Where to Find an ATM Near Me That Dispenses $10: A 2021 Guide

ATMs have traditionally issued money in $20 increments. This may mean that a consumer wishing to withdraw less than $20 from an ATM will be unable to do so. This necessitates visiting a bank or standing in a long drive-thru line to exchange $20 for smaller notes. Isn’t it better if you could just walk up to a nearby ATM and get a $10 bill?

Short answer: Many ATMs dispense $10 bills, with certain Bank of America, Citibank, PNC, Capital One, and Chase ATMs leading the pack in bills under $20.

Why Would You Want $10 instead of $20 at an ATM?

Why not take out $20 or $50, spend what you need, and put the remainder back in your wallet?

While withdrawing $50 or $100 makes sense, there are lots of times when you’ll need to withdraw $10 or even less! Following are a few examples of such scenarios:

  • Low account balances: Account balances run low in recessionary and depressionary times due to economic hardships. In a situation where you only have $10 to your name, it will be very helpful to find ATMs near you that dispense $10 bills.
  • When sticking to a budget: Money has a way of growing wings when it is not well directed. You withdraw $100 when you only need $10 for groceries, and before you know it, you succumb to impulse buying in the grocery store. You start buying filet instead of buying discount meat. To avoid impulse spending, it makes sense to find ATMs near you that dispense $10 or any other exact amount that you need.
  • Get exact change: Getting exact change is a plus. Consider this: you want to withdraw $30 from an ATM, but you don’t want to take out $40 because you’d be overdrawn. The average was over $33! In this situation, finding an ATM that dispenses $10 bills is a big plus.
  • When cashing a check: Finding an ATM that dispenses the exact change is important when cashing a check.

How to Find an ATM that Gives a $10 Dollar Bill Near Me?

Whether you can withdraw $10 from an ATM depends on your bank’s policies and account type. The best and quickest method is to use your bank’s web locator to locate ATMs that dispense $10 banknotes in your area.

To do so, go to your bank’s website or download the app. Simply enter your ZIP code or address to locate a $10 bill-dispensing ATM near you. That’s how simple things have become in this day and age of superior financial technology and the internet!

However, in the digital age, not everyone has kept up with financial services. The best analog option is to call your bank’s customer service department to see if any ATMs with $10 dollar increments are available near you. Otherwise, go to your bank and ask a teller.

We’ve done the homework and called a few banks with significant networks to save you time. Here’s a list of banks near you that have ATMs that dispense cash in $10 increments:

  • Chase (ATMs inside branches): Chase offers more than 4,700 branches and 16,000 ATMs across the US. Chases ATMs dispense bills as low as $1, $5, and even have the ability to give out coins! Their ATMs are usually found inside Chase bank lobbies, drive-thru areas, and vestibules. Visit your local Chase branch to see whether they give out $10 bills. Alternatively, use the to do your search online by ZIP code or an address, city, and state.
  • Bank of America: Bank of America has financial centers & ATMs in over 39 states. The lowest bill Bank of America ATMs dispense is $10. To find Bank of America ATMs that give out $10 near you, use their to search by address, ZIP code, or landmark. You can also browse for Bank of America financial centers & ATMs by state or visit their nearest financial centers.
  • Citibank – There are about 700 Citibank branches and access to over 65,000 ATMs in the US. It varies by branch location, but Citibank ATMs give out $10, $20, and $50 bills. Find a Citibank open now or an ATM near you using their online , mobile app, or call customer service.  
  • Capital One: There are 2,206 Capital One and 41,394 Allpoint® ATMs as of this writing. As long as you are in the US and territories, you can make mobile deposits. Use their to find their ATMs within 50 miles.
  • PNC: PNC Bank, a subsidiary of the PNC Financial Services Group, Inc, operates in 21 states. It has more than 2,300 locations and nearly 18,000 PNC and Partner ATMs. Most of its ATMs have been upgraded to dispense as low as $1, $5, and $10 bills. Use the to find ATMs near you that dispense $10, coast to coast!

How to Find a Bank of America ATM that Gives $10 Near Me?

The first and the easiest way to find a bank of America ATM near you that gives $10 is to use their . You can search by address, ZIP code, or landmark to find locations within 100 miles.

