Where to Buy Dry Ice? 44 Retailers and Online Places

In many homes, dry ice is not a common commodity. It is not surprising that many individuals are unaware of where to purchase dry ice. But hold on! Why are you trying to find dry ice retailers?

There are numerous applications for dry ice, such as:

  • Used for a side business providing ice cream, food, drinks, and other concession stand delights that are best served cold or frozen. For commercial refrigeration. To keep your sweets cool without the mess of melting ice, dry ice storage is a better choice. When transporting perishables and needing to keep them cold, dry ice storage temperature can be useful.
  • Halloween event: Perhaps it is October and you are arranging a class party or a Halloween celebration. For a fantastic spooky effect for both kids and adults, add dry ice to beverages, liquids, and water.
  • Generate an instant fog effect for a stage show special effect by purchasing dry ice in huge quantities, as is done for rock concerts and Broadway musicals. Simply put dry ice in buckets and use a fan nearby to blow it around to create your own dry ice machine.
  • Education: Science activities at school involve the usage of dry ice.

No matter what you require, the crucial query is: where can I purchase dry ice?

Short Answer: Grocery stores and internet retailers like Dry Ice Delivered and Dry Ice Corp. both sell dry ice. Whether purchasing dry ice in tiny quantities to use in a science project or throw in a cooler, grocery stores are the best option. One-pound packages of dry ice are typically available at grocery shops and cost between $1 and $3 each. The best grocery stores to purchase dry ice include Safeway, Albertsons, H-E-B, and Costco, though availability varies by location.

Not all neighborhood stores carry dry ice. Place your order online if there are no stores nearby. The best option if you want to purchase dry ice in bulk is to place an online order. The majority of internet delivery providers require minimum orders between 10 and 25 pounds. Although you’ll have to pay additional shipping fees, the price can be as low as $1 per pound.

Best Place To Buy Dry Ice

The best site to acquire dry ice depends on a number of criteria, including your location and the quantity you require.

If you only need a small amount of dry ice, grocery stores in your area are the best places to buy it. It is typically kept in sacks weighing one pound apiece. Depending on the retailer, the cost of a one-pound bag of dry ice ranges from $1 to $3.

Regrettably, not all supermarkets sell it. You will have no choice but to look elsewhere if there are no dry ice stores in your area. The best option is to acquire dry ice online from companies who supply the substance.

If you require dry ice in large quantities for commercial refrigeration or stage show special effects, ordering online from a dry ice distributor is a fantastic option.

The cost can be as low as $1 per pound, however there are minimum order requirements of 10 to 25 pounds per order.

Additionally, shipping fees are charged, and they vary greatly based on the distance traveled and the desired delivery time. Ground shipment is projected to cost between $25 and $40 with FedEx and UPS. However, expedited shipping can get very pricey. Expenses for long-distance shipping can also soar.

Ask the distributor to pick up the dry ice locally to avoid paying shipping fees. Bring some coolers so you can pick it up on your own and save money on delivery fees.

What is Dry Ice?

Carbon dioxide solidifies to form dry ice. Carbon dioxide can maintain extremely cold temperatures when frozen to -109 degrees Fahrenheit. Instead of melting, solid carbon dioxide sublimates from its solid state directly into a gas without first going through a liquid phase. It has that name because of this.

What is dry ice used for in everyday life?

Due to its many industrial and consumer uses, dry ice is immensely beneficial. It is mostly used for refrigeration as the greatest substitute for avoiding the mess of melted ice when maintaining the cold or frozen state of items. Moreover, it is utilized in dry ice smoke machines to provide the well-known fog effect at events like rock concerts and Broadway productions.

How Much Dry Ice Do I Need?

Your needs and the size of your ice chest for storage will determine how much dry ice you need. The dry ice size typically comes in 2-inch-thick, 10-inch squares. Each square is around ten pounds in weight.

Place a 10-inch square every 15 inches along the length of the ice chest for best results. That works out to two squares or 20 pounds for a typical 40-quart cooler. To determine exactly how much you’ll need, multiply your block quantities by this rate according to the size of your container.

However, if you’re looking to purchase dry ice for a punch at a Halloween party or class gathering, you might want to purchase it in smaller blocks weighing between 1 and 5 pounds each. When purchasing it from the grocery store, you’ll be prompted for the quantity you require. Typically, a 1-pound block will be sufficient for modest Halloween celebrations, balloon inflation, creative pumpkin effects, or the eruption of a volcano cake.

