Where Can I Cash a Third-Party Check? 17 Places Nearby!

Are you trying to find a local location to cash a third-party check?

With various banks, credit unions, and check-cashing businesses around the nation, you can cash a third-party check. Bank of America, Citibank, HSBC, Chase, M&T, and Chartway Federal Credit Union are a few of the best banks and credit unions where you can cash third-party checks.

Third-party check-cashing services are also provided by a number of check-cashing businesses. The Check Cashing Shop, ACE Cash Express, and Check N Go are among the businesses that stand out in this niche.

No matter where you decide to cash a third-party check, be prepared to provide identification. You will often need a photo ID that is provided by the government. Additionally, some banks demand that both payees be present when the cheque is cashed.

Most credit unions won’t charge you any fees but expect to pay third-party check-cashing fees in most banks and check cashing stores if you are a non-customer. Also, note that grocery stores, convenience stores, and Additionally, gas stations provide check cashing services., but they will not cash a third-party check for you.

What is a Third-Party Check?

A check with two payees is referred to as a third-party check. The cheque is initially drawn (written to) one individual. The decision is made to allocate payment to a second party, who subsequently cashes or deposits the check, as opposed to the original payee.

Insurance claims frequently involve third-party checks. For instance, you might get a check from your auto insurance company to pay for damage from an accident. Instead of sending the money to the auto repair shop, the insurance company sends it directly to you. You can choose between two alternatives here:

  • You can cash the cheque on your own and use the money to pay the auto mechanic.
  • Give the repair company your signature on the check so they may pay it themselves. The insurance payment in this instance turns into a third-party cheque.

In essence, a third-party check is just a two-party check that has been signed over to someone else. Every check, including personal, payroll, and other sorts, can become third-party as long as the original payee turns it over to you. Before a check can be used as a third party check, the original payee must sign and endorse it. A double endorsed check is another name for a third party check.

The bank from whom the check is initially drawn is the primary party in the case of a third party check. The secondary party then speaks for the individual or business that issued the check against monies for bank deposit. The third party is the one who signs the check as an endorser.

Can I Deposit Someone Else’s Check into my Account?

If the payee signs the check over to you, you can deposit a check made out to someone else in your bank account. They must sign the checks and write Pay to your name> on the back in order for them to endorse it to you.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that banks are not legally required to accept third-party checks. The bank has the option to accept or reject the check; in order to cash a third-party check, you will have to provide identification.

As long as the check is endorsed correctly, some banks will process it in the absence of the original payee. Other banks will not accept such a check unless the original payee is present and bring a working ID.

Some banks only accept these types of checks if they are jointly made out to two persons. For instance, in a marriage, one partner might endorse it over to the other and authorize the other to deposit it in a different account.

Particularly if it’s a government check like a stimulus check or an IRS refund, some banks will demand that the joint check be deposited into a joint bank account. If both parties are not account holders at the bank, no bank will accept it.

What do I Need to Cash a Third-Party Check?

There is a higher chance of theft and fraud when using third-party checks. Banks, credit unions, and other locations that cash third-party checks set stringent criteria and requirements before accepting in order to safeguard both you and themselves from losses. Some businesses won’t accept a payment from a third party at any of their locations.

The following is required to cash a third-party check:

  • Endorsement: A third-party check must be properly endorsed to you on the back and bear the signatures of both parties in order to be accepted. When the endorsement is made in front of bank employees, it is even better.
  • Identification: In order to cash or deposit a third-party check, you will need to present a government-issued photo ID. Moreover, the original payee must be verified. Some banks might get in touch with the initial payee to confirm or get a guarantee. Others, on the other hand, demand that both parties be present in order to provide physical verification when the check is cashed. A few banks may exempt established customers who have a relationship from the second-party verification requirement.

Owing to these differences in policy, you might think about contacting your bank in advance to find out what procedures and restrictions apply to cashing third-party checks.

How to Endorse a Third-Party Check

By signing a third-party check over to someone else, you can endorse it. Write Pay to the order of on the first line rather than signing as you would if you were cashing the check yourself. The third party is X. The person or company the check is being endorsed over to could be considered a third party.

The second line on the reverse of the check is then signed by you (the original payee). In the third line, the third party will sign their name.

It’s very simple! Always consider endorsing a third-party check in front of bank personnel such as a teller or cashier so that they can witness your signature. For example, I always make sure I sign a document in front of the personal banker when I need something notarized.

For in-person verification at other locations, the original payee might need to be present.

There are some things you need to think about before signing a third party check because they are exchanged more frequently than regular checks. The first thing to remember is to verify with the bank of the recipient to see if it accepts third party checks. If not, you can encounter issues and unhappy clients.

