Walmart Air Mattress Return Policy: Everything You Need to Know

Can an air mattress be returned to Walmart? Knowing Walmart’s air mattress return policy will enable you to determine whether or not you can return an air mattress for a refund or exchange.

The name Walmart is well-known both domestically and abroad. The company is renowned for being a place where you can buy almost anything, from household goods, food, cosmetics, and even technology, and has approximately 5,000 shop locations across all 50 states. One of the top-selling items for Walmart shoppers is an extensive assortment of air mattresses.

Due to the simplicity of purchasing blow-up mattresses online, curbside delivery, store pickup, or home delivery, many customers choose Walmart.

Walmart has a return policy for mattresses in place to safeguard both itself and its consumers. When making a purchase, it’s always a good idea to know Walmart’s return policy for air mattresses. If you need to return it, it can help you avoid a lot of frustration.

However, why would someone want to send a mattress back to Walmart? There are several good reasons to return a mattress to Walmart, among them:

  • defective or leaking mattress: You inflate the mattress as directed and in the morning you wake up flat on the floor. Your initial thought is probably to return the air mattress for a refund or an exchange.?
  • Uncomfort: After using the air mattress a few times, you realize it isn’t as comfortable as advertised or reviewed. It is too demanding on your body and interferes with getting a decent night’s sleep. Can you send it back to Walmart for a replacement by mail?
  • Don’t need it anymore: During the holidays, you purchased a few air mattresses to accommodate visiting relatives or friends who didn’t show up. After the Black Friday sale, is it possible to return the air mattresses?

All of these scenarios are foreseen by the Walmart mattress return policy, and each one is addressed.

So, is Walmart accepting air mattress returns?

Short Answer: You may return an unused, unopened air mattress in its original packaging within 90 days after purchase for a full refund or exchange in accordance with Walmart’s mattress return policy. If you have the receipt and the air mattress is still undamaged in its original packing, your return will be eligible for a full refund.

Keep in mind that the key word here is unopened. If the air mattress is opened and used, you might not be eligible for a refund and you might have to resort to other policies that the chain has in place for such situations. 

Your return is only acceptable for an exchange if you have already opened your package and removed your air mattress from its packaging. The mattress must be returned with the original box and packaging, which must have been opened, and you must have the receipt. For a refund or exchange at Walmart, air mattresses returned without a receipt must pass a verification process.

Can you return mattresses that aren’t inflatable to Walmart? A standard, non-inflatable mattress can only be returned to Walmart in perfect condition and with the original packaging. Hence, normal mattresses that have been used or opened cannot be returned to Walmart.

You have the option to mail your return or visit the store in person, depending on whether you purchased the mattress online or in-store.

What’s The Walmart Return Policy For Air Mattress In-Store?

Is it possible to return a damaged air mattress to Walmart for a refund or an exchange in-store?

Within 90 days of purchase, defective air mattresses purchased in-store may be returned to the Walmart location. You must have your purchase receipt handy, the mattress must be undamaged in its original packing, and it cannot have been used or opened.

Walmart will reimburse you the exact purchase amount in the same payment method at the time of purchase if your air mattress qualifies for a refund. The refund will be net of any discounts or online coupon codes you used.

Did you pay with a credit card? Walmart will re-credit the exact purchased amount to the same a chip-enabled debit or credit card used.

Did you pay in cash? The cashier will count and hand cash back in the exact dollar amount you paid.

What would happen if you cracked open the box and took the mattress out? Opened air mattresses may still be brought back to a Walmart location. Nevertheless, you will only be able to swap your return; a refund is not possible. You must have the original opened air mattress box and the sales receipt in order for your return to be accepted. You could exchange the air mattress for the identical item if it was defective; just make an equitable trade.

Do you still have the receipt? Stay calm. Customers can return air mattresses to Walmart even without a receipt for the purchase. Before offering a refund or exchange, Walmart must verify the validity of the returned item. You might need to present a government-issued photo ID at Walmart in order to be recognized.

Can I Return Air Mattress Accessories from Walmart?

If you bought an air mattress, you should return it with any accessories that came with it. Accessories for mattresses might be purchased separately and would be returnable within 90 days. For a refund or an exchange, make sure to start an accessory return during the 90-day return window.

What’s The Return Policy For An Air Mattress on

Customers at Walmart have the choice to purchase products either in-person or online at Walmart has a return policy for its online store in order to safeguard against dishonest customers and keep genuine online shoppers satisfied and making purchases. When making an online purchase from Walmart, you must be aware of how the retailer handles returns.

