Victoria’s Secret Sale Calendar Dates: Semi-Annual Sale & More

With nationwide, Victoria’s Secret is the in the United States — a position it’s held for many years. But, last year, the lingerie giant revamped its brand image after being accused of irrelevance and has quickly risen back up as a dominant lingerie brand.

is the go-to brand for ladies looking for quality lingerie, robes, sleepwear, perfume, lotions, and more. So naturally, Victoria’s Secret sales and promotions in-store and online are popular. They’re yearly events many customers follow so they can save money.

For the greatest experience, check out our Victoria’s Secret sale calendar, which is packed with the hottest offers and dates all year long.

When is Victoria’s Secret Sale Dates Calendar?

Utilize our sales calendar to keep track of all Victoria’s Secret sales throughout the year as well as their promotional codes. We count significant occasions like the end-of-year sale and mid-year sale.

The following dates for your calendar represent the top Victoria’s Secret annual sales:

  • Semi-Annual Sale at Victoria’s Secret: December–January/June–July
  • Dates for the Victoria’s Secret Summer Sale may vary.
  • Memorial Day Sale at Victoria’s Secret: May 27
  • Dates for the Victoria’s Secret 7 for $28 Sale may change.
  • Dates for the Victoria’s Secret Fall Sale may vary.
  • Labor Day Victoria’s Secret Sale: September 2
  • November 23: Victoria’s Secret Black Friday Sale
  • Cyber Monday for Victoria’s Secret is November 26.

While those cute PINK bras and panties are tempting, many of Victoria’s Secret’s most popular items are discounted during their sales events. In addition, you can get up to 5x rewards points, exclusive discounts, and a $15 discount on your first purchase once you sign up as a . 

Here’s an overview of some important Victoria’s Secret sales dates and tips for cutting costs.

Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale

The semi-annual sales dates for Victoria’s Secret change every year. The Winter sale, on the other hand, lasts from Christmas Day through January, while the Summer sale often lasts from June to July.

The advantage of purchasing items from the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale online is that they are offered the day before the in-store sale. Therefore, the day before, you’ll probably find more sizes that fit you online.

The good news is that non-members can receive free delivery with a $100 purchase and Victoria’s Secret Angel cards can do so with a $50 purchase.

Visit your neighborhood Victoria’s Secret store as soon as the sale begins if you want to purchase in-person to ensure the best selection.

It’s also vital to keep in mind that Victoria’s Secret printable coupons are invalid during semi-annual deals. On the first day, prices have already been discounted by 50%. Certain goods get weekly price reductions of up to 75%.

Though not all items will mark down in the same way, bear that in mind. Victoria’s Secret offers new product discounts each week.

How Long Does Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale Last?

Only a few weeks pass during each semi-annual sale at Victoria’s Secret. When the sale draws to a close, everything is quickly gone through. Fortunately, Victoria’s Secret provides numerous extra promotions to look forward to throughout the year.

Victoria’s Secret Memorial Day Sale

Customers can anticipate discounts on items like $19.99 bras, $3.99 panties, and $9.99 PINKs at Victoria’s Secret’s Memorial Day Sale on May 27. We are hoping for the same this year as the previous few years have also included scented body care deals.

Victoria’s Secret Summer Sale

The mid-year Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale and the Victoria’s Secret Summer Sale both take place in June and July. As a result, the sale will save you a lot of money, with savings of up to 70%.

Many sale products will be released throughout the event, but it is better to attend early for the best selection.

Victoria’s Secret Fall Sale

Even though the dates may change, the Victoria’s Secret Autumn Sale offers some fantastic savings on bras and underwear, especially in the form of bundles. The Autumn Sale may also include free Victoria’s Secret apparel and offers on beauty products.

Victoria’s Secret 7 for $28 Sale

Although the dates of the Victoria’s Secret 7 for $28 sale are not announced in advance, they typically take place in February, March, May, July, and October. Because you may mix and match your preferred styles for just $28 for 7 products, the offer is well-liked.

