Where to Charge My Phone for Free? 17 Ways To Charge Without Electricity & Homeless

When I’m out and about and need to charge my phone in a public place, I think to myself, “Where can I charge my phone close by?” I’m aware that I’m not alone. So many people in the United States find themselves in situations where they need to figure out how to charge a phone without electricity, whether at home or away from home.?

Wait a minute! Why would somebody in the world’s wealthiest country hunt for locations to charge their phone if they don’t have access to electricity at home? Isn’t it true that everyone has electricity in their home?

These are some unusual circumstances in which you might need to charge your phone in public:

  • Homelessness: estimates that almost 2% of people in the United States don’t have a place to call home. Overall, an estimated 553,000 Americans in the general population experience homelessness every night. If you are homeless, finding a place to charge your phone in public is a blessing. 
  • The unconnected population: As unbelievable as it sounds, about 60,000 people in the US wake up every day wondering how to charge a phone without electricity at home. , about 15,00 families in the so-called Navajo Nation across northeast Arizona, northwest New Mexico, and southeast Utah have never been connected to the grid. Things have been changing recently with the “Light Up the Navajo Nation Program.” 
  • Power outages: If your home’s power lines are knocked down by a windstorm or a tree branch, it may take time for the electric utility provider to repair them and restore power. You’ll have to find out how to charge your phone without having access to electricity in your home.
  • Utility disconnection: Tough financial situations can make low-income customers fall behind on utility bills and result in disconnected power. For instance, the estimates about 205 million Americans risk-utility disconnection due to the tough economic times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Victims will have to find out how to charge a phone without electricity.
  • When you’re not at home: In a cashless culture, utilizing mobile payments on a dead phone can leave you penniless. If your phone is out of power, you won’t be able to utilize Apple Wallet, Google Pay, Venmo, PayPal, or other contactless payments.

The key dilemma is: without electricity at home, where can I charge my phone near me?

Short Answer: When running errands, public libraries, coffee shops, malls, fast-food restaurants, charging stations, and your office are all excellent places to charge your phone for free in public.

When you’re homeless or without power at home, portable power banks, hand-crank portable chargers, outdoor electric outlets, benefits offices, solar cell phone chargers, food banks, and homeless shelters are all viable solutions for charging your phone. You can also charge your phone and transfer power from one gadget to another using your laptop.

When charging your phone in public places, make sure you seek permission to avoid rubbing shoulders with the law. Stories exist of people who’ve been charged with electricity theft for failing to follow the correct procedure before using Metro outlets and other outdoor outlets at nearby 24-hour stores.  So make sure you don’t add to your troubles when looking for a place to charge your phone in public.

What are Tricks to Charge Your Phone Battery Faster and Safer?

Turning on airplane mode, keeping your phone cool and out of direct sunlight while charging, and turning it off while charging are all simple ways to speed up the charging process. Watch the video for more than 20 ways to charge your phone’s battery more quickly:

How To Charge My Phone in Public?

We all know folks who are afraid of flying, bridge crossings, or heights. Yet, in the digital age, practically anybody with a phone has developed a new anxiety. The worry of being cut off from our cell phone’s internet connection is real. It’s known as NOMOPHOBIA, or NO Mobile PhoBIA.

With almost everything happening in the digital world, there are good reasons why people want to charge their phones in public. We need our devices to find jobs, work, resale items for quick cash, check emails, connect with friends on social media platforms, catch up with the news, and communicate with our loved ones on the go. 

We believe that life will pass us by when our phones stop working. As a result, figuring out where you can charge your phone in public can help you relax when you’re not near an outlet. You have the following options for charging your phone or laptop:

1. Public Libraries

Public libraries are a top place to charge your phone without electricity at home. , over 9,045 public libraries exist in the United States. So you’ll almost certainly find a public library in your area. Libraries have power outlets where you can charge your phone. Bring your charger and cord to the plugin.

You can also charge your phone with your USB cable directly from a computer. You’ll need to register for a library card to check out a computer and access all the fantastic resources. Some libraries even allow you to check out a free laptop for use within the building.

Public libraries are also top places to obtain unrestricted internet access, Free access to old and Sunday newspapers, and enjoy other unique perks like free streaming services, free access to movies, audiobooks, magazines, and TV shows.

Read our guide on how much does it cost to get a library card? and the advantages of owning one.

2. Coffee Shops 

Coffee is a common beverage in the United States, and many people visit coffee shops on a daily basis. Coffee shops recognize the need for consumers to charge their phones in public and provide charging outlets as well as wireless chargers to make life easier for regular customers. Coffee shops are fantastic places to charge your phone in public because of this.

For instance, Starbucks is a great place to charge your phone as you sip your favorite Americano, brewed coffee, cappuccino, espresso, or latte. Even some EBT cards are accepted at Starbucks stores. as a form of payment. Charging your phone at coffee shops is entirely free for customers, and you’ll find these places packed with people charging their phones. So don’t shy away.

