Where Can I Sell Old Magazines and Newspapers? [Near Me]

There’s always something you can do with extra income. Perhaps, you can put it towards your goal to $10,000 in savings emergency fund or your dream goal of retiring on a six-figure or seven-figure nest egg. In fact, having more than one stream of income is vital to reaching financial freedom faster. That’s why employees and self-employed professionals everywhere are always looking for creative ways to make extra cash, such as .

You probably know that you can For income, sell vinyl recordings locally and online.. Again, business ideas like cardboard recycling for profit or even aluminum can recycling have also become a thing. Environmentally-conscious consumers are also going green with wood pallet recycling to save mother earth and turn in green cash.

But did you know that old magazines and newspapers can be sold? The nostalgic sensations that vintage periodicals and newspapers create are what make them so special to some people. Because of special events and noteworthy dates such as royal weddings, anniversaries, celebrities, birthdays, historic news events, and more, people are prepared to pay for periodicals and publications that are at least 30 years old.

So if you know where to get old magazines or newspapers for free, you’re staring at a profit. For instance, you may come across a stack in your grandparent’s attic or basement and wonder: What can I do with old magazines? Well, don’t throw such hidden gems away. Periodicals are one of the The simplest things to flip for a quick profit.

It begs the question, “Where can I sell old magazines and newspapers?”?

Fast Answer: Vintage, antique dealers, consignment shops are among the top places that buy old magazines and newspapers near me or online. Private collectors are also good places to consider. For instance, Back To The Past Pop Culture Collectibles buys old magazines and historical paper, Neatstuff Collectibles buys vintage comic books and pulp magazines, and Sell Me Your Collectibles buys magazines with a satisfaction money-back guarantee, Mr-Magazine/Leones Collectibles will buy old vintage magazines and vintage adult magazines, and VintageMagazines.com is a great place to sell old non-fiction magazines from 1960 or earlier in large quantities.

Below, we’ll go over each of these places that buy old magazines in greater depth.

Places That Buy Old Magazines and Newspapers [Near Me]

The best places to sell old newspapers and magazines near me are vintage shops, antique dealers, and private collectors. You can also resell old magazines online on sites like eBay or VintageMazines.com. Most of these sites tend to buy old magazine issues and newspapers in bulk. You can also sell rare individual magazines collections and receive payment in cash, store credit, PayPal, or cash a check, depending on available payment options.

Because rare magazines are harder to come by, they command greater prices than popular collections like Sports Illustrated or National Geographic issues. If your magazine and newspaper collections include historical events or renowned people, you’ll make more money.

Aside from rarity and featured events, the condition of your collections will be taken into account when determining pricing. If your old magazine editions and newspapers have missing photos, rips, page markings, tears, discolouration, or missing pages, the price drops.

We’ve gathered a list of places that buy newspapers near me so you can make money reselling mags. Of course, we can’t guarantee that the places will buy your old issues, but if they’re rare and in immaculate condition, you’ll have a better chance of finding a buyer willing to pay top dollar.

Back To The Past Pop Culture Collectibles

Back To The Past has been a one-stop shop selling full magazine collections in bulk, ranging from $5 per item to $10,000+ rare gems, since 1990. As a seller and buyer of newspapers, magazines, and other items, the company has over 40k positive ratings on eBay.

Return To The Past is open by appointment seven days a week. It’s open to the public in Wixom, Michigan, near Detroit, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

  • 8mm films, action figures, advertising signs, Batman action figures, beer signs, Bettie Page magazines, celebrity autographs, vintage clocks, coins, vintage toys, comic books, film props, gold and silver coins, historical paper, Looney Tunes glassware, vintage lunchboxes, magazines, Mickey Mouse watches, movie posters and stills, original art, music posters, pinball tables, plush toys such as Beanie Babies, rock and roll memorabilia, vintage lunchboxes, vintage lunch
  • Cash or store credit are accepted as forms of payment.
  • Periodically, complete the Back To The Past Collectibles contact form and explain your items for sale, plan an initial meeting to discuss an estimated value and a trip for a comprehensive evaluation, meet to inspect the collection, make a fair offer, and organize payment.
  • Sell old newspapers and magazines at Back To The Past Pop Culture Collectibles.

Neatstuff Collectibles

Neatstuff has spent over $10 million on rare single comics and complete collections over the last two years. They’ll even come to you and purchase your entire magazine collection or vintage toys for cash. Neatstuff may provide in-person appraisals and buy items for cash on the spot.

It’s useful to go to Neatstuff Collectibles and look at their current list of things they’re buying and not buying. At the time of writing, they’ll buy comics, toys, sideshow, sealed video games, certain non-sports and sports cards, pulps, and more. They didn’t pay cash for barbies, dolls, beanie babies, antiques, Playboy magazines, newspapers, Hess, Disney, figurines, or diecast cars, on the other hand.