It prompts the question: What is the return policy for an air mattress?

Within 90 days after purchase, blow-up mattresses bought on can be shipped back or returned to a nearby Walmart store. You must the online purchase receipt in order to conduct a return. Together with any mattress accessories purchased along with the air mattress, everything should be in its original packing.

Like in-store returns, you have the option between a refund, store credit, or an exchange. If your return is eligible for a refund, you’ll be reimbursed using the same payment method, such as credit, debit, Walmart gift card, Amex gift card, cash, etc. Otherwise, you can exchange your air mattress for the same product or opt for store credit if you already opened and took it out of the box.

Go into your account, complete the return/replacements form, and print the shipping label to start an online return through email. Mail your package back and affix the Walmart-only return postage label on it.

Instead, get in touch with a Walmart customer service agent directly to start a return. You’ll receive a pre-paid return shipping label to print and return your air mattress after they process the return on your behalf.

You must mail your return using a return shipping label exclusive to Walmart if you want it to be accepted. Consider returning the mattress to the store if you are unable to print the shipping label.

Can you still return an air mattress purchased from a third-party Walmart Marketplace seller?

Regrettably, air mattresses bought from independent Walmart Marketplace vendors cannot be exchanged for refunds at the store. Only things that Walmart has sold and shipped on are eligible for returns to Walmart.

Items purchased and sent through Walmart Marketplaces cannot be exchanged or returned at Walmart because it is a community of independent sellers. Unless the seller’s return policy permits it, air mattresses bought through Walmart Marketplace cannot be returned.

Even in this situation, you would need to contact the seller rather than Walmart directly.

It’s because each vendor on the Walmart Marketplace has a return policy specific to their business that is separate from the return policy for Walmart mattresses. Others don’t accept returns, while some do.

Reading the tiny print of each seller is your best bet. Before making a purchase, familiarize yourself with the return policy of the retailer. Before attempting to return an air mattress bought on the Walmart Marketplace, get in touch with each independent seller directly to learn more about their refund and exchange policies.

Can I Return An Inflatable Mattress Without a Receipt?

Yes, you can return an air mattress to a Walmart location within 90 days after purchase without a receipt. Bring your air mattress and any included mattress accessories to Walmart in their original packaging.

The Walmart refund verification process will be applied to your return. You will be qualified for a refund or an exchange once it has undergone the verification process. Whether or not your air mattress was still sealed in its original packing when you returned it will affect your return possibilities.

What if you Lost Your Inflatable Mattress Receipt?

Stay calm. The return policy for mattresses at Walmart is accommodating enough to let customers return mattresses that are unopened or still in their original packaging even if they don’t have the receipt handy.

What’s the Walmart Return Policy For Regular Mattresses?

What about mattresses that aren’t inflatable? Do Walmart consumers have the option of returning ordinary mattresses to the company for a refund or exchange? The good news is that Walmart will accept returns of mattresses that are not inflatable.

Under the proper circumstances, a standard, non-inflatable mattress may be returned to Walmart for a refund or exchange. The mattress must be unopened, unused, and in its original packaging for the return to be accepted. The return must be started within 90 days of the date of purchase. Additionally, you ought to have the sales receipt.

The mattress can be returned to a Walmart store in person, just like an inflatable air mattress, or you can mail it back using a return postage label exclusive to Walmart. The procedure for online and in-person returns is the same as it is for air mattresses.

Customers cannot, however, return normal mattresses that have been used or opened under the Walmart mattress policy. If you got rid of the original packaging or used it, you can’t get a refund if you return your non-inflatable mattress. Standard mattresses are only eligible for an exchange or store credit if they have been opened but not used.

What’s the Walmart Furniture Return Policy?

Can you return furniture to Walmart? Maybe, you bought a king-size bed along with your air mattress, and your space is small. Or maybe your furniture arrived scratched or damaged during transit. Buying furniture is expensive, especially for someone maintaining a frugal living.

The main concern on your mind in such circumstances is: What is the Walmart furniture return policy?

The regular store return policy applies to all furniture purchased at Walmart. According to Walmart’s return policy for furniture, items must be returned in their original packaging within 90 days after the purchase date in order to receive a refund or exchange.

