Top 20 Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

Is this your idea for a business? Wow, congrats on that since it takes courage to even fantasize about it. Let’s get started on the next step: thinking some amazing ideas that you can implement with as little money as possible.

Manufacturing is an industry that you can break into. In addition, India requires more manufacturing startups right now in order to minimize its reliance on imported products. You’re going to support #vocalforlocal and #madeinindia!

Manufacturing has always been recognized to provide stable profits throughout time (as long as the business is timed correctly and handled properly).

Although some manufacturing business ideas may demand more capital than others, they all boil down to how successfully you execute basic business principles.

This post focuses on suggestions for starting a small top manufacturing company. Please keep in mind that these are only suggestions; before pursuing any of them, conduct market research, consult professionals in the sector, and conduct due diligence.

Top 20 Manufacturing Business Ideas

1) Furniture Production and Renting 

Because there will probably always be demand for furniture, this might be one of the most profitable manufacturing business ideas to start.

The majority of Indian cities feature furniture rental businesses. You can choose to sell the furniture straight away, rent it out, or do a combination of the two. For both parties, renting out is a win-win arrangement.

You will receive a consistent monthly revenue in the form of rent, and the procurer will not be forced to spend a lot of money on new furnishings, especially if they anticipate moving out soon. To begin, you’ll require roughly INR 1 lakh to INR 5 lakh, depending on the production scale you want to achieve.

2) Handmade Cookies or Home Made Bakery Items 

This could be one of the best manufacturing company ideas you can come up with if you enjoy cooking and baking. Consumers are always on the lookout for new flavors, and handmade food is frequently preferred. You can start small and scale up based on demand, depending on what products you want to make.

The only raw materials necessary are food ingredients and cooking appliances, as well as logistics to transport the goods to the customers.

But, with a plethora of low-cost logistic options accessible, particularly in large cities, you may concentrate entirely on making that one delicious biscuit or bakery item. Encourage them to return for more!

This business can be started with as low as INR 50,000. Yet, because of the competition from other homemade food enterprises, this firm demands substantial marketing efforts.

3) Mineral / Purified Water 

Mineral water is one of those commodities that will never go out of style. Mineral water is always in demand, whether for everyday use or bulk orders for events or weddings.

People are more willing to pay more for high-quality, clean drinking water as their awareness of health and hygiene grows. You can start this business on a basic scale with roughly INR 2 lakh and grow it as demand grows.

This is one of the new manufacturing business ideas that requires a moderate investment.

4) Jewellery 

If you are an enthusiastic Instagram user, you will notice that there are numerous little pages selling handcrafted jewelry. It’s popular since it’s less expensive than typical gold jewelry yet still looks great. Because many ladies enjoy matching jewelry, fake jewelry is one way for them to have everything they desire.

If you have the ability to identify what makes people look better through jewelry, this is one of the best manufacturing business ideas to start with. You can start this business with as little as INR 50,000 and work from home. At least at first.

5) Garment 

Garments are always in high demand. Consumers are always on the lookout for unique and distinctive designs that set them apart from the competition.

A garment production unit can be started with as little as INR 5 lakh and scale up to crores of rupees, making it one of India’s most scalable manufacturing business ideas.

6) Spice Powders 

Returning to the previous point, individuals are continually on the hunt for new flavors. Very real and handmade flavors.

This is one of the best small-scale manufacturing business ideas if you have a way with spices and can build some incredible formulae.

While many large spice manufacturing businesses still fail to deliver real taste, you can carve out a niche for yourself.

There is no going back if you can be pure and original in your taste. You can start this business with as little as INR 30,000, depending on how much spices you want to create and who you want to sell to.

7) Exotic Soaps 

Because people are becoming more beauty concerned, this is one of the manufacturing business ideas that could work! Many individuals are beginning to be hesitant to purchase mass-produced soaps due to the chemicals in them, which may hurt their skin.

It makes sense to enter into exotic soap manufacture because India also has a long tradition of employing natural ingredients for excellent health.

Learn about the benefits of various herbs for your skin and how to combine them with soap. It is one of the least researched small-scale manufacturing company concepts in India.

You can sell your products online or seek out supermarkets or local businesses to host them.

You can start making exotic soap for as little as INR 50,000.

8) Ghee and Other Milk Products 

Milk products such as ghee, cottage cheese, and butter are continually in demand across the country. This desire is one of the many manufacturing business ideas that the market will appreciate.

People are looking for new, authentic tastes and healthier alternatives to what is currently available on the market. You might start making ghee or cottage cheese with as few ingredients as possible and sell it to your local audience. If it goes over well, you may sell it online and even have it displayed in stores, supermarkets, and other locations.

This is another manufacturing business idea that may be started with just INR 10,000. Yet, you’ll need to learn how to work with milk and build a flavor profile for milk goods in order to make them stand out from the competition.

9) Fresh Fruit Juice 

If you’ve been following the local business scene in India recently, you’ve probably seen a lot of press. In essence, they produce fresh juices that are free of chemicals and other preservatives often present in mass processing. People enjoy contributing to their own health, thus there is a market for this.

