Where Can I Buy a Newspaper? 65 Places! (Sunday & Old Papers Too)

Where can I find a local newspaper to buy? Baby Boomers and Generation X still purchase newspapers at the shop, despite the fact that Gen Z and millennials may not ask this question as frequently. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, as the saying goes!

For centuries, since the 1800s, newspapers have dominated the world of news. It informed residents both locally and globally on current affairs, sports news, weather forecasts, political events, and more.

Many digital developments have threatened the newspaper’s survival over the years. The radio was introduced first in the 1920s, followed by television in the 1940s. The Internet is now so potent that some claim it will make newspapers and their top two rivals obsolete.

Without a doubt, the Internet has fundamentally changed journalism, making the question of where to purchase The Investor Business Daily newspaper obsolete in the present. Grandpa, read it online, a Gen Z grandchild will advise. Grandpa, however, will claim that as his reliable source of market news. Tadah!

Short Answer: Grocery stores, book stores, convenience stores, and gas stations are the best places to buy newspapers near me. 7-Eleven, CVS, Dollar Tree, Fred Meyer, Giant Eagle, Harris Teeter, Kwik Trip, Publix, Sunoco, TravelCenters of America, and During operating hours at Walmartrs, are some of the top places to buy New York Times newspapers, Wall Street Journal, or buy a Sunday newspaper.

You can also buy the Investor Business Daily newspaper or buy Barron’s newspaper near me at Barnes & Noble bookstore. Other places that sell local newspapers include BP, Casey’s General Store, Circle K, CITGO, Fas Mart, Thorntons, and Walgreens.

That said, there are places that don’t sell newspapers, including ALDI, Sam’s Club is a membership club that caters to, Target, Costco, and Starbucks.

This article includes a list of all the surrounding newspaper stands.

What’s the Difference Between a Newspaper and Online News?

For news consumption, people are increasingly turning to online news sources. Getting news online quicker and cheaper as it happens is now simpler than ever. You can instantly access news from every region of the world whether using a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. To obtain significant news headlines and stories as they happen, you may even enable news notifications on your phone.

With online news, you don’t need to wait for daily, weekly, or monthly newspaper publications for current local and global headlines. You also don’t need to find a Sunday newspapers can be purchased nearby at a 24-hour store.. You can easily access the latest headlines and top stories online from the comfort of your house!

Will the newspaper withstand the wave of digital change that is sweeping the industry?

The truth is, many newspaper publications have taken a brutal hit from digital transformations. For instance, there has been a , with advertising revenue falling from $37.8 billion in 2008 to $14.3 billion in 2018.

The newspaper is still around despite all of these changes. Your only issue is finding a nearby newspaper store.?

What are the Top Reasons to Buy a Newspaper Today?

Several factors support the purchase of a newspaper, such as:

  • Don’t have an internet connection: If you don’t access unlimited free Internet or affordable Internet at home, reading news online can be a hassle.
  • Don’t have a laptop or smartphone: Low-income earners who haven’t been lucky to help low-income households, obtain free government internet and laptops..
  • Save a newspaper for display: You could want to save a newspaper for election day, a big occasion, or just to remember something that was mentioned.
  • Coupon inserts: Finding money-saving deals, printed coupons, and significant money-saving advice is a great reason why a frugal consumer will buy a Sunday newspaper for coupon inserts.
  • Prefer reading printed news: Not everyone is comfortable looking at a monitor for long hours. Almost 50% of people 50 years and older prefer to read print news vs. .
  • The value of community newspapers is underrated until they are lost, so please support your local journalists. Purchasing regional newspapers helps your city’s journalism community.
  • Reliability of print news: While online content is often unedited, print news is typically a more dependable and respectable source of information. The Economic Times gives print media a credibility score of 62%, followed by radio with a score of 57% and television news with a score of 56%.

Where To Buy A Newspaper Near Me

Despite the death knells, are still going strong as millions of Americans still turn to these publications as credible sources. It’s difficult to change old habits that have worked for centuries.

This is a list of the best locations across the nation to get your preferred newspaper.

1. 7-Eleven

More than 14,000 petrol stations and convenience stores owned by 7-Eleven offer newspapers every day, all day long.

2. Albertson’s

There are more than 35 Albertsons grocery and drugstore stores in the US.

3. Barnes & Noble

The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, Houston Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, and more are available at the approximately 625 Barnes & Noble bookstores.

4. BP

BP operates more than 7,200 gas stations, many of which are operational around-the-clock.

5. Casey’s General Store

In 15 states, Caseys operates more than 2,200 c-stores with propane swaps.