How Long Does Dry Ice Last For?

Dry ice sublimates at 1% every hour in a standard insulated container. From the time of purchase, it immediately begins to sublimate.

So, to minimize waste, plan to purchase dry ice the same day—or within a few hours—that you’ll need it. In a typical 25-quart cooler, 10 pounds of dry ice will typically evaporate completely in 24 hours.

Some of the greatest methods to extend the life of your dry ice include keeping your cooler out of direct sunlight, adding more insulation during the day, and opening it as infrequently as possible.

Do not store in your old refrigerator or freezer because it is not a well-ventilated area.

For the best YETI coolers that will prevent dry ice from melting for up to a week, see the list below.

What is the Cost of Dry Ice?

When estimating the cost of dry ice, there is no one price that applies to all situations. Dry ice is often sold by weight, and the price varies based on where you get it and how much you require.

Compared to local retail outlets, buying dry ice online is more affordable per pound. Internet costs as little as $1 per pound are possible. The drawback is that each order will have a minimum weight requirement of between 10 and 25 pounds.

Based on the location and speed of delivery, shipping costs also apply. When you need to buy dry ice in large amounts or when there aren’t any dry ice stores nearby, shopping online is a viable choice.

Check your neighborhood hardware and food stores if you’re merely trying to find a place to buy dry ice in tiny quantities. The majority of supermarkets carry it in 1-pound bags, with costs per pound ranging from $1 to $3. Pricing and availability may differ from one chain of stores to the next.

How to Handle Dry Ice?

When dry ice comes into contact with your skin or is touched with bare hands, it is extremely cold and can result in frostbite or other severe injuries. You need to be aware of how to handle dry ice whether you want to use it to preserve food, decorate for the holidays, or clean your home.

The safety measures for handling dry ice are as follows:

  • Dress protectively by donning gloves, goggles, a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and closed-toed shoes to prevent unintentional contact with dry ice.
  • Never handle or shatter dry ice with your bare hands; instead, use a towel, an oven mitt, or a set of tongs. Break a block of dry ice using a chisel and hammer.
  • Usage in a well-ventilated area since carbon dioxide vapors can accumulate there and lead to asphyxia, headaches, dizziness, and loss of consciousness. Always use dry ice in a well-ventilated area to prevent such negative effects.
  • Use a Styrofoam container instead of using or storing in an airtight container. If carbon dioxide vapors build up when dry goods are stored in an airtight cooler, an explosion may result.
  • Melt any excess dry ice before disposing of it; otherwise, the pipes may freeze or get damaged. Instead, you should cover any leftovers with warm water to hasten the sublimation.

Grocery Stores That Sell Dry Ice

Grocery stores should be your first choice when looking for a place to buy dry ice, especially if you just need a little amount. The price of dry ice, which is often available at grocery shops in one-pound bags, can range from $1 to $3 per pound.

Even within the same chain, not all supermarkets stock dry ice. Depending on the store, the costs and availability could be different. Prior to visiting, you should call the store to verify the hours of operation and prices.

1. Acme

spanning New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Maryland, there are over 163 supermarkets. Visit your local Acme to purchase dry ice in pallets, blocks, and slices if you reside in any of these states.

2. Costco

has more than 558 locations across 47 states and 474 US cities. The top states with the most Costco locations are Washington, Texas, and California. Only a few Costco locations sell dry ice. To find out if dry ice is available at your nearby Costco, give them a call in advance.

3. Dillons

has roughly 94 retail locations, some of which sell dry ice, throughout Kansas and Nebraska. If you live close, it’s a excellent place to acquire dry ice in your neighborhood. To find out about pricing and availability, stop by local location or give us a call in advance.

4. Giant Food

There are over 160 in Washington DC, Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland. Check with your local store and buy dry ice to use in your coolers, or just experiment with your kids.

5. Fred Meyer

Found in the western part of the country, has 134 store locations in Washington, California, Oregon, Alaska, and Idaho. Shop for the Penguin Brand Dry Ice in most of Fred Meyer’s locations by asking at the cash register or a a teen stacking the grocery store’s shelves.