You should be aware that if you deposit a check on someone else’s behalf and it bounces, you are still accountable for the funds on the check. Third party checks should only be handled with extreme caution if you don’t want to be held responsible for a bounced check.

Third party checks are not something that banks have to accept. These checks have a greater potential for fraudulent activities, thus banking staff are often particularly cautious while handling them.

Attempting to add additional signatures to the check’s back in various locations could also be confusing. Because of this, you must always contact your bank before endorsing or accepting a third-party check.

Going to the bank with the person depositing the check is another piece of advice you should keep in mind when handling these checks. As the bank won’t suspect any illicit conduct when you’re present, this will speed up the process.

17 Third-Party Check Cashing Places Near Me

It’s time to respond to the major inquiries running through your head: Where can I cash a third-party check nearby?

Below is a list of 17 locations that are close by.


Your bank, if you have an account there, should be the most dependable place to cash a check from a third party. Your bank is always delighted to assist you as a customer.

A third-party check may also be cashed at the originating bank. The majority of banks do, however, impose a fee to non-customers who cash third-party checks.

It’s crucial to understand that banks are not legally required to accept third-party checks. Consequently, whether you can cash it out or deposit it will depend on the bank’s policies. Each branch’s fate may depend on its branch manager.

To improve your chances of approval, think about making the deposit in person rather than through a mobile device or ATM. Always have a current, government-issued photo ID with you for identification.

Since the requirements can change, call your bank or branch in advance.

A list of banks where you can cash third-party checks is provided below, starting with the top choices overall.

1. Bank of America

The Bank of America is a top overall option for anyone looking to cash a third-party check. They have financial centers in over 39 states across the US and have machines that issue $10 bills. For them, third-party checks are handled on a case-by-case basis. That means the discretion on whether to accept or not to accept a third-party check rests with the Financial Center Manager.

Account holders with Bank of America can cash third-party checks without paying a fee. Third-party checks can be cashed by non-customers for free up to $50 and for $8 for anything over $50. To cash it at Bank of America, both parties must be present and have valid photo IDs.

Find a nearby

2. Citibank

Citibank is a wonderful spot to cash a third-party check because it has over 700 branches around the country.

To cash a third-party check at Citibank, you must:

  • Account holders with Citibank can only cash it up to the balance of their checking account. The remaining balance may be deposited if the amount on the check exceeds the available credit.
  • Checks drawn on Citibank can only be cashed by non-account holders.
  • It might be necessary for the initial payee to confirm or guarantee their endorsement.

Customers of Citibank will not be charged. Checks drawn on Citibank can be cashed by non-account holders for no fee up to $5,000.

Find a nearby

3. Chase Bank

Chase Bank has more than 4,700 branches in different states across the country, making it an ideal place to cash a third-party check. They are also one of the few banks where you may withdraw $5 from an ATM.

Chase Bank’s requirements for cashing third-party checks are as follows:

  • Checks from third parties written on Chase cannot be cashed by non-account holders.
  • Ensure sure the placement of endorsements is proper. Checks that are improperly endorsed risk being charged or losing their value.

Checks from third parties can be cashed for nothing by Chase Bank customers. Check transactions by non-customers are free up to $50, but after that, there is an $8 fee.

Find a nearby

4. First National Bank

Nearly 340 banking locations of First National Bank exist across the nation. For non-customers, third-party checks are conducted on an exception basis. So, the bank has the right to reject recommendations from people who do not own accounts. In contrast, the bank might need a separate verification for each endorsement.

Customers of First National Bank are not charged a fee to cash third-party checks; however, non-customers are charged a cost of $10 per check.

Find a nearby


In the US, HSBC has more than 200 locations.

Conditions for cashing a third-party check at HSBC include:

  • Only checks written on HSBC corporate or personal accounts may be cashed by non-account holders.
  • Endorsements must precisely correspond to the names on the cheque.
  • You may be charged for improper endorsements, and you will be responsible for the cost of any returned goods.

Customers can cash personal checks for nothing. Non-customer business checks under $100 are subject to a $3 fee, and checks exceeding $100 are subject to a $5 cost.

Find a nearby

6. Suntrust Bank and BB&T (now called Truist)

The combined banks, now known as Truist, have more than 2,000 locations across the country.

Suntrust has the following requirements in order to cash a third-party check:

  • Every endorsement needs to be verified, and both payees need to be there with their proof of verification.
  • Third-party checks can be cashed without cost by account holders. For any check over $50, non-customers must pay a fixed fee of $7.

Find a nearby

Only checks drawn on BB&T by third parties may be cashed by non-customers of BB&T. For checks above $50 written by non-account holders, there is an $8 fee.

