staples, Minuteman Press, OfficeMax/Office Depot, and the UPS store are among the top places to get laminating services near me. The cost of laminations varies from place to place, depending on the size of your project and the type of finishing you want. You can expect to pay anywhere between $1-$3 per square foot. The list places also offer printing, copy services, fax services, buy stamps, and more.

You may DIY your own laminating services at home, but a Scotch Laminator costs between $30 and $90 up front. However, once purchased, your home and office have access to a cheap laminating service. The convenience of having a business copy service do it for you is the only thing you’ll miss. So rather than trying to handle confidential documents on your own, you’re better off calling in the professionals.

What Things Can You Laminate?

Locating affordable laminating services helps to protect and maintain valuable and often used objects using a variety of materials, including paper, plastic, vinyl, and many more. The following list of items can be laminated:

  • Artwork
  • Awards
  • Banners for advertisements
  • Blueprints
  • Binders
  • Business cards
  • Cardstock
  • Copies and flyers
  • Documents
  • Fabric
  • ID cards
  • Instructions
  • Menus
  • Photos
  • Posters
  • Presentations
  • Stickers
  • Vinyl

How Much Does Lamination Cost?

The price to laminate paper-based papers and other goods varies depending on the size, thickness, location, and finish of the item.

At FedEx Office or Office Depot, a standard 8 × 10 sheet of paper costs $1 to $3. For larger sizes, however, you should prepare to pay $2–$4 per square foot.

The kind of object also affects how much it costs to laminate. An 8 x 10 photo, for instance, might cost $6–$10 to professionally laminate, and a 24 x 24 piece of paper, up to $24.

Prices differ from location to location as well. For instance, FedEx Office charges $3 per square foot to laminate a normal 8 × 10 sheet, but Staples charges only $2 per foot.

By investing in your own Scotch Laminator, which costs between $30 and $90, you may cut costs by doing your own laminating projects at home. Up to $300 may be spent on more expensive laminators like the Fellowes Venus 125. Before purchasing a machine for your purposes, weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

What Stores Have Laminating Services Near Me?

Your best chance if you need something laminated is to hunt for shops that offer laminating services close by. Here is a list of the best businesses in the area that provide laminating services:

1. FedEx Office/Kinkos

is a fantastic location to find affordable local laminating services. It offers over 2,200 FedEx Office facilities that offer a variety of services, including online print-on-demand printing, affordable photocopies, printing, faxing, scanning, and laminating.

Every retailer has the option to print or laminate oversized prints for framing, window graphics, and posters for training sessions.

FedEx also offers promo codes to help you save money for various services. For instance, during this writing, you can save $10 on print orders of $50 or more with the promo code NOW222. Click for FedEx Office promo codes.

Services provided by FedEx Office include:

  • Full-color printing
  • Lamination
  • Binding
  • Scanning
  • Copies
  • Shredding
  • Custom finishing services

Laminating at FedEx Kinkos costs about $3 per square foot, whereas FedEx Office subscribers pay only $2.55. It’s a great one-stop shop for all of your finishing services, including printing and lamination.

Online and offline access to a wide range of services. If you don’t feel like getting dressed, just place your order by uploading a print-ready file. The work will be completed and mailed to your address by FedEx. Orders for lamination are often finished the same day or within 24 hours.

2. Staples

Stores are excellent locations to find nearby laminating services. The business operates roughly 1,575 outlets in the US that specialize in selling office supplies and associated items. The majority of Staples facilities also provide printing and copying services.

You may print, laminate, and have your documents delivered to you using Staples’ laminating services, which are available both in-person and online. You can choose among choices for same-day delivery, and all orders of $50 or more qualify for free shipping.

For larger projects, staples laminating expenses are $2 per square foot, but prices for smaller sheets range from $1.89 for 5 mil to $2.49 for 10 mil.

3. OfficeMax/Office Depot

The ODP firm runs more than 1,400 retail locations where office supplies are sold. Additionally, they provide shredding, managed print, same-day laminating, print & copy, and other services.

