What is Meesho App And How Does Meesho Work?

Nothing to be concerned about. Every e-commerce platform has its own set of tools for promoting and reselling products. Meesho is no different.

For both resellers and buyers, Meesho provides a secure and dependable buying experience.

What is Meesho?

Meesho is your one-stop shop for a safe and secure online buying experience. Women’s apparel and accessories are the center of the online shopping website.

Their product catalog features popular designs in a variety of categories, including sarees, kurtis, suits, jewelry, and more.

Small retail merchants can connect and sell their products online through social media channels using the social commerce platform.

Bangalore, India-based Meesho aspires to establish an ecosystem in which anyone may launch their product with no upfront costs. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Bangalore, India.

Meesho now has over 17 million resellers, with 15 million of them being women. It also has additional 60,000 suppliers. Meesho assists clients in expanding their internet business by giving,

  • Cheap Pricing on Hot Items
  • Excellent Quality with a Simple Return Policy
  • Across India, Doorstep Delivery
  • Ways of Payment: COD and Online

A Quick Fact—

Meesho is a legitimate business website that compensates clients for their efforts. So there’s no need to be concerned.

Every e-commerce platform has its own set of tools for promoting and reselling products. Meesho is no different. It provides both resellers and buyers with a secure and dependable shopping experience.

How Does Meesho Work?

Meesho gives anyone the ability to sell fashion and lifestyle items via WhatsApp and Facebook. The online commerce platform features a large selection of high-quality products sourced directly from the industry’s best suppliers.

Consumers can buy things straight from the site, such as Flipkart or Amazon. Alternatively, they can resell their products by engaging with buyers through various internet platforms.

Meesho has a market capitalization of $2.1 billion, putting it in the same class as Airbnb.

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Is Meesho App Real & Safe?

Yes, Meesho App is Real & Safe. Meesho is an app founded in 2015 by Sanjeev Barnwal and Vidit Aatrey. Currently it is one of the leading Apps for resellers in India. It is considered as safe and real as lakhs of people are earning from Meesho. Nowadays over 660 million people have joined Meesho.

You can earn money by selling fashion and lifestyle products on Whatsapp and Facebook with this app. It is a genuine app and pays its employees on time. 

What is Reselling with Meesho?

Reselling with Meesho is a fantastic way to start your own internet business for free. As a Reseller, you promote Meesho’s products to your network and on social media. You make a tidy profit on every sale.

Meesho has over a million products on its app, which you may browse and choose from. All of their items are supplied from reliable vendors with whom Meesho has a contract.

Here’s how to sell your stuff online, step by step:

  • Choose a product that has the potential to sell in your area. Pick something that your network would be interested in purchasing.
  • Spread the word about the product to your WhatsApp contacts and groups. Your products can also be advertised on your Facebook wall, page, or any Facebook group.
  • You will begin receiving inquiries as soon as you post your stuff online.
  • Add a profit margin to the total cost of the product, including delivery costs. Provide the purchaser with the final product price.
  • Place the order on the app as soon as your customer confirms it.
  • You will receive updates on the status of your order. Within the next 2-3 business days, your customer will receive their product.

NOTE: When placing a COD purchase, your customer will pay Meeshos’ logistics partner directly. During 10 working days, Meesho will receive your payment and send your margin to your bank account. Please obtain your final amount (including the margin) from the customer in the case of online payment.

Meesho Delivery Charges

The total weight of the items in your shopping cart determines the delivery prices on Meesho. Depending on the product category, it can range from 49 to 70.

Rate Table: The table below shows the new discounted shipping prices.

Zone First 1 kilo(1000 gms) Every Next 0.5 kilos(500 gms)
India Rs 70 Rs 30
International Store Rs 70 Rs 30

The first scenario involves making an order for a product weighing up to 1000 grams. The shipping costs will be 70 dollars or less.

NOTE: Meesho will add $30 to the existing rates for every additional 500 grams.

Meesho provides products to its clients at the most affordable prices feasible. They’ve teamed up with a number of logistics partners who pick up products from suppliers and ship them directly to customers.

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Returns on Meesho

Customers of Meesho have a 7-day no-questions-asked policy. This increases customer satisfaction and builds trust.

Return Penalties

If a client returns a goods, the seller is held accountable for the penalty. The penalty amount is determined by the product category and weight.

Please note that if the purchase was dispatched inside the SLA, Meesho does not charge a penalty for RTOs (Return to Origin).

Cancellation of Orders

In the following instances, order cancellations by customers or suppliers are charged to the suppliers’ penalty account:

  • The order has been canceled by Meesho. due to a delay in shipping from the supplier’s end.
  • Due to a shipping delay from the supplier, the customer cancels the order.
  • The order is canceled by the supplier.

Is the Meesho App Safe for Bank Details?

Indeed, Meesho is a secure and trustworthy tool for sharing financial information. All payment transactions on our platform are safe and secure, and no fraud or scams have been reported thus far.

How Do I Share My Bank Account Information?

  • Navigate to Account.
  • Choose My Bank Information.
  • Fill up your bank account details
  • To update the information, click Submit.

NOTE: To receive profits and bonus amounts, you must update your Bank account data on the Meesho app. Make certain you enter the right bank information. They also send you an email whenever a wire transfer is made to your account.

Meesho Customer Care Number

Contact Meesho customer service at 080-61799600.

There are three methods to contact the Meesho team for assistance.

  • On the Meesho app, go to the Help section and ask for assistance.
  • Customer Service: To speak with a customer service representative, dial their customer service number.
  • Meesho Community: Join the Meesho community for professional reseller advice.

Meesho Support Team

Under its help desk department, Meesho maintains a strong support crew. Customers and resellers can reach out to the Meesho Support Team at any time between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.

You can call or chat with their support service if you have a Meesho seller question, enquiries about supplier contact information, or delivery-related delivery-related concerns.

In case of filing complaints, mail them at help@meesho.com. The right person from the customer support team will contact you at the earliest.

Meesho Office Address

Bangalore is the headquarters of the company. The Meesho office is located at the following address.

Adjacent to Marks & Spencer, 36, 100 Foot Road, Vivek Nagar, Chandra Reddy Layout, S T Bed Layout, Koramangala, Karnataka 560047.

The Rise of Meesho

Here’s how a social commerce firm in India grew into the country’s largest online reseller marketplace.

October 30, 2021 Meesho is preparing to introduce a liquidity program for employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs). By November, it is estimated to be worth $5.5 million.

April 13, 2021 Meesho also intends to broaden its operations and reach out to 100 million small business owners. This strategy could help the business compete with Amazon and Flipkart in the online retail space.

Meesho raised $300 million in a fresh round of funding from SoftBank Vision Fund 2 on April 5, 2021. It enabled the company to reach a market capitalization of $2.1 billion and enter the Unicorn Club.


Meesho is the perfect option for everyone who wishes to work from home and earn a living. Being a premier reseller app, it makes it simple for clients to work and earn.


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