Venmo Payment App Free Credit

The first 5,000 users who sign up via Android Police for the Venmo mobile payment app will receive a free $7 credit. To receive your free $7 credit, simply sign up using this Venmo $7 Credit Link and adhere to the instructions.

UPDATE:  This is now at this link.

The complete instructions, as well as some information in the comments in case you have any questions, are available at Android Police. Only the first 5,000 customers who sign up for Venmo using the unique link will receive this free $7 credit, but the credits are limited, so act quickly to secure yours right away.

In essence, you must click the link and supply your phone number. To click on a link from your SMS message, they will text you. Once you have downloaded the Venmo APP, you will see your Facebook friends there. Really cool. It actually showed a few of my friends exchanging cash. It only offered me $1 since I had previously been invited by a friend, and once someone invites you, the promotion is removed. Alternatively, it could be that I use an iPhone and this appears to be designed for Androids. How did you fare with this? It appears to be a helpful app in either case.

Existing Venmo customers are not eligible for this deal, which is also only available to citizens of the United States.

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