Per square foot, laminating costs about $1 to $2. Use their inexpensive laminating services if you have a lot of documents.

4. Minuteman Press

a fantastic location to find affordable laminating services. With more than 1,000 locations, the company primarily focuses on providing professional printing and marketing services. You can have anything developed, printed, and laminated at Minuteman Press, including menus for restaurants, artwork, event materials for trade shows, posters, price lists, and other documents. In addition, they provide shrink-wrapping services.

To safeguard your documents for many years, take advantage of the Minute Press store in your region for affordable and high-quality laminating services.

5. The UPS Store

The is known for its fast and reliable shipping services. Apart from shipping, UPS can be a one-stop-shop for all your printing and laminating needs. There are over 5,250 UPS Store locations across the US and Canada that offer print & copy services, lamination services, fax services, cheap notary services when you’re estate planning, shredding services, and more.

Under one roof, customers may print, copy, laminate, and ship their documents anywhere they need to go. Banners, posters, brochures, business cards, door hangers, flyers, law signs, menus, and other materials can all be laminated. Moreover, The USP Shops provides a 3D printing service.

The UPS Store charges $1.5 for business cards, $1.95 for 8.5 x 11 sheets, and roughly $4.55 for 12 x 18 pages for laminating. With so many UPS Store locations across the country, you may be sure to locate one close by that provides affordable laminating services.

6. Home

The price can quickly rise if you laminate a lot of things in your home, office, school, or place of business. In this situation, investing in your own Scotch Laminator to perform DIY laminating tasks at home makes sense.

Scotch Laminators can range in price from $30 to $90, although more expensive models can cost up to $300. Choose the device that offers the best value for your needs.

What’s the Best Home Laminator?

For schools and workplaces that do a lot of lamination, using laminating services at the FedEx Office or The UPS Store can be costly in the long run. A better option is to purchase their own home laminator for DIY projects. Buying the best can be difficult with so many options. You want to balance cost and quality.

The Scotch Thermal Laminator is the best home laminator when you weigh the pros and cons. It’s the best laminator for teachers, schools, and contractor work too. It features a two roller system for a professional finish. The machine is suitable for laminating documents and photos up to 9 inches wide and pouches up to 5 mil thick.


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However the Scotch Thermal Laminator stands out because of how reasonably priced it is. The range of prices is $20 to $90. It costs $100 or more for other models like the Fellowes Saturn SL 125 and Fellowes Venus 125.


At no additional cost to you, if you click on this link and purchase something, we may receive a commission.
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How To Use a Scotch Laminator?

A laminating machine might seem intimidating at first if you’ve never used one before. Nevertheless the procedure is really simple and easy to follow. An instruction manual for using a Scotch Laminator is provided below:

  • Open the pouch, position the paper against the folded edge, and make sure there is adequate space between the edges of the bag and the document.
  • Smaller documents: To laminate several smaller documents or cards, place them within the pouch, leaving enough space between them so that, when you cut, each piece will have a laminated edge.
  • Seal: Close the pouch by sealing it. Before inserting the pouch into the laminator, avoid sizing it.
  • The machine needs to be warmed up, so turn it on and give it about a minute to heat up. Larger machines may take up to 8–15 minutes to heat up, whereas smaller ones do so in 5-8 seconds. When your machine is properly warmed up, an indicator light will turn on.
  • Depending on the thickness of the pouch film, adjust the temperature and speed. For thick pouches, set the machine to a higher temperature and slower speed. Use thicker pouches if your machine doesn’t have a speed adjustment option.
  • Next, pick up the film and place the folded edge directly between the rollers. Place the pouch between the rollers. If you position it at an angle, it will crump. Once more, don’t press the pouch; the machine will seize it.
  • Wait for lamination: Let the bag to completely pass through the rollers, which should take 1–2 minutes.
  • After laminating your paper, allow it to cool for a few minutes before cutting around the edges to trim it, if required.

Congrats! Your first document has been successfully laminated.