6. Kroger

has grocery stores in 35 states, most of which sell dry ice pellets and blocks. With almost 3,000 locations, you are sure to find a suitable Kroger location nearby to purchase dry ice in small quantities. The prices may vary by location. Many locations also have adjoined Gas stations that accept checks and are open round-the-clock.

7. Harris Teeter

in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia, and the District of Columbia. It has about 243 store locations. Dry ice is available at some, if not all, Harris Teeter stores. To check on availability at your location, call ahead of time.

8. Walmart

Are you wondering how to buy dry ice at Walmart? Walmart has over 11,000 store locations in the US, making it an ideal place to buy dry ice near me. Not all Walmarts carry it. Inquire the store manager or customer service representative in the MoneyCenter to buy dry ice at Walmart.

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9. H-E-B

In Texas, Kroger has over 300 stores, the majority of which sell dry ice. The easiest approach to purchase dry ice from H-E-B is to call in advance to confirm pricing and availability. If not, simply go to the store that is closest to you in Texas and inquire at the front-of-store customer care counter where to find it.

10. Safeway

If you live on the west coast, is a great place for you to buy dry ice in your area. It has over 240 store locations in California, most of which carry dry ice at rock bottom prices. Visit their website, find a location, and see whether they have it in stock.

11. Ingles Markets

is a regional grocery chain with over 197 stores in the Southeast US; as a result, the Carolinas or Georgia are the best places to buy dry ice locally.

12. Hy-Vee

Founded in 1930, is an ideal supermarket chain where you can buy dry ice near me if you live in the Midwestern US. They have over 265 grocery stores in Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, and South Dakota. If you’re without using a PIN while using a debit card because you forgot it, instead select “credit” to make your purchase.

13. Publix

If you live in the Southeast of the country, is a great place to buy dry ice locally, with Florida having the most stores. The majority of Publix supermarkets sell dry ice without any restrictions, however it’s always advised to phone ahead to find out what varieties of dry ice they have in stock. The cost of Publix dry ice may vary by location.

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14. Vons

Owned by Albertsons, is a great place to buy dry ice in your area if you live in Nevada or California. The supermarket chain has over 199 store locations in the two states.

15. Winco

is another excellent supermarket chain based in Boise, Idaho. You can check and buy dry ice in any of their 129 locations in Arizona, Washington, California, Utah, Idaho, Texas, Montana, Oregon, Nevada, and Oklahoma. WinCo is also one of the finest grocery stores that accept checks 24 hours a day in the area.

16. Ralphs

If you live in Southern California and wonder who sells dry ice in this area, is one of those dry ice stores. The supermarket chain has over 190 locations in California spread across 108 cities. It’s important to call ahead of time to confirm whether the location you intend to visit carries dry ice.

17. Smart & Final

If you are in the Western US or Northern Mexico, is a excellent place to purchase dry ice for your storage freezer. The Western States, which includes California, Arizona, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, and Mexico, is home to more than 250 of their establishments.

18. Wegmans

is where residents of the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions can purchase dry ice blocks. In 8 states, including New York, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Virginia, Wegmans operates about 105 stores.

19. Smart Foodservice

Currently known as , Smart Foodservice is a low-priced grocery chain where you can buy dry ice in small quantities. They have over 80 stores spread across six states, namely Washington, California, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and Montana.

20. Gelsons

is where Southern California residents can purchase dry ice. There are around 27 of their stores.

21. Tom Thumb

Buy dry ice in your area from if you live in Dallas, Texas. There are about 64 Tom Thumb store locations in Texas.

22. Albertsons

has about 2,252 store locations across 34 states. Not all locations carry dry ice. Call ahead of time to confirm availability before you go. Albertsons has alcohol retailers that accept checks within the stores and most are open 24 hours.

23. Weis Markets

You can buy dry ice pellets at if you live in Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania,  Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and New Jersey. They have over 196 store locations across those states.

24. Winn Dixie

With about 500 stores in Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana, is a great place to buy dry ice nearby if you live in any of those states.

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25. Whole Foods

has roughly 505 stores spread across the nation’s 349 cities and 44 states. Find out what kinds of dry ice they sell by stopping by or giving them a call.

26. Meijer

You can buy dry ice in small quantities at . They have superstores in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio. There are around 254 Meijer with a good chance of them selling ice. They price it around $2.40 per pound in most store locations.

Drug Stores

When looking where to buy dry ice near me, don’t ignore drug stores. says there are over 26,000 pharmacies and drug stores in the US.