  • Antique comic books, original art, old toys, pulp magazines, modern comic books, mid-1980s to current day comics, Nintendo games, movie memorabilia and props, sports memorabilia, Star Wars collectibles, and music memorabilia were among the publications and artifacts purchased.
  • Cash is the preferred method of payment.
  • Periodic selling process: To assess your collection and book a free evaluation, fill out the Neatstuff Collectibles contact form, connect with a support agent online, or call 800-326-7064.
  • Neatstuff is a place where you can sell your old magazines.

Sell Me Your Collectibles

For many years, Sell Me Your Collectibles has been buying and selling collectibles. They’ll buy a variety of items, including old magazines and vintage newspapers, which they’ll pay cash for. The company promises that you will be satisfied or your money will be refunded.

Beanies Babies, crockery, collector plates, sports cards after 1975, and non-authenticated memorabilia are among the items they aren’t interested in.

  • Vintage magazines, Playboy magazines prior to 1965, Jet magazines prior to 1970, old historical newspapers, rare books, vintage baseball cards prior to 1975, vintage basketball cards prior to 1987, vintage football cars prior to 1975, sports memorabilia, vintage Star Wars, Beatles, Three Stooges, sports programs, old clocks, watches, pennants, yearbooks, old baseball bats, silver and gold coins, vintage jewelry, historical documents, war-related goods.
  • Cash is the only mode of payment.
  • Process for selling periodicals and collectibles: Fill out the request form with information about your things, then wait for a response from Richard or Lori within 24 hours. If your collectible is approved, you’ll usually split the shipping costs.
  • Sell Me Your Collectibles is a great place to sell old magazines.


RareNonFiction.com has a sister site called VintageMagazines.com. Around 10,000 old magazines have been sold on the site. They also provide a free magazine search service to assist in the discovery of hard-to-find issues.

They don’t buy Playboy, Life, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, National Lampoon’s, MAD, JFK, Mechanix Illustrated, Motor Trend, Car & Driver, Etude, Inspirations, Oprah, Hollywood, Beautiful B.C., cooking, craft, carpentry, or non-English publications.

  • Magazines purchased: They focus in older, scarce non-fiction magazines published prior to 1970. VintageMagazines prefers to purchase big amounts of old magazines from the 1960s and earlier. They exclusively purchase entire publications that are free of clippings and missing pages.
  • PayPal or check are the two options for payment.
  • Process for selling periodicals and collectibles: Send a clear photo of the spine side showing the stacks, along with a statement of the collection and any major blemishes or faults. Specify the anticipated sale price for the publications.
  • VintageMagazines.com is a great place to sell old magazines.

Mr-Magazine/Leones Collectibles & eBay Store

Mr-Magazine is the online store for based out of Rochester, New York. Their eBay store has over 20,000 collectible items and an Amazon store with around 25,000 vintage things.

  • Comic books, vintage magazines, vintage adult magazines, wrestling action figures, Star Wars statues, vintage toys, puzzles, vintage records, autographed memorabilia, sports products, trading cards, movie memorabilia, vintage toys, and more were among the periodicals and artifacts purchased.
  • Cash is the only mode of payment.
  • The process for selling periodicals and collectibles varies depending on the type of item and the cost of shipping. For large collections, a buyer will come to you for an appraisal.
  • Sell old magazines at Mr-Magazine.

What are Tips to Sell Your Magazine and Newspaper Collections?

You might have trouble figuring out how to sell your magazine and newspaper collections if you haven’t sold anything before, either offline or online. However, sadly, that’s how sales work. To gain buyers, you’ll need guts and innovation. So, how can you get started selling your old and rare magazines collection?

Here are four suggestions to help you sell your old magazine issues and newspapers more quickly:

  • Photograph your collection Photographs are a terrific method to present your stuff to potential buyers, whether you’re selling online or offline. You should take high-quality images that display your things in their natural state rather than a distorted version. There’s no need to pay a professional photographer when you can capture images with your smartphone.
  • Keep your shopping list and photos as simple as possible. Spending a lot of time creating beautiful photographs and thorough spreadsheets that don’t reflect the value of what you’re offering isn’t worth it. Instead, give a broad summary of your items and provide more specific information only if the buyer requests it.
  • Consolidate your belongings It’s easier for purchasers to accurately value your possessions when they’re all in one spot. If your belongings are dispersed across several closets, storage rooms, or drawers, gather them in one location before the buyer arrives.
  • Things that have been sitting in an attic or basement for a long time are usually dusty and folded all over. To aid in the appraisal process, keep your collections neat and tidy. But, when organizing your antiques, avoid using aggressive cleaners that could damage them.

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Where to Find Old Newspapers?

You know where to sell old magazines and newspaper collections, as well as how to get your stuff ready for sale. Nevertheless, before you can sell, you must first amass a collection of ancient papers. As a result, you must first learn where to look for old periodicals and newspapers.

You can receive vintage magazines for free at a number of locations, including:

  • Basements
  • Attics
  • Garages
  • Houses of family and friends
  • Craiglists Wanted advertisements from the newspaper

Where to Get Old Magazines for Free?

