What is Income From Other Sources?

The phrase “income from other sources” is one of the taxable income categories in the Income Tax Act of 1961. Any pay that does not fall under one of the other four major sources of income is deemed taxable. It is also known as the primary source of income for these reasons.

There are several fundamentals on which you should concentrate. This article is a must-read for all your banking and financial components of income.

Many questions revolve around other sources of income. To better comprehend this concept, we’ll go over each concept connected to different sources of income in depth.

What is Income From Other Sources?

Other sources of income include money that is not taxable under the other types of income. It is also known as one of the key income heads under the Income Tax Act. If there is any income that is not covered by any of the other four sections, the payment is deemed taxable in the income from other sources section below.

If we talk about the government section 56 of the Income Tax Act, every single income except salary, capital profits, housing properties, career & businesses, everything is counted in IFOS. In a nutshell, Income is a major factor. 

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Income From Other Sources Examples

The following is a list of all receipts that fall under the category of Income from Other Sources:

  • Profits: They are classified as profits depending on the private status of the entity that must pay them out. These gains are taxable as other forms of income.
  • Profit from a country’s organization is exempt from charge if the organization has delivered Profit Dispersion Duty. However, under section 115BBDA of the Income Tax Act, if an inhabitant local or a corporation receives a profit in excess of Rs. Ten lakhs through the country’s organizations, the money is available at 10%.
  • Costs for prizes from lotteries, crossword puzzles, horse races, games, and various rounds of any kind, as well as betting or wagering of any structure, are included in the income from various sources.
  • Returns on remuneration: An assessee (citizen) on the basis of income or payback granted under conditions such as compulsory securing is accessible under income from a different source.
  • Gifts: There are also presents available, such as any amount of money and moveable or unflinching property that is obtained without thought.

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Several types of taxable income are discussed. Various sources of income:

This category naturally contains a small number of different receipts.

  • Rental income from a resident’s residential items, such as properties.
  • Deceased employees get home annuity payments from legitimate successors.
  • Stores with banks and organizations have a premium.
  • Individuals’ compensation received from Parliament.
  • A lease was obtained from a vacant spot on the farm.
  • Revenue from the sale of agricultural land in foreign countries.
  • On an additional installment of an advance assessment, the public authority pays a bank rate.

How do you calculate Income from other sources?

These are some examples of how to figure out income from various sources:

Mr. Kapoor made Rs. 50,000 in gains from stock exchanges earlier this year. For his expense form, he asked his son-in-law Rishabh how to remember it. Mr. Kapoor has purchased shares in several organizations, according to Rishabh. When he examines the list, he discovers that his father-in-law has invested in sections of Indian organizations.

He gains favor with his father-in-law by informing him that the profits he obtained are not taxable because they are dividends from a family-owned business.

Mr. Kapoor also received a premium of Rs.1 lakh from fixed deposits kept at various institutions. Rishabh informs him that the cash should be reported as income from several sources, which will increase his taxable income.

Rishabh’s better half inquired about paying tax on money received from guests at their wedding the previous year. Rishabh tells her not to worry because money-related presents received at weddings are tax-free. Even gifts received from family members at different parties after the wedding are forgiven.

However, upon the birth of their first child, a generous neighbor and long-time family companion presented them with a check for Rs. 60,000. This would be subject to taxation.

Kabir’s better half next inquires about the diamonds set her neighbor had introduced to her on the occasion of her physician certification’s successful completion. She spent roughly Rs. 1 lakh on it. He then explained to her that she graduated in 2008, and that gifts received after October 1st, 2009 are subject to tax.

These examples demonstrate how expense regulations relating to income tax from various sources should be interpreted. The type of income, the type of revenue when the pay was received, and the measure of income are the most important factors. Untangling these components reveals that determining how to approach income from various sources is not difficult.

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What happens if you don’t declare Income from other sources?

The Income Tax Department will send a notification to taxpayers who did not report their additional income from other sources. This results in the addition of interest and penalties to the tax bill. Even in big and serious circumstances, the possibility of prosecution and jail exists.

Final Thoughts

We have covered all of the issues relevant to Income from Other Sources that are required reading for every netizen in this post. Yet, each country has a different definition of income from various sources and varied procedures for calculating income tax-related difficulties. Check out your bank’s website or pay them a visit to learn more about income tax and other kinds of income, as well as their computations.


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