Walmart To Walmart Money Transfer: Limits, Fees, Hours, Tracking, Denied

Walmart combines low prices with high-quality products and services to provide a one-stop shopping experience. The Walmart2Walmart money transfer is one of the options available. Customers can easily transfer cash from their current Walmart location to another Walmart store anywhere in the United States, including Puerto Rico.

As of 2021, there were reportedly who require a more affordable and convenient means of transferring money to family and friends. Walmart2Walmart money transfers offer a solution to this problem by providing a low-cost, fast, and reliable way to send money across the country.

Walmart has also launched an international money transfer service, Walmart2World, in partnership with Western Union, , and MoneyGram. Walmart2World offers customers the ability to send money from their local Walmart store to any transfer agent location . 

We will outline the many money transfer solutions Walmart offers and a step-by-step guide.

How to Send Walmart To Walmart Money Transfer?

The Walmart MoneyCenter may assist you with money transfers from Walmart to Walmart as well as other financial services.

First and foremost, the Walmart MoneyCenter is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.

Then, you must be at least 18 years old to use Walmart2Walmart transfers. Eligible individuals can use cash and debit cards for money transfers at Walmart.

You must present one of the following IDs to send money through Walmart2Walmart:

  • State-issued identification or a driver’s license is required in the United States.
  • Passport from the United States or from another country
  • Permanent residency card in the United States
  • Military ID
  • Tribal ID
  • Mexican Metricula Consular

Alternatively, you can skip the line and to make money transfers even more convenient. Once you’ve installed the app on your iOS or Android device, you can access Money Services in the Services menu. Then, simply click Send Money, complete the required information, and confirm the transaction at your local Walmart.

The Walmart MoneyCenter in-store has limited hours even if it’s located in a Supermarket open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is close by. The MoneyCenter also offers services like Purchase now and pay later, Netspend cash withdrawal, make a payment with Apple Pay, and In-store Venmo payment.

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How to Receive Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer?

To get your Walmart2Walmart money transfer, you must check your nearest MoneyCenter. Bring the transaction reference number given by the sender who transferred you the funds. If your local Walmart doesn’t have a MoneyCenter, visit the customer service desk for more financial services like Taking a personal check and cashing it or Check with the cashiers.

When you’ve given the transaction reference number, you’ll need to show proper identification that matches the name on the transfer. The funds will be transferred to you after that.

When the sender transfers funds to you, the process takes no longer than ten minutes.

It’s important to note that Walmart2Walmart recipient is paid in cash at their local Walmart store. The recipient has up to 60 days from the original transaction date to collect the funds. According to the Walmart return policy, the money transfer is sent back to the sender if the cash is not collected within the 60-day limit.

What are the Walmart to Walmart Fees?

Walmart MoneyCenters offers financial services at a low cost.

The following are the fees for transferring money from Walmart to Walmart:

  • $Up to $50 in money transfers for $4
  • $Money transactions from $51 to $1,000 are $8.
  • $Money transactions from $1,001 to $2,500 are $16.

What is the Walmart to Walmart Limit?

A daily limit of $2,500 per person applies to Walmart2Walmart money transfers. Arizona is the only exception to this rule, with a transaction limit of only $499 per person.

For more information on the money transfer daily limits, call Walmart Customer Service at 1-800-925-6278.

How to Track Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer?

At your local Walmart MoneyCenter, you may trace your Walmart to Walmart money transfer. As soon as you obtain the money transfer tracking number from the sender, the associate can trace the money.

You can also trace your Walmart to Walmart money transfer on the internet.

Here are three internet methods for tracking Walmart to Walmart money transfers:

  • Download the Ria app on the or to track your money
  • Visit the Ria “” section and enter your tracking number
  • Visit the and enter your tracking number and last name

You can also call Ria’s customer care hotline at (855) 355-2144.

Here are some factors to bear in mind while transferring money from Walmart to Walmart:

  • Never send money to strangers or telemarketers.
  • Don’t send money until you know what you’re doing. Call the recipient first to determine the best method of money transfer based on their location, fees, and limitations.
  • Only the receiver should have access to the money transfer tracking number.

Even though In Walmart, ESA dogs are permitted., it may be easier to transfer money online using the Ria app.

Can I make Walmart2Walmart Money Transfer Online?

Yes, you can send a Walmart2Walmart money transfer online powered by MoneyGram. First, register and log into . Then carefully enter the required information, such as the recipient’s exact name on their valid ID.

Provide the receiver with the money transfer reference number so they can pick up their funds at their local Walmart MoneyCenter after the transfer is complete.

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What are the Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer Hours?

In-store money transfers are handled by the MoneyCenter department. Walmart to Walmart money transfers are available from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Monday through Saturday, and from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Sunday. Walmart2Walmart transfer hours are from 8 p.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 8 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Sunday.

MoneyCenters, especially at a 24-hour superstore, often open and close sooner than Walmart stores.

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Why was my Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer Denied?

A money transfer from Walmart2Walmart may be denied in some instances. It’s usually because the sender’s daily money transfer limit has been reached or there’s a suspicion of fraud. Here are some of the most typical reasons for this:

  • The proof of identity presented was insufficient.
  • The transaction has not been completed yet. However, it can be checked using the MoneyGram tool.
  • You did not visit an agent location; check for nearby locations.

What’s the Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer Refund Policy?

Under certain conditions, a refund can be requested using the Walmart2Walmart money transfer.

The Walmart2Walmart money transfer return policy is as follows:

  • You can’t change or cancel a money transfer once it’s been received by the recipient.
  • If the receiver does not claim the money within a certain amount of time, you can seek a refund. Money transfer recipients have 60 days to receive their funds.
  • If you want to cancel or get a refund, call Ria’s customer support line at (855) 355-2144.
  • Ria can give refunds using the same payment method used at the time of purchase, such as credit card, debit card, or cash. Ria will issue a paper check as a refund if the account is closed or frozen.
  • Walmart2Walmart refunds normally take two to ten business days, while a closed and frozen account takes seven to ten business days. Ria processes the funds received from the paying agency using the original payment mechanism.

What’s the Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer Customer Service Phone Number?

Walmart has partnered with Ria, MoneyGram, and Western Union to provide local and international money transfer services. For further information, you can contact its partners directly.

The customer care number for Walmart2Walmart and Walmart2World facilitated by Ria money transfers is 1-855-355-2144.

The customer support number for Walmart2World powered by MoneyGram domestic and international money transfers is 1-800-926-9400.

The customer care number for Walmart2World powered by Western Union domestic and international money transfers is 1-844-982-4287.

Call 1-800-925-6278 for regular Walmart Money Center customer support questions.

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Walmart To Walmart Money Transfer Summary

Walmart provides a number of options for sending money to relatives and friends. Walmart2Walmart, for example, allows customers to transfer money from one Walmart store to another throughout the country through partnerships with Ria, MoneyGram, and Western Union.

In addition, transferring funds internationally is made possible using Walmart2World online and in-store. In addition, you can visit your nearby Walmart to donate eyeglasses, disposable cameras and film development, printable documents, carpet cleaner rentals, obtain duplicate keys, buy stamps, and auto services like a cheap alignment, refill used tires, oil change, or a automobile battery that has been returned.

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