Before approaching potential customers about flipping for a profit, you’ll need to amass a collection of old magazines. The following are some of the best ways to get vintage magazines for free or at a minimal cost:

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How Much are Old National Geographic Magazines Worth?

The rarity, condition, and location of sale determine the value of a National Geographic Magazine. Rare magazines in superb condition are true gems that sell quickly.

,The terra-cotta colored number 1 and others from the 1880s, for example, can easily bring upwards of $4,000. Also, dealers pay attention to red cover and other earlier issues produced before 1905, and you may easily profit at least $200 every magazine.

The value of further editions of National Geographic Magazine issued in later years plummets considerably. Several yellow-bordered issues of the magazine, for example, are still in circulation. Additionally, unlike their earlier predecessors, issues, maps, and books issued between the 1930s and 1960s are easy to come by and do not attract the attention of national magazine dealers. As a result, they’re probably worthless.

The value of your magazines is determined by their condition. Missing pages, wormholes, and mold, as well as markings on pages and missing pages, tears, and rips, are all major deal breakers in the world of secondhand magazines.

The value is ultimately determined by the price buyers are willing to pay. For instance, National Geographic Magazine prices for issues published in the 90s and 80s range from .

What Types of Vintage Magazines and Newspapers Are Most Popular and Valuable?

If you want to establish a side business or earn some extra cash by selling old magazines and newspapers, you should first figure out which ones are the most valuable so you can concentrate your efforts there.

There are numerous sorts of print media that you may already be familiar with. Everything from antique editions of Time magazine to historic newspapers such as moon landing or assassination newspapers, vintage magazine ads, and articles about sports players or historical events can be extremely valuable.

There could be a magazine collector that is interested in whatever bit of nostalgia you have, from a newspaper collection to vintage issues of specific publications.

So, what distinguishes a magazine as valuable? After all, periodicals are sold on practically every street corner. Understanding what might be a valuable magazine might help you find good buys and bargains when you visit businesses that sell antiques or a second-hand market. If you know what to look for in an antique shop (or antique consignment shop), you can make some money or perhaps a lot of money on the resale market.

While looking for and purchasing print things that you believe may be valuable, make sure they are in good shape, as average magazine grading is critical for expensive items.

To determine what is valuable, look at online sites that sell vintage and collectible magazines and newspapers to see which issues or brands are the most expensive. The appeal of old print periodicals, combined with their rarity, makes them valuable. For example, a mint condition first edition of Sports Illustrated magazine could be worth thousands of dollars.

If you have an famous magazine cover that has been autographed by the artist or person on the cover, this might add to the item’s worth. Advertisements on the back pages of magazines are sometimes purchased by collectors. As print-based publications and newspapers fade away in favor of digital alternatives, anything print-based is becoming increasingly rare, and its value will only rise with time.

Other first-edition magazines that could be quite valuable include Playboy magazine, Popular Science, the New Yorker, as well as very old antique magazines like .

Newspapers that carry news on historic events, such as the adoption of the United States Constitution or the first story about the Great Fire of London, are among the rarest and most collectible. Rare and old local newspapers with major news stories, or a newspaper insert of the Declaration of Independence from about the time it was initially published, are two more examples. They are usually vintage newspapers that have been well-preserved and are in good shape.

What’s the Value of Old Mad Magazines?

In 1952, the first issue of a mad comic magazine was published. They’re known for their creative satirical works about celebrities, pop culture, public figures, and politics.

The value of old MAD magazines varies depending on the featured current event, condition at the time of sale, issue date, and the buyer. For instance, Mad Comic #1 has a minimum value of $200 and a record sale of $24,000 at . If your copy is in poor but complete condition, you’ll get up to $180.

Mad Comic #3 has a minimum value of $30 and a record sale of $2,800, whereas Mad Comic #2 has a record sale of $4,000 and a minimum value of $40.

You can also find old Mad magazine buyers on eBay. For instance, Mad Magazine No.290, published in October 1989 featuring Ghostbusters 2, is valued at $19.99, while the MAD Magazine Super Special Winter 1981 featuring SERGIO ARGONES Illustrated map sells at $48. had a bid of over $433 on eBay.

Generally, you can expect to sell your old MAD magazine issues for the 1990s and 1980s for about or , based on issue date and condition.  

Sell Old Magazines and Newspapers Summary

As you can see, recycling old magazines and newspapers is a terrific method to supplement your income. Vintage shops, comic and magazine dealers, consignment shops, and individual collectors are all good places to sell old magazine issues. You may also use sites like eBay to list and sell your old magazines and newspapers.

Whether you’re selling vintage MAD or National Geographic magazines, the price you’ll earn depends on rarity, highlighted events, condition of your collection, issue date, and where you sell them.

Nonetheless, antiques can be difficult to come by. That is why flipping items may be profitable! Old magazine issues and newspapers can be found in basements, attics, garages, from family and friends, thrift stores, flea markets, used book stores, and other locations such as local library book sales.

If reselling old magazines and comics isn’t your thing, check out some of our other side hustle ideas, such as:

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