WhatsApp Banking: WhatsApp for All Your banking Need

WhatsApp has grown to become one of the world’s most popular chat messengers in recent years. With its sudden increased internet penetration, India has made a significant contribution to WhatsApp’s growth. Furthermore, the platform has just opened its doors to develop a banking infrastructure for its members.

What is WhatsApp banking, and what does it mean in this blog? And how you can benefit from it.

What is Whatsapp Banking?

Any type of banking activity that takes place on WhatsApp is referred to as WhatsApp Banking. It’s simply another route between the customer and the bank, providing even more convenience and comfort.

For Whom is WhatsApp Banking for?

WhatsApp banking is for bank customers in India who have Whatsapp loaded on their phone. But first, double-check that your phone number is listed on both platforms. Most banks, including HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, AXIS Bank, SBI Bank, IDFC Bank, Yes Bank, Bank Of Baroda, Kotak Bank, and IDBI Bank, have enabled whatsapp banking for their customers.

How to Activate Whatsapp Banking?

Every bank has its own procedure for enabling Whatsapp banking, but here are the general guidelines:-

  • From a registered mobile number, you can make a missed call to the specific bank number. You can locate one on the website of your bank.
  • Several banks offer the ability to connect to Whatsapp banking using their smartphone app.
  • While logged onto the WhatsApp online, you can connect through the Banks website.
  • You can activate your WhatsApp Banking service by sending an SMS.

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Core Business Services Available in WhatsApp Banking

  • Check the balance of your account.
  • You can look at your account’s most recent transactions.
  • Request a cheque book and other items
  • Based on your location, inquire about nearby ATMs and branches.
  • Use the Whatsapp Business chat function to contact customer service.
  • You can obtain automated responses to your queries based on the most frequently asked ones.

Remember that not all banks offer the same features.

Benefits of WhatsApp banking

  1. WhatsApp makes it much easier to find people with whom to conduct business.
  2. Is it possible to keep track of who paid what? And, because it is part of your communication history with context, the reason for it.
  3. Whatsapp allows you to conduct simple banking transactions with relative simplicity.
  4. The platform is extremely easy yet safe, and it makes use of a government-approved service.

WhatApp Banking is a new type of banking that prioritizes ease and comfort for users. The new banking paradigm is here to stay, with over 300 million customers (the largest in the world).


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