Repeat this procedure now for the other documents. You’ll become an expert utilizing the machine in a day or two.

The Scott laminator is demonstrated in the following video:

How Long Does it Take a Laminating Machine to Warm-Up?

You must wait for a laminator to warm up before using it so that the heat will activate the glue in the film or pouch.

The effectiveness of a laminating machine’s heating components determines how long it takes for it to warm up. Warming up times for smaller, entry-level pouch laminators can range from 8 to 15 minutes. It can take a mid-level laminator 5-8 minutes to warm up.

The Ready indicator light turns on when the machine is prepared.

The laminating machine should always be turned on beforehand so it can warm up. You might need to change the laminating temperature and speed depending on the thickness of the pouch or film you’re using.

You can find the ideal speed and temperature for different film thicknesses in the instruction manual.

How to Laminate Without a Machine?

Without a machine, you can laminate. If you cannot find inexpensive laminating services in your area or laminating equipment is too expensive, you have options, such as:

Use Self-Laminating Pouches

They’re also called cold laminating sheets and will make your documents look terrific without a machine. They come in different sizes and types, including SelfSeal Permanent, SelfSeal Repositionable, Peel-N-Stick, and SelfSeal PhotoPop. The GBC brand is known for carrying high-quality self-laminating pouches. You can buy them at for around $7 for a letter-size 10 pack or about $22 for a 25 pack at .

Synthetic Paper

It is also known as waterproof paper, and without the use of a laminating machine, it renders your document waterproof, tear-free, and robust enough for normal handling. It is simple to use and compatible with color copiers and laser printers.

Synthetic paper is available in letter size and tabloid size, and even other sizes suitable for laminating smaller items like business cards or large photographs. A 25 pack goes for just over $30 at , while a 5-sheet pack comes in at around $20 at .

Clear Packing Tape

If you’re ready to exchange some of your time for money, clear packing tape can give an extra layer of security to smaller, less-sensitive materials. Despite being challenging to position, with practice you can perfect it.

The fact that packing tape is inexpensive and accessible is a benefit. Moreover, laminating labels, name tags, business cards, and other smaller objects is a good use for packing tape.

Where To Buy Laminating Pouches Near Me?

Laminating pouches are available from national retailers that sell just about anything online or in stores that sell office supplies. The following are the top retailers for laminating pouches:

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Target
  • OfficeMax/Office Depot

Costs will differ depending on where you go. For instance, Walmart sells a letter-size pack of 10 for roughly $7, but Amazon charges about $22 for a 25-pack.

Walmart has many 24-hour supercenters open for late-night emergency projects.

See our guide on Walmart return hours.

What Sizes Do Laminating Sheets Come In?

Laminating sheets are available in a wide range of sizes. The sizes range from 24 x 36 for major images to smaller items like business cards and ordinary paperwork. The following sizes are available in common laminating sheets:

  • 8.5 x 11
  • 11 x 17
  • 8.5 x 14
  • 12 x 18
  • 24 x 36
  • 18 x 24
  • 9 x 12
  • 12 x 12

To fit your item exactly, laminating sheets can be cut and sized to fit. After the lamination procedure is finished and the paper has cooled, customization is often carried out. Make sure to leave enough lamination edge when cutting around the document to protect it and prevent the seal from being broken.

Where to Buy Cheap Laminating Sheets Near Me?

Most office supply stores nearby sell inexpensive laminating sheets. Online office supply merchants and large national retailers that sell almost everything can also provide affordable lamination services.

You can purchase inexpensive laminating sheets locally or online at:

  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • Costco
  • CVS
  • Dollar Tree
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Joann Fabrics
  • Kmart
  • Michaels
  • Meijer
  • Office Depot
  • Staples
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart

You can save more money by visiting our greatest sites for online coupons guide.

Best Place To Buy Laminating Sheets in Bulk?

One of the great frugal living tips of all time is to carry a cheap grocery list to a discount store and buy items in bulk to slash the unit cost per item. That also applies to reducing your laminating costs too.