The 10-hour sale around early October also offers an 8 for $28 deal to Victoria’s Secret Angel Card holders.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Friday Sale

Every year on the first Friday in August, there is a sale called “PINK Friday.” It’s a terrific back-to-school sale for necessities like:

  • with the purchase of $150 in PINK products, receive a free Sherpa blanket.
  • Bras in PINK are $20 (usually $34.95).)
  • Pink t-shirts cost $20 or less (normally $34.99)
  • PINK underwear costs $7 for $25 (instead of $10.50 apiece).)

Victoria’s Secret Black Friday Sale

Beginning on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and running until the following Friday is the Victoria’s Secret Black Friday Sale. It is always the year’s biggest sale.

Free presents were a part of previous Victoria’s Secret Black Friday promotions. However beginning in 2019, they continued to offer Buy One Get One Free on their renowned bras, undergarments, and cosmetic goods. Also, if you spend $20, you’ll get a $20 Victoria’s Secret Rewards card that you may use a week later.

Victoria’s Secret Cyber Monday

Every year, the Monday following Thanksgiving is when Victoria’s Secret holds its Cyber Monday sale.

With free shipping on orders of $30 or more and a unique coupon code just for that day, it’s one of Victoria’s Secret’s busiest online shopping days of the year.

On the majority of in-store purchases, the Victoria’s Secret online sale will save you 40%. Also, given that they consistently offer such discounts, you may anticipate a Cyber Monday coupon good for 20% off orders over $125.

But, keep in mind that things like swimwear, cosmetic products, clearance, and non-PINK clothing are excluded from the deal.

Victoria’s Secret Winter Sale

Around December and January is when the Victoria’s Secret Winter Sale takes place. During the winter semi-annual sale, you can shop for your preferred bras, pants, sleepwear, and athletics. Also, you can get free swag, such as water bottles and other freebies, when you buy Victoria’s Secret totes during the sale.

It’s the ideal time to purchase swimwear and save up to 80%. Nevertheless, compared to 80% off during the Secret Winter Sale, swimwear is just 30% off during the summer semi-annual. During the off-season, you’ll find the best prices on swimwear.

Victoria’s Secret Outlet Sales

Products at the Victoria’s Secret outlet store are discounted up to 75%. They also offer steep discounts on shirts, totes, and beauty goods that have been discontinued but are still in high demand.

Additionally, the outlet stores accept the use of your Angel card. But, as of this writing, the outlet stores do not take Angel Points.

Victoria’s Secret and PINK brands are sold in Victoria’s Secret outlet outlets. Also, just like their retail counterparts, the stores provide complimentary bra fittings. There is, however, one key distinction: since returns are not permitted, all purchases are considered final.

Although outlets don’t necessarily sell the same items in their retail locations, you can find some overlap. For instance, Victoria’s Secret Outlet stores provide inexpensive, unique fragrances that aren’t sold in regular stores. Moreover, PINK bras can cost as little as $6.99, whereas Victoria’s Secret bras cost about $9.99.

The following cities have Victoria’s Secret stores nearby:

  • Orlando, FL
  • Auburn, WA
  • CA San Ysidro
  • Orange, CA
  • Texas San Marcos
  • Elizabeth, NJ
  • Riverhead, NY
  • MI Auburn Hills
  • Aurora, IL

Victoria’s Secret Warehouse Sale

A four-day event is the Victoria’s Secret Warehouse Sale. The first two days are reserved for L Brand staff; the remaining two days are open to the general public.

L Brands clothing and cosmetics are offered at fantastic discounts during this Victoria’s Secret sale. Large boxes of clothing are scattered all over the place, creating a little chaos. The enormous boxes are disorganized and filled with clothing. The prices are discovered by the customers by searching through the boxes and a master pricing sheet.

For the special sale, there are hundreds of people in line, so getting there early is advised. Only your wallet or wristlet may be brought. Also, leave the kids at home so you may be independent and away from the chaos.

Victoria’s Secret Pink Clearance Sale

Limited-time clearance deals are a common occurrence at Victoria’s Secret PINK. Use the discount codes EXTRA25 and VCSHIP25 at checkout to receive free shipping for Angel cardholders on orders totaling at least $25.

Profit from leggings discounts up to 75% off and an extra 25% off clearance products. Certain things, like Victoria’s Secret apparel and cosmetics, can be had for as little as $2.24.

