Wet and Forget for Your Springtime Easy Mildew Prevention

Use Wet and Forget for Your Springtime Easy Mildew Prevention – It’s Amazing!

Do not read this if you seek immediate gratification. However, continue reading if you seek medium- to long-term fulfillment.

While listening to WGN Radio a few years ago, I learned about this little-known and uncommon spray by the name of Wet and Forget. Interestingly, Wet & Forget is very new in the United States, despite having been operating for over 30 years in New Zealand and Australia.

My mildewed composite deck (Trex decking) was something I was griping about not too long ago. Not just my deck, but also the stones on the north side of my house, the concrete sidewalk, and the wood timber retaining wall. I needed a single product that could get rid of the algae stains, mildew, moss, and mold. I can make out brown and green on the concrete and stones in the shadows.

In the past, I took care of it in one of two ways:

  • I spent $40–80 renting a power washer from Home Depot for the day. The most difficult part is dragging a long enough hose from the spigot while towing this bulky piece of equipment back and forth in an SUV. Lifting the power washer into and out of my SUV is the most hazardous part.
  • To purchase deck spray instead, visit Home Depot or Amazon. Deck spray smells like diluted bleach if you’ve never used it. Many mistakenly believe that Wet and Forget products include deck spray, but they typically aren’t. Although the deck concentrate is potent and frequently effective, using it around kids playing on the deck, animals, pets, and nearby trees and plants makes me personally feel less secure. I typically use a hard broom or get down on my hands and knees to scrub the mold and algae that are green or have dark spots.

I luckily discovered Wet and Forget as an alternative.  The benefits of using Wet and Forget vs the alternatives are amazing.


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  • Spray it and you’re done; one-step application. There is a purpose behind the name “Wet and Forget”
  • eliminates the need for pressure washing, rinsing, or manual scrubbing (which saves a ton of time).)
  • No water is needed to rinse it off (every little bit helps with summer water sprinkler costs).)
  • Any outdoor surfaces are safe for usage with them (I’ll include some of my other uses later in this article).)
  • Unlike some deck sprays, this one doesn’t contain bleach and isn’t caustic or acidic.
  • The pH of the Wet & Forget Outdoor product line is 8 compared to 7 for pure water. The pH range of the majority of comparable products is 10–13. The PH level won’t be impacted by any overspray near your pool.
  • removes lichen, moss, mold, and mildew
  • It typically maintains the surface spotless for at least a year.
  • Wet & Forget is an EPA-registered product, in contrast to many others.
  • It decomposes naturally.
  • It has an endless shelf life, so stock up when it’s on sale. Keep in a warm place to avoid freezing.
  • Safe to keep in a sprayer for seasonal use.  If you don’t have a sprayer then purchase Ready to Use Wet and Forget. Many times in the past, when I’ve used deck spray or bleach, it ate through or damaged the hose and nozzle of my $10-$20 sprayer.  The only way to prevent the damage was to rinse it out thoroughly and run copious amount of water through the tube and nozzle.  Unlike when using deck spray, I don’t need to rinse out my handheld pump sprayer with water after each use.

Let’s examine the “wet and forget” method.

Bleach or acidic substances are not used in Wet and Forget. For this reason, I use Wet and Forget to clean surfaces as well as floors, and the results are fantastic! A hose-end formula and a concentrate are also included in the Wet and Forget varieties.

Large surfaces and surfaces at high altitudes can both be cleaned with the hose end formula. Its 30 foot reach span is what makes it interesting. I find it amazing that Wet and Forget completely eliminates any moss, mold, mildew, or algae that is already present in addition to removing mold stains.

Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride is the main component of the solution. The following other substances are also active:

  • Chloride of dioctyl dimethyl ammonium: 0.010%
  • 0.025 percent octyl decyl dimethyl ammonium chloride%
  • Alkyl dimethyl benzyl chloride: 0.034 percent%
  • Chloride of didecyl dimethyl ammonium: 0.015%
  • 99.916% additional ingredients%

Wet and Forget is not a magic fix that will give you results right away, though. Before you can see obvious results, you must be patient. On the plus side, the effects are incredibly durable and can prevent the mold from returning for up to a year!

I use Wet and Forget two or three times for even greater results to get rid of severe mold, moss, mildew, or algae for a longer length of time. The solution immediately penetrates the stains and starts to remove the microorganisms inside. The formula reactivates each time it receives rains, clearing away all the debris and limiting the growth of the invasives in the future, which is a trait that stands out to me.

Wet and Forget is excellent for patios and decks because it won’t damage your surfaces.

Here are some Wet and Forget before and after photos

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBf7Vmzjofw [su_youtube]

Wet and Forget Ready-to-Use is a new product that the company is selling. It is for people who need to cover smaller areas quickly, don’t want to purchase a spray container, and want to use right away. It is packaged in a 64-ounce bottle. The pre-packaged item claims to cover 60–180 square feet and comes with a small hose and hand sprayer.

To save money, I suggest getting a low-pressure one- or two-gallon sprayer container and purchasing Wet and Forget concentrate. In the long term, buying the spray canister will save money because I often spray my deck 2-4 times each year.

The coverage of Wet & Forget Concentrate is influenced by how porous your surface is. Surfaces that have been painted will require less spray, whereas surfaces with more pores will require more.

The general guideline is:

6 gallons of spray are produced from 1 gallon of concentrate. Typically, 6 gallons will cover 750–2,250 square feet.