27. Walgreens

You can buy dry ice pellets at if they have a location near you. The company operates over 9,200 stores in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and the US Virgin Islands. Walgreens dry ice prices and availability may vary based on store locations. They do accept gift cards from American Express as a form of payment when making purchases.

Gas Stations That Sell Dry Ice

There are over 61,000 gas stations across the US, according to . Some, but not many, gas stations sell dry ice. You’ll probably see large big freezers in front of the store. If you can’t don’t them, you may need to ask the staff if they have different dry ice types for sale.

These are a few gas stations that might sell dry ice:

28. Sheetz

You can buy dry ice at . They have over 600 convenience stores in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, and Maryland.

29. QuikTrip

You can buy dry ice at . Their chain of over 800 convenience stores and fuel service stations operate in the Midwestern, Southern, Southeastern US, including Arizona, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Iowa, Georgia, Illinois, and Nebraska.

30. Weigel’s

If you live in East Tennessee, is a convenience store chain where you can buy dry ice. They operate over 69 locations in the East Tennessee region. Weigel’s is also a purchasing kerosene at a gas station.

31. Maverik

Buy dry ice at convenience stores if you live in the western United States. They have over 300 store locations in Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Nevada.

32. Speedway

You may get dry ice near you at LLC, a chain of c-stores and petrol stations. In 32 states, there are more than 3,900 stores, mostly in the East Coast and Midwest.

33. 7-Eleven

Buy dry ice at stores near you. 7-Eleven is an international chain of convenience stores and gas stations with over 71,000 stores in 17 countries. They have over 10,000 locations throughout the country, and you’re sure to find a convenient location open 24-hours.

34. Wawa

Buy dry ice locally at if you live on the East coast of the US. There are about 900 convenience stores and gas stations in Pennsylvania, Washington, Florida, New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland.

Hardware Stores That Sell Dry Ice

There are over 22,000 hardware stores in the US, according to . Here are some national hardware stores where you can buy dry ice nearby.

35. Ace Hardware

is the largest hardware retail chain in the world. With over 5,000 store locations across all 50 states, Ace Hardware is a great place to buy dry ice locally. Prices and availability may vary by store location. Also, visit your to create a key at a nearby hardware store.

36. Home Depot

As the largest home improvement retailer in the US, Home Depot may carry dry ice blocks in some, if not most, of its locations. has over 2,000 locations in all 50 states Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands, and Guam.

37. Lowes

The second-largest hardware chain in the US, has over 2,000 home improvement and hardware stores in North America. They sell everything, including varieties of succulents for indoors, tools, get keys made, and you can buy dry ice at many locations.

Dry Ice Delivery Service

If you need dry ice in large quantities or can’t find a store in your area, a dry ice delivery service is a good option. Dry ice can be purchased online or via a dry ice distribution facility, then shipped to your residence. You will be charged shipping fees in addition to the minimum order quantity requirements for the delivery services.

The best dry ice delivery services to order from a distributor in bulk are listed below.

38. Dry Ice Corp

  • Physical locations: In addition to having a number of retail distribution partners in Northeastern states, it also operates an online store.
  • Only dry ice pellets are offered online as available types. From retail partners, you might be able to get several kinds of dry ice.
  • Most retail partners have a 10 pound minimum order requirement.
  • Cost: Dry ice pellets may be purchased online for roughly $49 for 25 pounds and $69 for 45 pounds. At most retail partners, the cost per pound ranges from $1 to $1.60.
  • Only one Dry Ice Corps location in the Eastern US allows shipping within 300 miles, for a cost. Dry ice pellets are shipped for about $25 for a 25-pound shipment and up to $30 for a 45-pound package. With the exception of Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays, your order will be shipped within 24 hours.


Dry Ice Online Delivery

Online delivery providers for dry ice don’t have any physical sites. When you order dry ice online, it is delivered without you having to leave the comfort of your house. You must order a minimum of 10 to 25 pounds per order, and prices are around $1 per pound. Depending on the distance and speed of delivery, shipping charges may apply.

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39. Dry Ice Delivered

  • The only physical locations are online. Anyone in the US can get dry ice shipped.
  • Blocks and pellets of dry ice are available.
  • The smallest order size is 10 pounds.
  • Price: $1 for each pound or $10 for ten pounds. Larger orders result in a slight price reduction.
  • Shipping: A 10-pound cargo from Dry Ice Delivered costs about $40 to ship via FedEx Ground out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Costs for expedited overnight shipping might reach $115. The distance traveled and the speed of delivery affect shipping costs.