Walmart will put your furniture through a return verification process, regardless of whether you’ve opened the item or misplaced the receipt for the purchase. If the items pass the verification test, they are entitled for a refund or exchange.

You can only exchange or return furniture that you bought from a Walmart store or that Walmart sold and sent online. It is not possible to return furniture bought from a third-party Marketplace seller to Walmart.

Any Walmart store location will accept returns of items that were bought there. Include the receipt and the original packaging. Although the box can be opened, the furniture must still be in its original packaging and in marketable condition.

Broken or half-assembled used furniture can’t be returned to Walmart. Make sure you disassemble all the parts and include every part in the original packaging. Returns can be sent back by mail or to the in-store money services desk in the front of the store near the coin counting machine and carpet cleaner rental.

Can You Return Furniture To Walmart with a Receipt?

To receive a complete refund, the furniture items must be returned within 90 days after the purchase date in their original, unopened packaging along with the sales documentation. Walmart will reimburse you for the full amount of the purchase using the same payment method.

Can You Return Furniture To Walmart Without a Receipt?

For non-receipt returns to qualify for a credit or exchange, they must successfully complete a Walmart verification process. Bring a legitimate government-issued photo ID with you for identification if you don’t have the receipt. Without a receipt, refunds are available for returns under $25. You have the option of choosing store credit or exchanging the furnishings for a similar item if the products cost more than $25.

The shop manager has the final decision in how your return should be handled.

Can You Return Furniture Ordered on

You can mail back furniture you bought on or return it to a Walmart store using a return mailing label available only from Walmart. To start and handle the return, you can either use your account to print a shipping label online or get in touch with a customer service agent. You will receive a pre-paid shipping label that needs to be attached to the item.

Consider returning the furniture items in person to a Walmart store if you are unable to print the Walmart shipping label. Any returns that are submitted without a pre-paid return shipping label from Walmart alone will not be processed.

To organize freight delivery to dispose of major furniture pieces, like a bed or a sofa, for return, get in touch with Walmart customer service.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying an Air Mattress

You can choose from a variety of air mattresses at Walmart. You must ask yourself a few questions before making a decision:

  1. How big a mattress made of air are you looking for?
  2. What will you be doing with this air mattress?
  3. Do you want your air mattress to have a built-in pump?


It would be simpler to make a decision once you know the answers to these questions. For instance, you might want to choose a single twin air mattress that is simple to fill with a manual pump if you want an air mattress that you can bring camping.

A queen or king-sized air mattress with an integrated pump would be a better solution for longer-term use, such as if you wanted to place a big air mattress in the basement for guests to stay.


You have the choice between using a manual pump or a plug-in or battery-operated pump. Although less efficient than plug-in pumps, these are lighter and quieter in operation. A battery-powered pump is a decent compromise if you don’t need a full-featured plug-in pump or don’t want to exert the physical effort required for a manual pump.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Another part of owning an air mattress that you might need to think about before purchasing one is cleaning one. Simply using a vacuum to clean your air mattress will do. Additionally, you can use rubbing alcohol for a more thorough cleaning if the mattress is particularly soiled.

After the 90 days have passed and you discover that your air mattress is defective or it starts to leak after a few months of use, all hope is not lost. It is simple to fix leaks in air mattresses. While you could always use a temporary fix like tape for the time being, there are more long-lasting fixes like patches that you could use.


To meet all of your air mattress needs, Walmart carries a variety of brands like Intex, Simmons, Bestway, Coleman, Insta-Bed, SoundAsleep, and Mpow. When deciding on the type and size of mattress you should buy, make sure you complete your homework.

Can You Return An Air Mattress To Walmart Summary

As you can see, the Walmart mattress return policy is flexible, just like its The return policy for keys made. You can even say that Walmart gives its customers a white-glove treatment when returning air mattresses or furniture items to Walmart.

Customers may return air mattresses to Walmart for a refund or exchange within 90 days of the date of purchase as long as they have the receipt and the mattress is undamaged and in its original packaging.

Returns of Walmart air mattresses with an open box are only accepted for exchange. Those who are returned without a receipt must successfully complete a Walmart verification process in order to receive a refund or an exchange.

You have two options for returning an air mattress that you bought from either bring it into a Walmart store or mail it with a pre-paid return mailing label from Walmart. It’s vital to keep in mind that your air mattress wouldn’t qualify for an exchange or refund at Walmart if it was purchased and shipped by a third-party seller.

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