Where to Buy Scantron Sheets Near Me for College? 10 Places!

Do you want to know where you can get Scantron papers for college? But there are a few things you should know before hitting the road or asking Alexa where the greatest location to buy Scantrons near me is.

Shouldn’t colleges provide Scantrons for students? A few colleges provide them, while many colleges insist that students pay out of their own pocket. Some colleges that don’t require the departments to buy Scantrons for the students include , , , , and more.  Wow, and I thought I was frugal!

Thus, why should college students be required to purchase Scantron sheets? There is a lot of discussion on this topic. Several people believe that Scantron forms should be covered by college tuition. Given the exorbitant cost of higher education in the United States, this makes sense.

According to more than 70% of students take out student loans to cover their tuition and living expenses. The average college graduate will already be over $30,000 into the financial hole by graduation date! Telling such a burdened student to buy Scantrons is just another blow in their bank account and may seem like overkill.

But colleges and universities have their own reasons for pushing the cost onto students. Budget cuts and rising costs are the top factors. Colleges and universities receive budgets from the government, and they, too, have to cut costs to stay within those budgets.

If you are preparing to start college or are already a college student, you may need to purchase additional school materials. The difficulty is, where can you obtain Scantrons without going beyond on your budget?

Short Answer: The good news is that you may buy Scantron sheets and save money at the same time by shopping online. The Scantron website or university bookstores are your best bets for purchasing name-brand answer sheets. Some brands, on the other hand, sell Scantron-compatible bubble sheets that are just as good as the name-brand sheets. Precise Data Products, Titan Stores, Amazon, and a few other retailers are among the top sellers.

If you think outside the box, you might even make some additional money!


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Why Buy Scantron Forms?

So, why did you decide to buy Scantrons for college? Essentially, a Scantron is a well-known brand name for the bubble, fill-in-form examination sheets that are required for tests in high school and college. As a result, these scoring sheets are required for examination and grading.

While some universities supply students with Scantrons, many do not. They believe that students should purchase their own books. The ones you’ll find in campus bookstores aren’t free; instead, they’re for sale.

How Much Do Scantron Sheets Cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all price because it is determined by where you purchase them and the brands that sell them.

Scantron sheets with the brand name will be more expensive than generic knock-off test sheets. It’s also less expensive to acquire Scantron sheets online rather than in school.

For example, a popular 882-E Answer Sheets package goes for about $75.75 per package on the . That’s roughly $0.15 per sheet. Now, compare that to the price of $1.69 for a six-pack you will find in most college bookstores. That is roughly $0.28 per sheet. Almost double!

The benefit of purchasing them from a college bookstore is that you may get them in tiny quantities, exactly what you need. When ordering via the Scantron website, however, you must order in bulk. The site does not sell little quantities; instead, each bundle contains 500 pages.

This presents an opportunity for savvy students to As a kid, you can make a lot of money quickly.. You won’t need anything near $500 in Scantron sheets throughout your college career. That means if you decide to buy the 500 sheet pack in bulk via the Scantron website, you will need to find a way to make some of your money back.

So how do you do it? Offer the brand-name green Scantron sheets to your classmates and other college students for less money than you could get them at the campus bookshop or any other local store. You might even turn this into a side business by purchasing Scantrons in bulk online and reselling them for a profit at school. It’s a fantastic method to cover some of your college costs!

How Much Do Scantron-Compatible Testing Forms Cost?

You can buy generic Scantron-compatible sheets from other brands if your school allows them. They’re a lot less expensive than the originals, and they operate just as well.

, for example, offers a 500 sheet pack for the 882-E Scantron-compatible green testing forms for $25.50, while the 50 sheet pack is roughly $6. offers a 25 sheet pack at $7.50, while the 500 sheet pack goes for $19.50. You can save a TON of money here!

Should You Buy a Scantrons vs. Alternative?

As previously stated, knock-off brands offer less expensive alternatives to the original Scantrons that work just as well. So, how do you decide which ones to purchase? The simple answer is that it depends on which bubble sheet brands your institution permits, which is decided by the type of test scoring equipment in use.

Some schools and institutions only employ Scantron bubble sheets in their test grading devices. Other schools, on the other hand, use Scantron alternatives and let you to purchase a variety of bubble sheets from different brands.

The first step is to find out which sorts of test scoring sheets your school accepts. Also, inquire about the specific form numbers you should purchase from the school. It’s preferable to buying off-brand bubble sheets only to discover that they don’t work with the school’s test scoring machine.