6. Circle K

Circle K has about 15,000 convenience stores with 24-hour gas stations that accept checks services in over 20 states.


Almost 5,000 of CITGO’s gas outlets in more than 30 states accept SNAP cash.

8. Conoco

In the US, Conoco has roughly 2,000 gas stations with money order sales and ATMs.

9. Cub Foods

Cub Foods has about 100 grocery stores in Minnesota and Illinois that Sell inexpensive money order for up to $1,000.

10. Cumberland Farms

Over 600 convenience outlets operated by Cumberland Farms accept MoneyGram payments across eight states.

11. CVS

CVS has about 10,000 pharmacies that accept EBT, WIC, and food stamps across the US. Most drugstore locations are open 24-hours that sell newspapers like the Chicago Tribune and LA Times.

12. Dollar General

To purchase Sunday newspapers, Dollar General has more than 16,300 cheap locations throughout 45 states.

13. Dollar Tree

More than 15,100 bargain retailers operated by Dollar Tree sell Sunday newspapers in 48 states.

14. Exxon

More than 12,000 Exxon Mobil locations sell newspapers around-the-clock.

15. Family Dollar

In 45 states, Family Dollars operates around 8,000 bargain stores where Sunday newspapers are sold.

16. Family Express

In the Midwest, Family Express has about 70 petrol stations and convenience stores that are open around-the-clock.

17. Fas Mart

Over 150 convenience stores owned by Fas Mart offer newspapers and are open around-the-clock.

18. Food Giant

Food Giant has more than 100 grocery stores with BISSELL carpet cleaning rental in eight states across the southeast.

19. Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer has more than 125 supermarkets that provide postage stamps on the east coast and Alaska.

20. GetGo

Throughout the Midwest and East Coast, GetGo operates roughly 265 convenience stores and gas stations that offer Sunday newspapers.

21. Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle has more than 460 grocery stores with EBT-accepting bakeries in the Midwest and east coast.

22. Giant Food Stores

On the east coast, Big Food has roughly 170 pharmacy and grocery stores that sell newspapers.

23. GoMart

GoMart has more than 120 24-hour stores in the eastern US.

24. Harris Teeter

In more than six states, Harris Teeter has more than 231 grocery stores and petrol stations.

25. H-E-B

In Texas, H-E-B operates approximately 340 grocery stores that also offer regional newspapers.

26. Holiday

More than 600 convenience stores owned by Holiday Stationstores sell newspapers throughout ten states.

27. Huck’s Food & Fuel

In the Midwest, Hucks Food & Fuel has roughly 120 convenience stores that accept food stamps.

28. Hy-Vee

In the Midwest, Hy-Vee operates more than 260 supermarkets and provides financial services like money orders and 24-hour check cashing during regular business hours.

29. Jewel Osco

Jewel Osco has about 180 nearby supermarkets with Coinstar coin machines in the Chicagoland area.

30. Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip has more than 600 convenience stores and gas stations that sell kerosene in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

31. Kroger

Kroger has about 2,800 which supermarkets with debit cards offer the most cash back in 35 states.

32. Kum & Go

In the Midwest, across 11 states, Kum & Go operates roughly 400 convenience stores with solar-powered EV charging stations.

33. Love’s Travel Stops

In 41 states, Loves operates roughly 510 travel center locations that offer newspapers.

34. Meijer

Meijer has around 250 superstores in six Midwest states. It has over 200 EBT-accepting gas stations for qualified in-store purchases.

35. Piggly Wiggly

In 15 states, Piggly Wiggly has 500 or so supermarkets where you can use EBT to purchase a birthday cake.

36. Pilot Flying J

Over 750 Pilot Flying J travel shops with coin exchange machines are located in more than 40 states.

37. Price Chopper Supermarkets

In the northeast, there are more than 130 supermarket stores owned by Price Chopper Supermarkets. The shops are open around-the-clock and supply meals, pay checks up to $30 for $1, and sell newspapers.

38. Publix

Publix has about 1,200 grocery stores that sell dry ice in seven southeastern states.

See our guide on, Can Publix cash a check??”

39. QuikTrip

In the US, QuikTrip operates about 9,000 gas stations and convenience stores that are open around-the-clock and sell newspapers.

40. RaceTrac

In 12 states in the southeast, RaceTrac & Raceway outlets have roughly 245 petrol stations with limitless free interest.

41. Royal Farms

Over 220 convenience stores, gas stations, and a newspaper stand are located in Royal Farms.

42. Rite Aid

The Wall Street Journal is available at more than 2,400 Rite Aid pharmacies in 19 different states.