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7. M&T Bank

If you live in the northeast, M&T Bank can be a excellent option to cash a third-party check because it has more than 750 locations around the country. Only third-party checks drawn on the bank and issued to non-M&T clients may be cashed. For in-person verification, the original payee and the other party must both be present.

Non-customers typically pay a 2% fee for the entire check amount. There is a $3 minimum cost and a $20 maximum fee.

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8. TD Bank

More than 1,200 TD Bank locations are mostly found along the east coast. Each location’s and situation’s requirements for cashing third-party checks are different.

To obtain permission from the manager of your neighborhood branch, TD Bank advises calling ahead of time. Account holders can cash third-party checks for free if they are accepted, but non-customers must pay a fee of $7 per check.

Find a nearby

9. U.S. Bank

The US bank has 3,067 locations around the nation. They limit non-customers to cashing third-party checks written on U.S. Bank and compel U.S. Bank customers to cash or deposit third-party checks in person at one of their branches. Customers can cash third-party checks for free, while non-customers must pay $7.

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Credit Union

Are you a credit union member? We talk about the best credit unions in the nation that let you cash and deposit checks from other people.

10. Chartway Federal Credit Union

There are roughly 30 branches of the Chartway Federal Credit Union. The following conditions must be met in order to cash third-party checks:

  • Members may cash or deposit any cheque from a third party.
  • If they are drawn on Chartway, non-members may also cash it.
  • It can be cashed for free by members and non-members alike.

Find a nearby

11. Connexus Credit Union

Only Connexus members are eligible for check cashing services. Checks cannot be cashed by non-members at Connexus Credit Union. Below are the policies of credit unions:

  • Verification or guarantee of third-party endorsements may be necessary in the presence of credit union staff.
  • At Connexus, if you want to cash a third-party cheque, the teller must attest to your signature.
  • Account holders are free to cash.

Find a nearby

12. Navy Federal Credit Union

In the US, it has roughly 316 branch locations. The Navy Federal Credit Union needs the following things for third-party checks:

  • It needs to be signed in front of a teller by members.
  • For non-members, only checks drawn on NFCU are accepted. For in-person verification, both parties must be present.
  • Check cashing is free for both members and non-members of NFCU.

Find a nearby

Check Cashing Stores

Check cashing shops are excellent alternatives to banks and credit unions for third-party check cashing locations close to you.

In contrast to most credit unions, check cashing businesses always impose a fee. The costs will differ depending on the kind of check and the amount from store to store.

The check-cashing businesses that take third-party checks are listed below, along with the costs involved.

13. ACE Cash Express

A leader in check cashing, Ace Cash Express has more than 950 facilities throughout 23 states. Although the regulations differ from store to store, they often call for both parties to be present to confirm the endorsements.

The ACE Cash Express fees are normally 3% of the check amount, though they can differ according on the type of check, the amount, and the shop.

Find a nearby open Saturdays.

14. Advanced Financial

In Tennessee, Advanced Financial has more than 100 locations that provide online loans, Western Union wire transfers, money orders, prepaid cards, ATM services, bill payment, and line of credit loans.

Conditions for cashing a check from a third party at Advanced Financial

  • The checks must be personally endorsed, and the signers may be asked to show identification to prove they are who they say they are.
  • 1% to 2.99% of the total amount of government, payroll, and stimulus payments is taken as a fee. Government checks have a $2 minimum fee, and payroll checks have a $3 minimum fee.
  • 10% of the total amount is charged for personal checks. A $5 minimum charge is necessary.

A fee of 1% to 5% of the total check amount applies to all other checks. There is a $5 minimum charge per check.

Find a nearby open on weekends.

15. Check ‘N Go

Over 900 Check N Go stores exist in the US and provide payday loans, installment loans, cash advances, and other financial services.

They demand that both parties present themselves for verification.

Location, check type, and amount all affect the Check N Go fees. The cost is 1.99% of the entire check amount up front.

Find a nearby open on Saturdays.

16. The Check Cashing Store

You can cash a third-party check at only select The Check Cashing Store locations. Over 40 of their locations in Florida offer services like mobile check cashing, loans, Western Union wire transfers, get money orders, and prepaid cards.

The costs are determined on the kind, size, and location of the check.

Find a nearby open 7-days a week.

17. Speedy Cash

Many Speedy Cash locations cash third-party checks and even offer 24-hour check-cashing services. They require that the original payee and the issuing bank must be confirmed at the time of cashing. Most of the time, Speedy Cash will call both parties for verification via phone.

The majority of Quick Cash facilities charge $2 for check cashing, though this can change.

Find a nearby open 24-hours.

18. PNC Bank

Check cashing is a service that PNC Bank provides to both clients and nonclients. Existing customers are not charged a dime for this service, but checks worth more than $25 must be made out to a non-account holder.