Or, you can pay a visit to one of their locations near you. If you can’t find an ATM that will give you $10 bills, go to their customer service personnel or ask a teller.

How Much Money Can You Pull Out of an ATM at One Time?

Banks limit the amount of money a person can withdraw from an ATM at one time to conserve cash and minimise the risk of loss for both their clients and themselves. Daily withdrawal limitations range from $300 to $2,000 per day, depending on the bank and account type.

The amount of money you can withdraw is also influenced by your relationship with the bank and your financial history. It’s not uncommon for two persons with identical bank accounts to have differing daily withdrawal limitations.

To find out what your limit is, you may need to contact your bank. It’s also worth noting that withdrawal restrictions are reset every 24 hours. Understanding when your bank’s withdrawal limit is reset might be beneficial, especially if you need money immediately.

If your bank’s withdrawal limit is reset at midnight, for example, you can withdraw the maximum amount right before midnight and then immediately after midnight. Alternatively, you can contact your bank and seek an increase in your daily withdrawal limit.

Can a Bank Increase Your ATM Withdrawal Limit?

A bank can increase your daily ATM withdrawal limit. It can be increased temporarily or permanently based on either your or the bank’s preference. However, it’s unlikely to increase by thousands of dollars. Expect your limit to increase by only a few hundred dollars, at most. It would take a long time before you can withdrawal six figures.

When I was on vacation in the past, I called my bank to request a temporary increase in my ATM withdrawal limit. They upped it by a couple of hundred dollars per day since I spent more money. I requested that my limit be temporarily increased to reduce the risk of loss if my ATM debit card was stolen in the future.

How to Get Around ATM Withdrawal Limits?

There are only a few options for getting around the ATM withdrawal limit:

  • When compared to a debit card, you can acquire a cash advance at any bank by using your credit card. Cash advances might come with hefty fees from credit card companies. Some issuers impose a flat fee per cash advance, while others charge a percentage of the advanced amount. Flat fees can range from $5 to $10, percentages can reach 5%, or the card issuer might charge the higher of the two options.
  • Visit a teller Locate a nearby bank branch and visit a teller inside or utilize the drive-thru.

If you are trying to drastically cut expenses, do not use your credit card for cash advances. Choose to use an in-network ATM or go inside a branch and visit a teller. Also, avoid 24-hour check-cashing places with high fees.

What is the Minimum Withdrawal from an ATM?

The minimum amount you can withdraw from an ATM varies by bank. Most ATMs, especially those that only accept $20 bills, have a $20 withdrawal limit. Cardtronics and Allpoint ATMs are two instances of $20-minimum networks.

But, as we’ve seen, several banks, such as Capital One, PNC, Bank of America, Citibank, and Chase, are modernizing ATMs so that clients can withdraw money down to the last coin.

Because they carry bills in the amounts of $1, $5, $10, $50, and $100, the majority of Capital One and PNC ATMs have withdrawal limitations as low as $10, $5, and $1.

Do ATMs Only Dispense 20s?

Formerly, ATMs could only dispense $20 bills across the board. That, however, is no longer the case. Thousands of ATMs operated by national banks across the country dispense bills as little as $1, $5, and $10. JPMorgan and PNC are at the forefront of this critical financial change.

While virtual tellers have improved client efficiency and eliminated the need for extra bank staffing, they have had a negative impact on bank employees. Numerous people have lost their employment as a result of this.

Per the 2017 teller jobs were projected to decline by about 8% through 2026. But by 2019, teller jobs had dropped from 502,700 to 481,490 – which is a little more than the forecasted 8% in 9 years (2017-2026)

Visit our companion post for more information on which ATMs allow you to withdraw $5, $1, $50, and $100.

Can you get $30 from an ATM Near Me?

Some national bank offices have ATMs with a $30 withdrawal limit. $10 and $20 bills are issued by Citibank, Capital One, Bank of America, Chase, and PNC. You can select an exact amount of cash at several bank ATMs.

How to Avoid ATM Withdraw Fees?