Yet, technology has provided powerful Scantrons alternatives that assist bridge the digital and physical classroom divide. Nevertheless, you must first determine whether or not your school has accepted or kept up with the shift. Alternatives to Scantrons include:

  • This is a robust software platform that interfaces with a school’s Learner Management System (LMS) to assist teachers in maintaining Scantron-style examinations via online or in-person bubble sheet distribution, or a combination of both.
  • Paperscore is a web-based grading tool. Instructors can use a mobile device or any other scanner to scan grades after giving evaluations on paper. The results of the tests are automatically entered into the student’s digital grade book.

Let’s say your school allows you to utilize knock-off bubble sheets. That’s fantastic! Purchase them as soon as possible. You might be able to save a lot of money. And, they’re just as good! Just make sure you don’t buy generic forms that won’t work with your school’s grading machine. You may be forced to retake all of your tests if you do so.

Buy Scantrons Online

eCommerce has established itself. It should come as no surprise that the best and cheapest place to acquire Scantrons is online. Scantron forms are available in a variety of formats on the internet. Before you place an order, find out what forms your institution need. The SC882-E 100 question response sheet is one of the most popular Scantron sheets.

Here’s a list of popular online stores where you can buy Scantrons.

1. Scantron Online Website

The Scantron website is one of the best sources to get the original bubble sheets. Hundreds of test and survey forms, as well as ballot forms, are available here, each with photographs and a brief description.

One thing you need to know up front is that the Scantron online store doesn’t sell forms in smaller quantities. You can only buy them in bulk, and they often sell them in 500 sheet packs. This is a good option for you if you intend to as a college student, make money. Buying them in bulk online and selling them to other college students is a great way to make some extra money to cover some of your college expenses.

The price you will find on the is unbeatable for an original Scantron sheet. You can buy an 882-E Scantron Answer sheet, 100Q, for about $76 per 500 packages. It costs around $0.15 per sheet!

That means you can still sell them to your fellow students at a reasonably lower price than they can find anywhere and still generate a quick profit.


2. Amazon

Amazon sells alternative Scantron-compatible bubble sheets in 25, 50, and 100-pack bundles from several brands. Whether you want to buy green, red, or blue Scantrons, is a great place to search.

Pricing and other specifics may vary depending on size and color, but the Test-100E 882-E Compliant Testing Forms are normally available for roughly $23 per 500 sheet box. A 50-sheet pack costs around $7.


At no additional cost to you, if you click on this link and purchase something, we may receive a commission.
06/18/2022 11:45 am GMT

These bubble sheets, according to Amazon, are fully compatible with Scantron testing machines. There’s enough social proof in the question and answer part to prove that these off-brand bubble sheets haven’t caused any compatibility concerns for kids.

Scantron sheets are available in smaller packs of 25, 50, and 100 on Amazon, which is an advantage. The prices are also competitive – better than any off-brand bubble sheet you’ll find anywhere.

You should be able to get by with a 50-sheet pack during your college years. If you have extra sheets, you may sell them to fellow students for a modest profit or simply share them with a friend–it’s a good act of charity!


3. Walmart

Test-100-E 882-E Compliant Testing Forms are available at Walmart and Amazon. The 100-sheet set costs roughly $11 and comes with free shipping with a minimum purchase. You may either acquire your bubble sheets online or go to your local Walmart to purchase Scantron sheets.

When purchasing generic Scantron sheets, keep in mind that there is some risk involved. Some may be of high quality, while others may not. Check the ratings and user reviews before purchasing to discover whether students have had any problems with the test bubble form you’re about to purchase. It could save you a lot of grief in the long run.


4. Schoolcraft College Bookstore

If you want to buy original Scantron sheets in lesser quantities than the bulk purchases available on the Scantrons online site, is another fantastic place to go. Unlike the Scantrons website, which exclusively sells packs of 500 sheets, the online bookstore sells several forms in packs of six sheets.

Yet, the benefit of smaller packaging comes at a cost. A six-pack sheet will set you back roughly $1.70. It will cost less than $0.30, which is more than double the $0.15 you get when purchasing a 500-sheet bundle directly from the Scantron website.

Even so, if you don’t want to buy Scantron sheets in quantity, this is still a good deal.


5. Titan Shops

Are you considering joining California State University? may be your ideal place to buy Scantrons online. This online bookstore has a partnership with California University, Fullerton. They sell the original, brand-name green Scantron sheets, not the no-brand generic ones.

The advantage of purchasing from this book store is that you may buy individual Scantron forms. They also sell them in smaller packs, usually with less than ten sheets each pack.