Verify that both the account holder and the person to whom the check was really sent have signed the check.

The check can be cashed by the account holder with a valid photo ID after it has been signed by both parties.

PNC has locations in close to 19 states, with over 2459 bank branches and 9000+ ATMs, so it’s accessible to a large portion of the population. Find a nearby.

What Places Don’t Cash Third-Party Checks?

Third-party check cashing services are rarely provided. The following banks, credit unions, check cashing businesses, grocery and convenience stores do not typically cash third-party checks, according to their customer services.

Banks and Credit Unions

  • Union Federal Credit Allied
  • Ally Bank
  • Western Bank & Trust
  • Charles Schwab
  • Citizens Bank
  • Discover Bank
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • KeyBank
  • PenFed Credit Union
  • Regions Bank
  • Wells Fargo

Check Cashing Stores

  • Check Into Cash
  • Center for Community Financial Services (CFSC)
  • Friendly Check Cashing
  • Money Mart
  • Mr. Payroll
  • Pay-O-Matic
  • PLS Check Cashing
  • United Check Cashing

Grocery Stores

  • Kroger
  • Safeway
  • Albertsons
  • Publix
  • H-E-B
  • Meijer

Although the majority of the aforementioned banks and credit unions don’t normally cash third-party checks, you might be able to deposit them into your account. The likelihood of being rejected increases if you deposit using a mobile app or an ATM. It is best to make the deposit in person at the bank in order to prevent this.


Who Will Cash a Third-Party Stimulus Check?

Most banks, credit unions, and check-cashing businesses will cash a third-party stimulus check as long as it is properly endorsed. It is comparable to an IRS refund check issued by a third party to a taxpayer who then signs it on behalf of another individual.

If you’re unsure, call the bank, credit union, or other location where you want to cash the check to find out what is needed to complete the transaction. A valid photo ID may be required by some institutions for in-person verifications, and both parties must be present. Many will need the original payee’s confirmation or guarantee.

Does Walmart Accept Third-Party Checks?

In its Money Center division, Walmart does not accept checks from outside parties. The majority of convenience and grocery stores offer additional government and payroll check-cashing services. No store, not even Walmart, frequently accepts checks from third parties.

Can You Deposit Someone Else’s Check in your ATM Account?

A third-party cheque may be deposited in your ATM account. When using an ATM to deposit someone else’s check, the same guidelines apply. You can absolutely deposit a third-party check at an ATM as long as the original payee has endorsed it to you by signing the back of the check.

When you deposit using a 24-hour ATM, however, your chances of being rejected are high. To increase the likelihood that the check will be deposited, it is advisable to think about doing it in person with a bank teller.

Can I Deposit a Check With One Name in a Joint Account?

That depends on the configuration of the joint account. Joint accounts typically only allow one owner’s signature to appear on the check. If so, you might be allowed to deposit a check written in only one person’s name into a joint account.

The account will have two signature lines, however, and both must be signed in order to make the deposit if the account is configured so that two signatures are needed.

Can you Cash a Third-Party Stimulus Check?

Any bank, credit union, check cashing outlet, or other financial institution that typically cashes third-party checks is able to cash a third-party stimulus cheque.

Usually, a taxpayer receives a refund check, who then signs it off to another individual. Like any other check that is going to be cashed, the check can be endorsed to a different person.

Due to the fact that a financial institution is aware of its validity and government backing, they will accept it. On the back of the check, the payee’s name and a signature are required.

On the first line, put Pay to the order of to endorsing a third-party stimulus check. Write your name as it appears in front of the check, then the name of the person to whom the check is being endorsed.

Are There Any Alternatives to Using a Third-party Check?

Although while third-party checks are occasionally the only means to transfer money from one person or business to another, they are not the most practical choice and may even cause problems at the bank. If the appropriate people are not present, banks might flat-out decline to serve you.

Fortunately, there are a few substitutes you can employ in place of a third-party check. If you have a bank account, you can use a cashier’s check after personally depositing the money into your account. Also, sending money online is a far more practical approach to complete deals. Today, most internet transactions are also cost-free.

It is simple to open a bank account if you don’t already have one. You can save a ton of time, effort, and money by using a bank account. And you can typically open a checking account for nothing. Another option is to send money to other people using a prepaid debit card that doesn’t have a hefty transaction fee or premium.

Where Can I Cash a Third-Party Check Summary

The most frequent locations close to you to cash a third-party check are banks, credit unions, and check cashing businesses. A third-party check cannot be cashed in Walmart, petrol stations, grocery stores, or convenience stores. Each location has its own rules and costs.

It’s necessary to phone ahead of time to make and inquire because different financial institutions have different policies regarding cashing a third-party check.

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