I apply it on my deck, driveway, cement pots, shaded outdoor storage containers, patio furniture, outdoor cushions for patio furniture, grill cover, and ornamental rocks every summer. As the sunshine hours are fewer in the fall and mildew is more prevalent, I often repaint. On the deck, leaves and other debris frequently amass, which keeps the device functioning all winter long whenever it snows and is windy.

Does Wet and Forget Pose a Health Risk to Me?

Wet and Forget’s active chemicals are not carcinogenic, however some of the solution’s components might be harmful. But, as it is diluted, the toxicity greatly decreases. When applying or spraying the product, don’t get comfortable. While applying the Wet and Forget solution, put on personal protective equipment.

You can wear a full-sleeved shirt and slacks if personal protective equipment isn’t available for some reason. If you have asthma, don’t forget to put on a mask to protect yourself from the fumes.

You’ll be relieved to learn that the Wet and Forget solution won’t hurt your plants, even though it might produce temporary browning. Your plants will therefore resume their regular behavior. To protect the plants and shrubs from any harm, I advise you to cover them.

Keep your pet away from the areas that have been sprayed for at least five hours if you have one. Once the mixture has completely dried, you can touch the sprayed surface, but wash the sidewalk and surrounding areas with water just to be cautious.

Here are other places Wet and Forget suggests using:

[Icon: check icon_color: #0af002 [su_list icon]

  • Exterior home features include a porch, steps, gutters, window sills, mailboxes, clean vinyl siding, and shutters.
  • Lawn & Garden: Outdoor play structures and equipment, diving boards, fountains, patio umbrellas, and outdoor mats.
  • Marine and boating: inflatable boats, seats, and carpets from the boat
  • Teak, stucco, steel, slate, sandstone, rubber, PVC, plastic, painted and stained wood, marble, limestone, flagstone, fiberglass, fabric, concrete, composite decking, clay, ceramic, cement, brick, block pavement, and asphalt are suggested materials.


Stadiums, schools, buildings, hotels, hospitals, headstone cleaners at cemeteries, amusement parks, and tennis courts are all used commercially.

How to Purchase Wet and Forget

Wet and Forget Costco is frequently available at Costco for the lowest price possible without a coupon. They offer it in packs that include 1.5 gallons of product. My neighborhood Costco charges $24.99 if it is in stock. The price can occasionally be reduced to $19.99 with an instant Wet and Forget coupon for an additional $5 off. The pricing I can find for it is by far the best.

I advise getting Wet and Forget at Ace Hardware if you want to buy it locally or in a remote place.

Buy Wet and Forget at stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, or Walmart if you live in the city or suburbs. Many Home Depot locations don’t carry it in stock, so order it online to have it delivered to your neighborhood store so you can pick it up and save on shipping!

Check out Wet and Forget on Amazon for those online buyers.

Advice: Not every container is created equal. Be cautious to consider the container size when shopping. Wet and Forget is available in gallon, half-gallon, and three-quart volumes. Two.75-gallon containers are combined to create a 1.5-gallon bundle at Costco. Calculate your cost per ounce or per gallon.

What are the Wet and Forget active ingredients?

The sole active component is alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, 9.9%.

Wikipedia says it’s an .

According to the , it’s contained in the following products:

  • Spray-on disinfectant Clorox Flowers Fresh
  • Old Product Lemon Fresh Pine-Sol All Purpose Cleaner
  • 2005-Old Product Tilex Mildew Root Penetrator & Removal
  • Antibacterial Moisturizing Wipes Lever 2000

Do you have the Wet and Forget MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)?

The risks of dangerous chemical goods are communicated in the material safety data sheets.

It’s posted at Home Depot.  Click to review the sheet from 2012.

Is Wet and Forget Safe for my pets?

Wet and Forget generally poses no risk to your pet. Nonetheless, it is advisable to keep animals and pets off the surfaces until they are dry. It is advised to rinse your pet’s paws as a precaution if they happen to step on a wet surface. If it rains after it is entirely dry, everyone is safe.

What are the Wet and Forget Directions?

Use 1 part concentrate to 5 parts water, according to the Wet and Forget directions.

Use Wet & Forget Outdoor on a cool day when there is no prospect of rain for the following 3-4 hours for the greatest results. Early in the day or late at night are the ideal times to submit an application. Use only when the temperature is above 32 degrees and out of the direct sun. Wet and Forget Outdoor is intended for outside use and depends on the weather, especially with wind, to function correctly.

My deck’s north side is shaded and moist for the majority of the year. Because the mildew is dispersed throughout my deck, I use Wet and Forget as a stain remover and preventer. To be more proactive and eliminate moss more quickly, I doubled the concentration. For minor contamination, people typically observe results in a few days, while more severe cases can take up to two or three months.

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmVJzHXlf04 [su_youtube]

If your concrete turns an orangey brown color, don’t worry! The color shift is a positive response to the growth and Wet & Forget Outdoor.

Advice: Wet and Forget is not designed to clean surfaces. You will need a hose, a scrub brush, or a power washer if your landscaping is muddy. It’s also advised to sweep off any extra dirt with a brush to expose the entire surface. If you spray Wet and Forget on a pile of leaves on your deck, it won’t work.

Will Wet & Forget Damage my Windows

Although it won’t scratch the glass, it is likely to leave a residue there. The product Wet & Forget Outdoor is gentle.

Creative uses for Wet and Forget

On pumpkins for Halloween, use Wet and Forget! Jack o’lanterns, indeed! I found this test when researching how to keep your Halloween pumpkin carvings fresh. This experiment is pretty cool!

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTlsQ3mIzuI [su_youtube]

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