However, such convenience and flexibility come at a cost. To play, you’ll have to pay! The cost of a single test form might be as much as $0.32. For 50 sheets, it can cost as much as $16. If you don’t want to buy Scantron sheets in quantity and can’t find them at your school’s bookstore, Titan Stores is an good option.


6. Precision Data Products

Precise Data Products offers Scantron-compatible forms for a variety of testing applications. If you want to buy Scantrons in bulk, this is a good option. For example, a 500-pack of 882-E compatible answer sheets costs roughly $30.

This works out to roughly $0.06 per sheet. Furthermore, all items are eligible for free shipping! This should appeal to students that are interested in starting their own business!

You can order in bulk from Precision Data Products and have your order shipped for free. Then go ahead and Whilst in grad school, make money selling the extra forms to others. If you want to earn extra income selling Scantron compatible forms, consider placing a bulk order with Precision Data Products.


7. Online College Bookstores

Many colleges have websites that sell green scantron sheets to the general public. If you only need a few Scantron sheets, they’re the best place to go.

In comparison to the compatible forms offered by Amazon and other online retailers, online college bookstores are more likely to sell the original name-brand. Although the cost per answer sheet from Amazon is likely to be greater, you may wind up spending less overall for a smaller quantity.

Simply search for universities that sell Scantrons near me to uncover colleges that sell test forms. Read the fine print to ensure that you purchase the correct form for your university’s grading machine.

You’ll want to know whether they’re offering the original name-brand Scantron, generic compatible Scantron, or simply generic bubble forms, for example.

8. Newegg

Newegg is one of the many internet stores where you can find several Scantron alternate forms. The SC-100 and CS882-E Compatible 100-pack Answer Sheet, which sell for roughly $25, are popular alternative compatible forms on this site.

It translates to about $0.25 per sheet. Newegg also sells 25 and 500 sheet packs. It’s a good online retailer to buy Scantron-compatible forms in bulk or just the right package for individual use. You may be able to save additional money by using an discount coupon site on the internet.


9. eBay

is an online marketplace where practically anything may be purchased. On eBay, you can find a variety of off-brand blue and red Scantron sheets. Brands including Lovas, CNS Inc, and PDP sell 882-E Scantron compatible testing forms.

On eBay, you might be able to find original Scantron 882-E forms from private vendors. However, the cost is exorbitant: up to $0.75 per sheet plus shipping!

On eBay, the most common pack sizes are 6, 25, 50, 100, and 500 sheet packs. It makes eBay an excellent online option for kids with a variety of demands. Whether you need to buy in quantity or simply need a few sheets, eBay appears to offer it all!

Nonetheless, you should proceed with caution and ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting and from whom. Before making a purchase, look at the ratings and reviews. It will assist in ensuring that the scoring sheets you receive are useful.


Buy Scantrons in a Store Near Me

Scantrons are rarely sold in physical stores, so your best choice is to visit a university or college bookstore near you.

10. Local University or College Bookstore

If you live near a college, simply walk over to the university or college bookstore and inquire about the sorts of Scantron sheets available. School supplies are more likely to be more expensive, but because you will only need a few, you may end up paying less altogether.

The benefit of purchasing them through the university bookstore is that you will receive forms that are compatible with the scanning and grading standards of the institution. The school also recognizes how many you will require over the course of your college career and does not sell them in bulk.

If you can’t locate them in your school’s bookstore, consider purchasing them from one of the vendors listed above. Instead, check if a classmate can sell you a few of extras.

What Places Don’t Sell Scantrons?

Scantrons are not sold in national merchants, big box stores, or office supply stores, contrary to popular belief. Brand-name Scantron sheets and corresponding test forms are rarely available in physical locations.

Scantrons sheets are unfortunately not available from the following stores:

  • CVS
  • Office Depot
  • Office Max
  • Staples
  • Target
  • Best Buy

Does Walgreens Sell Scantrons?

Scantrons are not available at any of Walgreens’ 9,000 pharmacy locations in the United States. They have a large selection of school materials, but no Scantrons or other alternatives.

Where to Buy Scantron Sheets for College Near Me Summary

As institutions try to minimize costs amid budget cuts, the demand for students to purchase Scantron sheets is on the rise. If your school does not provide Scantrons to pupils for free, there are many internet stores where you can purchase them.

Test forms can be purchased via the Scantron website, Amazon, eBay, the Schoolcraft College Shop, Titan Ships, College Bookstore Websites, and Precise Data Products, to name a few. However, if you have access to a college bookstore, you can purchase brand-name Scantron double-sided instruction sheets.

Are you trying to find a way to make a few extra bucks? Flipping Scantrons as an income-producing business on campus can be an easy side hustle. All savings add up!

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