For schools, workplaces, and businesses that laminate multiple documents per day, the savings can quickly add up. You may end up up to $10,000 annually in savings.

The following are the top places to purchase bulk laminating sheets:

  • Costco: You can buy a pack of 400 sheets consisting of a wide variety of sizes, from ID cards to letter-size photos and documents, for ! A 250-count of 3mil 9″ x 11.5″ costs around $33 at Costco.
  • Sam’s Club: A 200 pack of letter-size laminating sheets costs at Sam’s Club, while a 100 pack comes in at . Most items come with free shipping.
  • Dollarama: A case of 12 letter size self-adhesive laminating sheets costs with free shipping at Dollarama.

Costco and Sam’s Club. stores also accept EBT cards for SNAP-eligible items. While you can’t use your EBT card to pay for laminating pouches, you can purchase protein powder and bars and bagged ice.

Where’s the Best Place for Large Format Laminating?

The best location to purchase large format laminating is at Office Depot. It provides same-day service for laminating posters in large format. There are over 1,400 stores that provide in-store laminating services across the country.

The UPS Shop now provides finishing and printing for huge formats.

Where to Get Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card Laminated?

You should take precautions to keep your COVID-19 immunization card safe and secure if you have obtained one. Any retailer that provides laminating services is where you may get your COVID-19 immunization card laminated.

But, if you want your COVID-19 immunization card to be laminated for no cost, find an Office Depot in your area. Office Depot is currently providing free COVID-19 immunization card laminating services. Around 1,400 locations of the office supply store exist in the US.

Can you Laminate your Birth Certificate?

Your birth certificate cannot be laminated and used as identification. While it might seem like the easiest method to protect your birth certificate is to laminate it, this is not a wise move. Birth certificates are produced on special paper with additional security and verification measures added by county governments, such as raised embossed stamps or other distinctive characteristics, to make them difficult to forge.

The authentication characteristics on a birth certificate may vanish once it has gone through the laminating process. Once it has been altered, you can no longer use it to establish your identity in a legal manner. It’s possible that public and commercial institutions will reject it as genuine identification or citizenship documentation.

Using a plastic sleeve is the best way to keep your birth certificate safe.

Can I Laminate My Social Security Card?

No, laminating your social security card is not recommended. Special elements that help confirm your social security card are printed on the card. However, the authentication marks are difficult to see after lamination. Your card may therefore be regarded by a court, a government agency, or a private organization as a well-made counterfeit.

Avoid using laminated IDs and social security cards, despite the fact that some people manage to do so and no one seems to mind. Use plastic sleeves to preserve the condition and visibility of your cards while also protecting them.

Can I Laminate My Medicare Card?

Your Medicare card can be laminated, but doing so is not recommended as it could make it more difficult to identify any security measures that were printed on the card. Another not recommended by the Social Security Administration is laminating your Medicare card.

To keep your ID card clean and in good condition and to stay out of problems, you’re better off utilizing a plastic ID card holder sleeve. To prevent accidentally handling the original, you can alternatively carry a snapshot of the card in your phone or wallet.

Can I Laminate My Driver’s License?

No, you cannot laminate your passport or driver’s license, however you may use a plastic sleeve instead. Sadly, laminating your driver’s license renders the magnetic stripe on the back of the card unreadable. Therefore, it won’t work.

Moreover, it may be torn during the lamination process and lose its validity. The best way to protect your driver’s license is to put it in a plastic sleeve.

Can I Laminate My Temporary Driver’s License?

Your driver’s license cannot be laminated, but you may use a plastic sleeve instead. But, laminating your temporary permit makes it difficult to authenticate, making it invalid, just like a driver’s license.

To protect your driver’s license, use a plastic ID card sleeve rather than laminating it.

Are Laminating Sheets Waterproof?

As long as they are correctly sealed to stop water from seeping in from the sides, laminated sheets are waterproof. If the document is not adequately sealed, water may damage it. So, constantly check that the edges of your laminated documents don’t contain openings.