43. Safeway

There are about 265 Safeway locations in Northern California and Hawaii that provide up to $200 in fee-free cash back.

44. Save A Lot

Save A Lot has about 1,300 EBT-accepting grocery stores, SNAP, and WIC in 35 states.

45. Schnucks

In the Midwest, Schnucks operates roughly 112 grocery stores that also sell regional newspapers.

46. Sheetz

On the east coast, Sheetz operates more than 600 convenience stores that accept cash and personal checks.

47. Shell Stop & Shop

In the Greater New York Area and the New England region, Shell operates over 400 convenience outlets.

48. ShopRite

In the northeast, ShopRite operates around 320 grocery stores that carry Sunday newspapers.

49. Speedway

In 32 states, Speedway operates around 3,900 petrol stations and convenience stores that accept PayPal and Apple Pay.

50. Stewart’s Shops

Stewart’s Shops has more than 340 convenience stores with gas stations that provide complimentary tire air in southern Vermont and New York.

51. Sunoco

More than 7,200 Sunoco gas stations accept Google Pay across nearly 30 states.

52. Texaco

Texaco has over 1,300 gas stations that accept AMEX gift cards that are active in 12 states in the southeast.

53. Thorntons

In the Southeast and Midwest, Thorntons operates more than 200 travel centers that are open around-the-clock.

54. Tops Friendly Markets

In the northeast, Tops Friendly Markets operates more than 160 supermarkets where you can buy newspapers.

55. TravelCenters of America

In over 44 states along the highway, TravelCenters of America operates around 270 full-service truck stops with 24-hour laundromat services.

56. Turkey Hill

Western Union money orders are available for up to $500 and a 99 cent fee at Turkey Hill’s approximately 1,600 convenience outlets.

57. Valero

Valero has about 7,400 convenience stores and gas stations to using a debit card, receive $5 back.

58. Vons

Vons has about 155 supermarkets to get keys made at a kiosk across southern California.

59. Walgreens

Walgreens has more than 9,200 drugstores that sell the Wall Street Journal nearby.

60. Walmart

Walmart has over 5,000 superstores across the US, with many stores open 24-hours a day that accepts returns, rents carpet cleaners, offers money services, and makes duplicate keys.

61. Wawa

In seven east coast states, Wawa operates roughly 525 petrol stations and convenience stores with fee-free ATMs.

62. Wegman’s

About 100 Wegmans supermarkets may cash personal checks and give up to $40 cash back with a debit card in North Carolina and the northeast.

63. Whole Foods

Whole Foods does sell newspapers at many of its grocery stores in the US.

64. Winco

In ten states throughout the southwest, WinCo Foods operates more than 100 supermarkets. Most businesses offer payroll check cashing up to $1,000 and are open around-the-clock.

65. Woodman’s

There are roughly 20 stores with delivery services at Woodmans Superstore. The majority of supermarket stores carry newspapers and are open 24/7.

Does Dollar Tree Sell Newspapers?

Sunday newspapers typically cost $1 at Dollar Tree discount stores. Only three newspapers can be purchased from some of the 16,300 outlets. Call beforehand to make sure newspapers are available and for sale at each location.

Do Gas Stations Sell Newspapers?

Conoco, Exxon Mobil, Family Express, Kwik Trip, QuikTrip, RaceTrac, Shell, Speedway, Sunoco, Texaco, Thorntons, and Valero are just a few of the gas stations that offer newspapers.

Gas stations are great places to buy newspapers when on a trip or when running errands in town and want to fuel your car and grab a newspaper at the same time. Plus, a newspaper is a great item to buy if you want to get cash back at local gas stations that accept cash.

Other Pumps that accept EBT. But since a newspaper isn’t a SNAP-eligible item, you may not be able to use an EBT card to pay for a newspaper at a gas station. You can use a a chip-enabled debit or credit card instead.

Do Convenience Stores Sell Newspapers?

Indeed, convenience stores like 7-Eleven, Circle K, Fas Mart, GetGo, GoMart, Holiday Stationstores, Hucks, Kum & Go, Royal Farms, Sheetz, Stewarts Stores, Turkey Hill, and Wawa carry newspapers.

Do Pharmacies Sell Newspapers?

Yes, pharmacies like CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens sell newspapers. When on a subscription trip, these are fantastic locations to pick up a newspaper. As a result, you can eliminate a second journey to a vendor or distributor of newspapers. You can do that to save both time and money on gas.

Do Grocery Stores Sell Newspapers?