40. Airgas

A significant American distribution network in the packaged gas sector is Airgas. Airgas sells dry ice blocks and pellets online.


41. Amazon

Amazon is renowned for being a large online retailer where you can find practically anything. On Amazon, you may get dry ice products from various suppliers. The cost of goods and transportation varies between sellers. You can get excellent prices on Amazon with possibly free shipping if you look around a little.


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42. Ice Factory Online

Dry ice can be purchased online at Ice Factory Online in both little and big volumes, and at competitive pricing. On demand, they can supply dry ice in blocks, cubes, slices, and palettes. The costs start at $1.75 for a 7 lb. 50 lb. cubed ice bag costs $45 dollars. block.


Food Grade Dry Ice

Food manufacturing, processing, storage, and transportation may all be done safely with food grade dry ice. The best place to go if you need to purchase food-grade dry ice is Continental Carbonic.

43. Continental Carbonic

A well-known producer and supplier of dry ice, carbon dioxide, and dry ice blasting equipment is Continental Carbonic. They have a wide network of roughly 50 sites spread throughout key US cities. All varieties of food-grade dry ice, including cut block, airline cut, standard block, and blasting dry ice, are produced and kept in stock by this company.


Dry Ice Delivery for Drinks

Can dry ice be used in beverages and food? Carbonating soft drinks, water, and alcoholic beverages using food-grade dry ice. However, where can you find this superior refrigerant? Purchase it at Emergency Ice online.

44. Emergency Ice

Do you own a bar or restaurant in Dallas, Texas? A fantastic website to get dry ice online is Emergency Ice. They supply packed dry ice to companies in Dallas-Fort Worth and Central Texas that have commercial needs. To meet your precise needs, you can purchase blocks and pellets in a variety of quantities.


Related Questions

What Happens If I Touch Dry Ice?

When handling dry ice, you should always wear protective clothes, such as gloves, goggles, long sleeve shirts, and closed-toed shoes. You won’t sustain any injuries, including frostbite, thanks to the protective gear.

That being said, you could unintentionally contact dry ice without protection, or a splash from shattering the ice could land on exposed flesh. The first thing you should do if you get an ice burn is quickly bathe the injured area in lukewarm water.

Use of hot water should be avoided as it could make the burn worse. Apply aloe vera ointments to the skin to calm it, then bandage the wound.

The skin may appear superficial and waxy, which is a sign of serious frostbite that has to be treated very once. After receiving treatment, you can anticipate your skin to heal in a few weeks.

How Old to Buy Dry Ice?

There is no legal need that buyers of dry ice be at least a certain age. But in general, sending kids to buy dry ice is risky since it needs particular handling and, if not handled well, can lead to serious burns, frostbite, and other injuries.

Although practically anybody can purchase dry ice, certain establishments have a minimum age requirement of 18 years old.

How to Store Dry Ice?

Use a non-airtight container to store dry ice in a well-ventilated environment. Ideally, dry ice should be kept in old, leaky refrigerators.

Dry ice sublimates, allowing trapped carbon dioxide fumes to escape. In an airtight container, the gas will build up and explode the container. Therefore, avoid storing dry ice in your refrigerator or freezer. Use a Styrofoam container instead.

Keep dry ice in a space that is well-ventilated rather than one that is completely sealed off. Poorly ventilated places can accumulate carbon dioxide, which can have harmful health effects like headache, unconsciousness, asphyxia, and dizziness.

Finally, avoid leaving or storing dry ice in areas where it might accidentally burn or cause frostbites to people or pets.

What Supplies do you Need to Handle Dry Ice?

When handling dry ice, you must have the proper equipment in order to be secure. They consist of:

  • Dry ice gloves, dry ice goggles, a long-sleeved shirt, long leggings, and closed-toed shoes are some examples of protective apparel.
  • To handle and break dry ice blocks, you need tongs and a chisel.
  • Dry ice is transported or stored using a hard-sided cooler, a towel, and both. Use neither metal nor glass containers. Use Styrofoam containers that are not airtight.

How to Transport Dry Ice Safely?