3. Malls

Malls recognize that a dead phone or a dead cell phone battery in the red zone can obstruct shopping. Consumers require their phones in order to compare pricing and make mobile payments. As a result, malls have goCharge Mobile Phone Charging stations where customers may charge their phones while shopping.

In addition to mobile devices, malls and superstores offer EV charging stations for your car. For instance, Walmart is one of the 24-hour stores to on a budget, buy the cheapest foods and your phone at the same time. You’ll also find over 120 ultra-fast EV charging stations at Walmart just in case your vehicle runs low on power when making a TV return or processing an air mattress return at Walmart.

Want to get cash back at the mall? See our guide on the shops that offer you the most money back.

4. Gym

According to IBISWorld, there are over 104,000 health and fitness clubs in the US, with gym members. About 50% of members tend to go twice a week.

Consider recharging your phone while you’re using the Planet Fitness machines to work out. Most clubs have power outlets throughout the workout area or USB ports on the treadmills or ellipticals.

Consider using our guide for the cheapest gym memberships to find a place to recharge your phone while exercising or getting a local discount massage at the club.

5. Fast Food Restaurants

If a windstorm or a tree branch knocks down power lines in your home, a fast-food restaurant is a good place to charge your phone without power in the house. It’s even better if you like eating out, though it’s not one of the top money-saving money-saving money-saving money-saving money-saving money-saving money-saving money-saving. Cooking at home is cheaper!

Most fast-food restaurants include phone charging outlets as an added convenience to keep their customers happy and comfortable. Powermat Spots, for example, are available at some Starbucks locations. Customers can charge their phones wirelessly in these designated spaces on tables and counters.

So if your phone runs low when on a trip to Pizza can be purchased with an EBT card. or enjoying a chicken sandwich at KFC, you can spend some time charging your phone for free.

Be aware that fast-food companies seek to keep consumers away from their establishments if they don’t buy anything. Some eateries in high-homelessness areas are now guarding their charging outlets to prevent idlers from charging their phones inside.

Are you a SNAP recipient? See our guide on EBT-accepting fast-food establishments.

6. ChargeItSpot

If your phone battery hits the red zone when you are traveling, ChargeItSpot can help you . As a leading power provider across North America, ChargeItSpot provides free, secure charging kiosks in retail stores, stadiums, malls, hospitals, casinos, and other high-traffic venues.

Some of the benefits of using their state-of-the-art phone charging kiosks include secure lockers, an easy-to-use interface, and a full suite of customization choices. To enjoy their free phone charging services, you may be needed to supply opt-in data such as your email address, cell phone number, and survey responses. That is how they profit!

If you’re trying to figure out how to charge a phone without electricity due to high utility bills, use these 7 strategies to save a lot of money and shape up your finances. 

7. Place of Employment

You’ll find charging stations in your workplace. Charging your phone at work is by far one of the most handy ways to charge your phone without power at home if you have a 9-to-5 job.

Plug your phone in early enough so that your battery is completely charged before you leave the office. That should keep you going until the next day. If you have a power bank, make sure it’s completely charged so you can use it at home or on the go.

Don’t have a job yet? Check out the 41 The Greatest Cash-Paying Under-the-Table Jobs. You can also recycle cardboard boxes to make money.   

8. Free Municipality Charging Stations

Cities understand the everyday struggles of city dwellers and the The requirements of low-income families to keep their phones connected. As a result, most cities continue to build free municipality charging stations where residents can charge their phones for visitors and the homeless.

Leading the pack in this category is Los Angeles, California, with solar-powered phone chargers scattered across town in bus stop benches. Use this map to .

New York City has not been forgotten. To provide residents with more convenience, old payphones are being turned into free phone charging stations.

How to Charge Your Phone Without Electricity at Home? 

There are a variety of reasons why you may be without power at home for an extended period of time.

According to , almost 20% of power outages are caused by ice and cold weather, 18% due to tropical storms and hurricanes, 3% from tornadoes, and 2% from wildfires and extreme heat in your area.

Perhaps you aren’t connected to the grid, or your power has been turned off due to unpaid bills as a result of financial difficulties. You’ll need to figure out how to charge your phone without electricity at home until power is restored.

9. Use a Laptop Computer

A laptop computer is the most convenient way to charge your phone when you don’t have access to electricity. When completely charged, a laptop with a good battery will be able to charge your phone numerous times. If you lose power at home for several hours or days, recharge your laptop at work.

To begin charging your phone, simply insert your cord into one of the USB ports. Switch your phone to flight mode for faster charging.

If you don’t have a laptop yet, see our guide on How can low-income households get free government internet and a laptop?

10. Car

You can also use your car’s cigarette lighter or USB port to charge your phone or laptop battery. When the car is running, it can be recharged using the battery or the alternator.