In fact, newspapers are sold in many grocery stores, including Albertsons, Cub Foods, Food Giant, Fred Meyer, Giant Eagle, Giant Food Stores, Harris Teeter, H-E-B, Hy-Vee, Jewel Osco, Kroger, Meijer, Piggly Wiggly, Price Chopper Supermarkets, Publix, Safeway, Save A Lot, Schnucks, ShopRite, Tops Friendly Markets, Vons, Wegmans, Winco,.

When you want to cut an extra trip to the bank, grocery the shops that offer you the most money back are a great place to buy a newspaper. Some stores like Albertersons, Kroger, and Fred Meyer give cash back up to $300! You’ll only need to purchase anything, like a newspaper, pack of gum, or a bottle of water, to qualify.

Does Kroger have Newspapers?

Yes, Kroger sells newspapers and the Sunday edition too. But, starting in , they stopped carrying free newspapers and magazines from all its grocery stores nationwide.

Places That Do Not Sell Newspapers?

The following retail stores and fast restaurants are places that do not sell newspapers:

Where to Buy Barron’s newspaper near me?

One of the 625 Barnes & Noble bookstores in the area is the best place to get a Barrons newspaper.

Where Can I Buy Investor’s Business Daily Newspaper?

To purchase an Investors Business Daily newspaper, go to a Barnes & Noble nearby. There are more than 620 Barnes & Noble stores in the US.

Where to Get Free Newspapers?

Not everyone has the means to purchase a newspaper or the convenience of accessing breaking news online. Fortunately, practically anywhere that receives newspapers every day will give them to you for free. For instance, free newspapers can be found in abundance at colleges and universities and local public libraries. Daily reading copies of the biggest regional and national newspapers are typically delivered to them.

Your best option is to go to a nearby coffee shop, hotel, or restaurant if you live hours away from a public library or college. Because hotels and restaurants frequently keep a few reading copies on hand for their patrons, you’ll have access to free reading newspapers. It’s fantastic when heading out for coffee or lunch. You can benefit from their free copies rather than purchasing one.

Additionally, some neighborhood newsletters or weekly newspapers are published for particular communities and distributed gratis. Excellent examples include the weekly publication Detroit Metro Times and the Spanish-language El Mundo, which is situated in Texas. They can be purchased in locally owned businesses like shops and eateries as well as shops that sell tabloids.

Where To Get Free Newspapers for Packing?

Do you run a side hustle that requires packing paper to wrap items? Maybe you pawn off clothing on Poshmark?

Getting free newspapers for preparing for an estate sale or moving to tidy up is a great way to slash fulfillment costs. After all, packing paper may cost anywhere between $10 to $15 for 200 sheets! $15 is a lot of money when used repeatedly! Even using one roll per week will cost you $780 in a year. That’s one of the methods to save up to $10,000 annually! It’s also a financial survival tip on running a low-cost business.

Good news: You can receive free old newspapers for moving, gardening, and packing in a lot of locations. After all, when using the newspaper to box objects, the date is irrelevant!

You can obtain free newspapers from your new location’s neighbors, friends, or locals. Instead of recycling, request that they give it to you.

If you need newspaper in bulk, then visit local libraries, retail stores, coffee shops, recycling centers, hotels, gas stations, drugstores, car dealerships, salons, doctor/dentist offices, nursing homes, local newspaper offices, banks like Chase or Wells Fargo, and schools in your local community to get free newspapers for packing or gardening.

You can also try Craigslist or websites like Craigslist that offer free goods.

Where Can I Buy a Newspaper Summary

Newspaper publications all over the world have suffered greatly as a result of the ability to access news online. With more than 1,300 daily newspapers in circulation, the newspaper appears to have carved out a distinctive, devoted audience across the nation despite the change. Therefore, you are not out of place if you’re looking for a nearby newspaper shop.

A nearby newspaper should be purchased for a number of purposes, such as:

  • Convenience
  • Journalism’s ability to be trusted
  • Support local publications
  • not having the means to read online news
  • Keep it for future reference or as a memento of notable occasions.

Several locations, including grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, pharmacies, and bookstores, sell newspapers for $1 or less.

Visit your neighborhood public library, coffee shop, hotel, restaurant, or university to take advantage of the free copies that are available if you can’t afford one.

Packing, moving, washing windows and mirrors, lining cat litter boxes, protecting plants from frost, maintaining the shape of shoes, cleaning grill grates, firestarting, paper mache, and gardening are just a few creative uses for old newspapers.

Want to discover more money-saving strategies? Here are 74 Effective Suggestions for Frugal Living to Save Money..

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