When transporting dry ice, you must take the proper precautions to ensure safe transportation. Once the cooler is placed in your car or pickup truck, roll down the windows. It’s because dry ice releases carbon dioxide that can be harmful if inhaled in large quantities.

Sliding down the windows makes sure that fresh air is being circulated, which is crucial, especially when hauling dry ice for at least 15 minutes.

Let’s say you drive with your windows closed while transporting dry ice. In that instance, the sublimating ice may emit carbon dioxide fumes that may quickly replace the oxygen present within the vehicle and result in headaches, vertigo, or even unconsciousness.

Never leave a human or a pet in a closed vehicle by themselves. They risk suffocating from the carbon dioxide fumes that can accumulate.

How to Dispose of Dry Ice Safely?

Dry ice should be left at room temperature in a well-ventilated place for best disposal. Because dry ice is constantly sublimating, all you need to do is leave it alone for it to evaporate.

For instance, you could throw away dry ice on your porch in the backyard. It will disappear if you just leave it there for at least 24 hours. If not, use boiling water to hasten the sublimation process.

Never put dry ice in the garbage disposal, sewer, sink, toilet, or to unclog a drain. It might thaw, burst, and harm the pipes.

What are the Different Types of Dry Ice?

There are several sorts of dry ice based on the sizes that they come in, depending on your demands. Each type can be used for a variety of purposes. They consist of:

  • Blocks: They weigh up to 60 pounds and are 10 x 10 x 12 in size. If you need a big chunk of dry ice, order it in a block.
  • Pellets: They are suitable for modest storage requirements and are typically slightly larger than a sugar cube. Rice pellets, carbonic pellets, or ordinary pellets can all be used as dry ice.
  • Slices: Slabs can be prepared and packaged to meet your unique requirements. If you want a slice of dry ice that covers the majority of your cooler or container, they are perfect for you.
  • Depending on your requirements, you can order any of the aforementioned items in bulk. If you need dry ice in large quantities for industrial refrigeration, your best bet is to order online or straight from dry ice companies.

What are the Different Dry Ice Uses?

It has a wide range of industrial and consumer uses, from entertainment to storage and educational reasons. Dry ice is frequently used for things like:

  • When dry ice is added to a fogger or fog generator, excitement is produced during entertainment or celebratory events.
  • For shipping frozen goods and other perishables, dry ice is employed.
  • Halloween: It’s frequently used to create fog for a Halloween party when poured to glasses of water and other beverages. If handled correctly, dry ice can be added to food and beverages. Before using, read about safety measures and how to do so safely.
  • Experiments: Used commonly used in schools for science experiments and demonstrations, such as using it to cause scrap metal or a coin to vibrate and dance.

Where to Buy Dry Ice Packs for Shipping?

You will want an insulated container and ice packs for delivering dry ice. By retaining the cold energy inside the ice pack, these dry ice bags help keep your perishables chilled or frozen for a long time.

There are many online places where you can buy dry ice packs for shipping, but your best bet will be .


At no additional cost to you, if you click on this link and purchase something, we may receive a commission.
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How Long Does Dry Ice Last in a YETI Cooler?

In a YETI cooler, dry ice will keep for two to seven days. Depending on the size of your cooler and the quantity of dry ice utilized, the melting will change. With a YETI-approved cooler or ice bucket, a 10-pound block of dry ice spaced out every 15 inches will keep things cold for at least 48 hours.

A Yeti 65 that has been properly packed and filled can last a week or more. If you keep your cooler out of the sun and covered in a blanket in a cool location, it will last longer.

Can all YETI coolers store dry ice?

Dry ice cannot be handled by all YETIs. The Roadie and Tundra Hard Coolers as well as the YETI Tank ice buckets are suggested Yeti products. Avoid storing dry ice in the Rambler Drinkware, YETI V-Series, or Hopper Soft Cooler Family.

At no additional cost to you, if you click on this link and purchase something, we may receive a commission.

Where to Buy Dry Ice Summary

There are numerous applications for dry ice. You can use it to send perishable items, for Halloween or class parties, for science projects, or to make special effects with fog machines for entertainment. Where to get dry ice will depend on where you are and how much you require.

Most of the time, if you just need a small amount, you can find dry ice in local food stores. Instead, place bulk orders for dry ice through distribution facilities or online dry ice delivery businesses. For an extra shipping charge, you can have it delivered to your location.

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