Shop today and buy your favorite PINK goods because it’s crucial to remember that items and sizes sell out quickly.

to begin your shopping during the Victoria’s Secret PINK Clearance Sale!

Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Day Sale

The first half of February is when the Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Day Sale takes place. Everything you need for the big day is available in one sale, including soothing odors, accessories, romantic laces and lingerie, and fragrances.

This year, we anticipate the return of numerous well-liked Valentine’s Day promotions, like Buy 2, Get 2 Beauty Items Free and many others.

When are the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sales?

Every year, there is a small difference in the semi-annual Victoria’s Secret sales dates. Nevertheless, the Winter Sale is held from Christmas Day through January, while the Summer Sale typically lasts from June to July.

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When is the Next Victoria’s Secret Sale?

The next Victoria’s Secret Sale is based on the time of the year and will be announced here as well as upcoming sales that you won’t want to miss. Keep an eye on the for updates as well.

How Often Does Victoria’s Secret Have Sales?

Online and in-store sales for Victoria’s Secret are ongoing. For illustration, the Victoria’s Secret website now offers the following discounts:

  • : $9.99 and up
  • : $3.99 and up
  • : $24.99 and up
  • : $9.99 and up
  • : $3.99 and up
  • : $4.99 and up
  • : $5.99 and up
  • : $10.99 and up
  • : $3.99 and up

When is the Next Victoria’s Secret Panty Sale?

Victoria’s Secret always tends to have a panty sale online. For example, they currently have promo sale online, as of this writing. This limited-time sale lets you choose from a variety of adorable new styles.

All year round, there are Victoria’s Secret Panty Sales. So that you don’t have to pay full price for a pair of pants that you may purchase for less during a promotion, keep an eye out.

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What is the Victoria’s Secret Return Policy on Sale Items?

You can exchange or return any in-store purchases under Victoria’s Secret’s return policy for sale products. The in-store return policy also applies to items that are on sale or clearance and to gifts you’ve received. Online purchases can also be returned, including ones made for gifts, lingerie, semi-annual sale products, swimwear, UGGs, sale, and clearance.

It’s crucial to note that purchases that have had the sewn-in garment tags taken off or removed cannot be returned or exchanged.

We recommend signing up for the for updates and alerts on upcoming sales.

Items from Victoria’s Secret and PINK can be returned for a cash refund within 90 days with a receipt. In addition, you can get store credit without a receipt under Victoria’s Secret’s 90-day return policy.

The item may still be returned for the lowest selling price even if you misplace your receipt. Only $250 worth of unopened items, however, may be returned within 90 days. Bring your ID with you so we can verify you.

If you got a free gift from Victoria’s Secret along with the item you are returning, the value of that gift will be subtracted from your refund.

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Does Victoria’s Secret Have a Gift Card Sale?

No, there isn’t a gift card deal at Victoria’s Secret. A free gift card is occasionally provided as an added bonus with a minimum purchase during a Victoria’s Secret sale, though.

You’ll need to visit a site like Raise to buy a Victoria’s Secret discounted gift card.

Use our to get $5 off your first purchase.

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What’s the Victoria’s Secret Employee Discount?

Discounts are one of the company’s employee perks at Victoria’s Secret. New hires get 20% off on normal purchases when they join. Later, after two weeks, products are discounted by 30% for part-time Victoria’s Secret employees and 40% for full-time employees.

Before Christmas, employees also get an additional 10% off.

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Victoria’s Secret Sale Calendar Summary

Every year, Victoria’s Secret hosts a number of sales events. The Semi-Annual Sale, Summer Sale, Memorial Day Sale, 7 for $28 Sale, Fall Sale, Labor Day Sale, Black Friday Sale, and Cyber Monday Sale are the most well-liked Victoria’s Secret sale dates.

Customers now expect the in-store and online deals on a regular basis. Following the sale dates can help you save money every year on your favorite products, including fragrance, body spray, body lotion, push-up bras, strapless bras, pajama sets, sweatshirts, swimwear, Bombshell bras, underwear sale 10 for $35, and pink backpacks, sweaters, and wireless bras.

Check out our guide for online and physical store purchases of Victoria’s Secret gift cards today.

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