What is the Cabin Air Filter Change Interval? – I Saved $120 (Step-by-Step w/Engine Filter too)

I took my wife’s car to the dealer because it was stuck in overdrive. They fixed it because it was still under warranty, and they said it saved me roughly $2200 because it was covered. I was very relieved that it was still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty! That was by chance, and they also indicated that the cabin air filter should be changed every so often. What exactly is it?

The service agent claimed he and the technician wanted me to see the vehicle while they were working on it. The mechanic had the vehicle’s engine filter under the open hood and the cabin filter on the seat when I arrived. He recommended that I replace both the cabin and engine air filters for a total of $160. Is it really worth it for two car air filters? I attempted to keep a straight expression, but my jaw was definitely drooping.

I inquired as to how often the cabin air filter and engine filter should be replaced. He claims that on a typical vehicle, most manufacturers recommend changing the oil every 15,000 to 25,000 miles. I was at 60,000 when I realized it. I asked if I could think about it and return if my mind changed.

Some people will cringe to know, I didn’t even know the car had two replaceable air filters. I basically know how to use to find and pump the cheapest gas near me. That’s basically the extent to my car knowledge for beginners.

I wasn’t sure how often to replace cabin air filter. What is the cabin air filter change interval?  What is the engine air filter change interval?  But I must admit, they both did look dirty and gross. Then I briefly went through the stages of shaming. How can I let my kids breath air from those disgusting filters 60,000 miles later?  Here’s a photo of my dirty cabin air filter.  Yuck!

A feather stuck in a filthy cabin air filter

When I got home, I first watched a video on how to change engine air filter.
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Then I watched a video on how to change a cabin air filter.
[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3KBG0NABjM”]

I should be able to do that based on what I witnessed at the auto showroom and after seeing these videos.

How much does a cabin air filter cost? How much does an engine air filter cost?

I visited Amazon. I looked up cabin air filters as well as engine air filters on Amazon. In my situation, the total cost of both air filters was less than $40. Whoa, that’s a save of $120 above the dealership. Both the cabin air filter and the engine air filter came at my house two days later, thanks to Amazon Prime.

How to replace engine air filter?

  1. Wait till your car has cooled down before proceeding. I’d feel safer wandering around a cool engine compartment, despite the fact that it’s not mentioned much in the vids. I’m not a mechanic, therefore I have no idea what’s hot or temperamental.
  2. Locate the engine air filter box under the hood. The box varies by model, but it’s usually a black plastic box that sits on the side or on top.
  3. Remove the lid from the box. The cover of the engine filter box is usually secured by four big clasps.
  4. Remove the old air filter from the engine. If the filter is clean or unclean, it is usually visible.
  5. In the box, place the new engine air filter. It should fit snugly in the box.
  6. Re-clasp the box after closing it. You’re done after four simple snap-on clasps.

Cabin air filter (new) compared. cabin air filter (dirty). It’s a given!

How long does it take to replace an engine air filter?

An engine air filter can be replaced in a matter of minutes. That was simple and quick! That’s not bad for a do-it-yourself auto repair.

Black box with clasps for engine air filter

What is the engine air filter purpose?

The purpose of the engine air filter is to keep debris and dirt out of your vehicle’s engine. A clogged engine air filter restricts airflow to the engine, affecting vehicle performance. Your engine will be strained and your gas mileage will suffer as a result of a dirty filter.

How often to change engine air filter?

The majority of car manufacturers recommend changing the engine air filter every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. A clogged engine filter can cause misfiring, strange noises, poor gas mileage, the service engine light, and a loss of horsepower. It’s advisable to consult your owner’s manual to determine the engine air filter replacement period for your particular vehicle.

How to replace cabin air filter?

  1. Take everything out of the glove box. It’s a terrific time to clean out your glove compartment.
  2. The arm or wires that are keeping the glove box in place should be released. A distinct latch system will be used on each car.
  3. Take out the clogged cabin air filter. The cabin air filter was held in place by two clasps in my case.
  4. Make sure the air filter slot is clean. Check for any additional particles from the dirty cabin filter surrounding the open slot.
  5. Replace the air filter. Install the new cabin air filter in the same manner as the old one, with the arrows pointing in the same direction. Attach the plastic cover using a clip.
  6. The glove box should be reattached.

Old dirty cabin air filter compared. new clean cabin air filter It’s clear that it needs to be replaced.

How long does it take to replace a cabin air filter?

A cabin air filter may be replaced in roughly five minutes. Because not all air filters and glove boxes are designed the same, it takes longer than the engine air filter.

Behind the glove box is a space for the cabin air filter. The protective plastic cover has been taken off.

What is the cabin air filter purpose?

The aim of the cabin air filter is to keep dust, grime, smog, mold spores, pollen, and other impurities out of your vehicle’s cabin via the heat and air conditioning vents. Cabin air filters were not widely used until around the year 2000. In places with a lot of trees, replacing the cabin air filter on a regular basis can aid persons with severe allergies. A clogged filter also exerts undue strain on the motor, shortening its life.

To find out how often you should change your engine air filter, consult your car’s owner’s manual.

Why I Buy Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Cars

My wife and I buy certified pre-owned autos. They normally have 35,000 miles on them and are 3-5 years old when we acquire custody of them. We normally save 35-40% off the dealer’s initial invoice, in my opinion. Repairs are usually covered for another three years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. This also indicates that vehicle maintenance is more likely to occur on a used car than on a new car.

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