Paying an extra $3 to $6 in ATM withdrawal fees to access your own money seems like an unreasonable request, and it is! There are a number of ways to avoid ATM withdrawal costs if you prepare ahead, including:

  • Non-customers will be charged out-of-network costs if they use an ATM outside of their bank’s network. If you don’t want to pay them, only use your bank’s ATMs. Always look for ATMs near you online using the bank’s website or mobile app.
  • Switch banks: If your current financial institution has unfavorable policies in the area of withdrawal fees, you may consider switching to a bank that doesn’t charge out-of-network fees. Online banks, such as and , are good examples. Chime has a network of over 38,000 free-fee MoneyPass ATMs, while Simple has a fee-free ATM finder on its website.
  • Use the CO-OP ATM network: You can take advantage of the CO-OP network’s broad network of over 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs located in all 50 states and ten countries. For credit unions, CO-OP has the greatest network of surcharge-free ATMs.
  • Get cashback at a store:  Grocery stores, large retailers, and Gas stations offer rebates. for $100, $200, and even $300 when you make a purchase using your debit card. Instead of being hit with an ATM fee, you can make a small purchase to get some cashback.
  • Know your bank’s free ATM agreements: Several banks and credit unions have agreements with pharmacies and petrol stations to provide surcharge-free ATMs to their account users. Do your homework and make it a point to visit there on a regular basis.
  • Utilize your bank’s mobile app: Many bank mobile apps can assist you locate fee-free ATMs in your area.
  • Carry some cash around: If you know ahead of time, you’ll be going to an area with surcharge ATMs, carrying some extra cash. Not everyone has a a job that pays money, so planning is essential. This is a great way to avoid out-of-network ATM withdrawal fees.  

These are good on a low income, how to save money for a house. The high fees can disproportionally add up in a checking or savings account with a low balance.

Tips on How to Spend Less Money in General

Controlling your finances is the number one priority you must keep in mind if you are a frugal consumer, or at least trying to be one. If you’re reading this post to learn where I can find a $10 ATM near me, you might find these money-saving suggestions useful.

Stick to Cash

If you swipe or tap your card at every purchase, it can be difficult to get an estimate of how much you’re spending. Small purchases made with your card can quickly add up, and carrying cash ensures that you know exactly how much you’ve spent and how much money you have left in your wallet.

You’ll find it easier to keep track of your spending if you use bills with lower denominations ($10 instead of $50). Having cash about unconsciously allows you to spend less and avoid splurging on unnecessary purchases.

Record Your Expenses

If you’re having trouble sticking to your budget, keeping track of your finances is the simplest method to stay on track. You can do this by deciding how much money you wish to spend on several categories each week or month. Groceries, entertainment, shopping, rent, and other other expenses, for example, can all be recorded separately.

Credit Cards are being phased out.

When it comes to keeping your spending under control, credit cards are your worst enemy. Using a credit card has the reverse impact of spending cash when it comes to subconscious spending.

The ability to spend money now and pay it back later encourages you to spend more more than you would if you were paying out of pocket, which is what you eventually do with credit cards anyhow.

Short-Term Financial Goals

Establishing short-term financial goals for yourself will assist you in spending less. If you intend to save and invest a certain amount of money at the end of the month or quarter, for example, you will make a greater effort to keep your money near to you and not spend it on unnecessary items.

Control Impulsive Purchases

Setting a restriction on the number or total amount of extra products you put in your basket is a simple approach to curb impulsive purchases. When you walk into a store like Walmart, it’s easy to get tempted by low pricing and amazing discounts, and you end up leaving with a lot more items than were on your shopping list.

One approach to avoid this is to set a budget for the items on your shopping list and stick to it by not spending more than 15% of it. Put everything you need in your cart, and if it adds up to more than 15% more than you expected, it’s probably time to return some items to the shelf.

Find an ATM Near Me that Dispenses $10 Summary

Providing consumers the ability to withdraw just the amount of money they require is critical, particularly during times of financial distress. JPMorgan, Citibank, Capital One, and PNC have already put forth a lot of work and have ATMs that pay out $10, $5, and even $1 bills near you.

Perhaps, more financial industry players will be inspired!

Use your bank’s website or mobile app to search for nearby ATMs that give out $10.

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