Dry erase, however, is not laminated. Therefore, avoid using dry-erase markers on them. The mark won’t come off of the laminate surface once it has dried.

How To Save Money Laminating Stuff?

There are many techniques to laminate things more affordably, including:

  • Purchase a used laminator to get a discount of up to 50%. While working on various laminating tasks, it’s a good solution. Otherwise, if you only need to laminate a few standard-sized documents, go to the nearest FedEx or UPS outlet.
  • Schools: Take advantage of free laminating equipment for professors and staff at school. Many libraries also have laminating machines that students can use at a low cost. Checkout teacher supply stores for rates as low as $0.25 to $0.50 per square foot. They are one of the where to find the best deals and benefits for teachers.
  • Promotions for laminating: Look for deals and offers at office supply retailers. Additionally, there are numerous coupons available for retailers like FedEx, Office Max, UPS, and other office supply stores.
  • Shop cards: Office supply stores give their members discounts. FedEx charges members $2.55 per square foot as opposed to the standard $3.
  • Print and laminate documents in large quantities: Orders of $50 or more typically qualify for bulk discounts like free shipping.

What’s the Difference Between Hot vs. Cold Lamination?

When laminating film is put through a hot-roller laminator, an adhesive used in hot laminating comes into contact with the film and begins to work. When pressure is applied to the laminating films, a more potent adhesive that is used for cold lamination activates.

In contrast to cold lamination, which uses pressure instead of heat to activate the adhesive, hot lamination needs heat to function.

How To Laminate with an Iron?

If you’re willing to exchange your time for money, DIY laminating is another excellent way to save money. With an iron, a t-shirt, and laminating pouches, you can laminate.

The object should simply be put inside the laminating pouch, which should then be put into the t-shirt. Then, switch to the cotton setting on the iron, and press hard over the pouch for 30 seconds. After it has cooled, remove it. Tadah!

Watch this tutorial on using an iron to laminate:

Can You Laminate Fabric?

Fabric can be laminated, yes. Cotton is the fabric type that can be laminated the simplest, however other fabrics can also be laminated.

The following video shows how to laminate fabric:

Can You Laminate Sticker Paper?

By purchasing single-sided clear laminating sheets, you can laminate sticker paper. The laminate should first be trimmed out to the appropriate size. The backing sheet should then be peeled off to reveal the sticky side, which should be placed over the sticker’s top as flatly as you can to avoid air bubbles.

Air bubbles will disappear in a few days, but you can also squeeze them out with a piece of cloth or credit card.

What are DIY Laminator Tips?

Without a machine, you may laminate your documents at home. Without a machine, try these laminating ideas from the internet:

  • Self-adhesive laminating sheets can be used and cost about 30 cents each.
  • Use an iron to thermally laminate without a laminator pouch instead of a machine.
  • Use inexpensive transparent carton sealing tape that is available at most retailers as clear packing tape.
  • Choose synthetic paper; it won’t need a machine and will make your document waterproof, strong, and torn-free for everyday handling.

To learn all the DIY laminator tips at home, watch this video:

Laminating Services Near Me Summary

A large amount of time can be added to the lifespan of images, artwork, IDs, awards, and many other paper-based documents by laminating them. They will be shielded from stains, rips, spills, dirt, and other elements of nature that could tear or harm them.

The best places to find inexpensive laminating services close to me for a few documents are FedEx Office, UPS Store, Staples, Office Depot, and Minuteman Press. Depending on where you live, the price ranges from $1 to $3 per square foot.

A Scotch Laminator is another item you may buy to laminate your documents at home. In places like schools and workplaces where there are numerous daily laminating projects, it is the most practical and economical choice. Self-sealing laminating sheets, clear carton sealing tape, thermal laminating with an iron, and synthetic paper can all be used to laminate without a machine.

Not all documents, however, can be laminated. Avoid using important documents with special security and authentication features, such as licenses, social security cards, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and permits. They may become ineffective as official documents if you do this.

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