It’s wise always to keep extra charging cords if you’re doing a To supplement my income, I have a side job driving a pickup truck. or as part of your extra RV gadget essentials.

Where To Charge Your Phone When Homeless?

There are various reasons why you can wind up homeless on the streets, whether your home is destroyed by a cyclone or your landlord evicts you owing to rent arrears. Over half a million Americans, as previously stated, do not have a place to call home. The majority of them make ends meet by utilizing SNAP food assistance to buy fast food.

They require phones in order to manage SNAP benefits and other forms of government assistance, as well as to find work and a home. A dead phone may appear to be an unwelcome addition to their problems, as well as a serious threat to their lives. When you’re homeless, there are a few options for charging your phone.

11. Homeless Shelters

Homeless shelters are places where homeless people and families can stay temporarily while they plan their next move. Both inside and outside the buildings, there are phone charging outlets. The use of charging outlets is governed by restrictions in each shelter. Learn the policies of the shelter to stay out of trouble.

You can be arrested and charged with misdemeanor theft of services if caught using outdoor charging outlets without permission. When you run out of options, reach out to the local Salvation Army. They’ll point you to nearby free charging stations. You can also use the to find help at nearby agencies. 

12. Food Banks

Food banks may be an ideal place to charge your phone when homeless. They are usually non-profit, charitable organizations that distribute food to the hungry who can’t afford enough food to feed themselves. For instance, the has over 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries that feed the hungry throughout the 50 states.

Because food banks, pantries, and soup kitchens are dedicated to helping the less fortunate, they are more likely to assist you in recharging your phone. Inquire with a volunteer about using one of their plugs to recharge your phone in case of an emergency.

13. Benefits Office

While you’re homeless, you can get your phone recharged at your local benefits office. The offices assist in the distribution of SNAP food stamps and other types of government assistance to low-income families, the homeless, the elderly, and the disabled.

Request assistance charging your phone at your local EBT SNAP benefits agency. It’s even better if you’re on SNAP because they’ll remember you as a regular customer.

You can also find help charging your phone at the .

14. Outdoor Electric Outlets

As you walk around town, you’ll notice that many commercial buildings have outside power outlets. They can be ideal places to charge your phone when homeless. Good places to consider are grocery stores, gas stations, libraries, and convenience stores. 

Be careful when using an outdoor outlet to charge your phone. You can get arrested and charged with the . To mitigate the risk, consider asking for permission or ask an employee to charge it for you.

15. Portable Power Bank

When you’re homeless, portable power banks are a great method to keep your phone charged. It allows you to store energy in a portable battery that can charge your phone several times.

When your battery runs out, charge it with a USB cord. You can get 2-3 days out of that battery depending on how you use your phone.

A 20,000 mAh power bank will set you back $30 to $50 up front. However it’s understandable that $30 is pricey and that saving and affording it would take time.

If you click this link and make a purchase, we will receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

16. Solar Cell Phone Charger

A solar charger, unlike a power bank that needs to be charged, is self-contained. It makes use of a solar panel that converts sunlight into electricity. When you’re homeless or traveling, it’s a great way to keep your phone charged. Most solar chargers come with numerous USB connections that can be used to charge many devices at the same time.

A $30 solar phone charger with dual ports and a combined power output of 15 watts costs roughly $30. You’ll also find portable solar power banks to store energy in case you can’t charge your phone directly due to bad weather. Due to their inefficiency, solar phone chargers aren’t very popular, so make careful to get a good one.


If you click this link and make a purchase, we will receive a commission at no additional cost to you.
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17. Hand-Crank Portable Charger

When you’re homeless, a hand-crank portable charger is a great way to keep your phone charged. To generate power, you’ll need to put some muscle into it.

A hand-crank charger is the ultimate failsafe when your phone battery is dying on the streets and you have no other source of power.

It includes a little crank that you turn for many minutes to generate enough power to charge your phone. The procedure is time-consuming and exhausting, and you will only receive a few minutes of charge. One minute of hand cranking can produce up to 30 minutes of light and 20 minutes of radio time.

A versatile hand crank portable power bank, such as the FosPower, with extra features like a flashlight and portable radio, is the best option.


If you click this link and make a purchase, we will receive a commission at no additional cost to you.
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Where to Charge My Phone for Free Summary

Our mobile phones have become an indispensable component of our daily lives. We need to stay connected with our devices for work, communications, social life, entertainment, and keeping up with global happenings.

There are a variety of reasons you might need a recharge, including being homeless, being disconnected from the grid, being away from home, or wanting to charge your phone without having access to electricity at home.

Fortunately, there are several legal ways to charge our phones without using electricity and avoid NOMOPHOBIA. Try any of the methods listed above, regardless of your scenario.

When charging your phone in public, be sure to obey the guidelines.

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