You may either sell the fruit juice online or partner with bakeries, ice cream shops, and supermarkets to sell it. To begin, you’ll need fruits, juice-making kitchen utensils, and storage equipment.

As a result, this is a fresh manufacturing business idea with a moderate investment. To start this business, set aside roughly INR 1 lakh.

10) Chocolates 

There are relatively few people on this planet who do not enjoy chocolate. Because it does not require a large amount of startup cash, this is one of the most profitable manufacturing company ideas to start. Even the marketing isn’t as thorough as some of the other suggestions.

Handmade chocolates offer a better taste and nutritional profile than mass-produced chocolates. As a result, demand for these handcrafted chocolates is on the rise.

At special occasions and holiday seasons, it can be significantly larger. You can also sell your chocolates in bakeries if you believe they’re extremely good!

You can begin making chocolate with as little as INR 20,000.

11) Phone Accessories 

Think about it: we all use our smartphones. This is one of the top manufacturing company ideas to start. We all enjoy customizing and protecting it.

You’re in the game if you can design unique smartphone covers for all popular phone models.!

You can also make your own tempered glass if you have a slightly bigger appetite for investment. You can sell it online or supply it to mobile phone stores. To stand out, make sure the quality and inventiveness are top-notch.

This small-scale manufacturing business concept can be started for as little as INR 75,000, or as much as INR 1.5 lakh if you want to be more ambitious.

12) Automobile Parts

It is a thriving industry because spare parts are in high demand for all types of automobiles. You can make a lot of money in India if you click on manufacturing business ideas.

Nonetheless, it is always advisable to start small with any industry and gradually expand up as demand grows.

But, because you’ll require high-tech machinery, staff, and space to start a small firm, you’ll need roughly INR 5 lakh. You must maintain consistency in your product production.

13) Homemade Candles 

Making homemade candles and other wax goods is another manufacturing company idea that you would enjoy if you enjoy DIY (Do It Yourself). People buy candles not just for religious reasons, but also for decoration, as candles provide a nice ambiance within homes.

You can sell scented candles on your own website or through current e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and others. If your product is truly exceptional, you might approach the hospitality industry, such as hotels, to have it evaluated.

This business can be started with as low as INR 50,000, but you will need help from others and a medium-sized facility.

14) Stationery 

People adore unusual stationery! This is one of the small-scale manufacturing business ideas that you should consider. A few colorful papers, markers, a sketch pen, and a lot of imagination can be used to make stationery. You can make notebooks, journals, mini-books, and other things.

There is always a desire for unique products, especially in the stationery industry. It’s because people prefer their note books and notebook books to be personalized, unique, and attractive.

Starting with INR 20,000, you may start making own notebooks. This pricing may increase depending on the complexity of the designs and the quality of paper you wish to supply. Consider this one of the manufacturing business ideas in India to get started with the next time you want to start something new.

15) Homemade Bags 

Due to the saturation of exciting designs in traditional markets, this sector is also seeing a lot of demand. Create handmade bags for various purposes to put your creativity to the test.

Likewise, make sure you use raw materials that aren’t sourced from animals. Because of the growing awareness of animal exploitation for raw materials, cruelty-free products are becoming increasingly popular.

You can start with as little as INR 1 lakh, depending on the scale you wish to target. Despite the fact that this is one of the manufacturing business ideas that requires more capital, the rewards might be enormous.

16) Pickle 

In India, a product like papad never goes out of style. Pickles can be made to suit a wide range of tastes and materials. The best part is that they are simple to make at home with limited resources.

All you need are raw food materials and packaging machines to make your pickle. This is the one to start if you’re looking for the most profitable manufacturing business ideas. Begin with a budget of roughly INR 10,000.

17) Papad

It’s one of India’s legitimate small-scale manufacturing business ideas. Papad is consumed throughout the country, from south to north, east to west. The feeling and love it receives are the same regardless of what it is termed in any language.

People seek for new flavours, which is a basic dietary premise. Make a solid recipe and gather the tools you’ll need to make your papads. If you want to sell these papads commercially, you’ll also need a sealing machine and packing sheets.

You can start with an investment of roughly INR 30,000 and grow up depending on demand. If you get some positive feedback from your customers, you can even approach local stores to sell your papads.

18) Readymade Roti / Paratha / Chapathi 

This will appeal to folks who are pressed for time and do not have the energy to cook every day. As a result, they frequently order from restaurants, endangering their health.

Provide half-cooked ready-to-cook roti/paratha or chapati to overcome this problem. Folks will only need to heat it for a few minutes on a skillet to have bread that is as near to homemade as possible. An initial investment of roughly INR 2 lakh is required to start this business.

19) Coconut Oil 

You can make your own coconut oil if you reside in an area where coconut is readily available.

It is a highly nutritious food that may be used for both beauty and cooking. If coconuts are readily available to you, you have a slight advantage right away.

You may thrive in both home and foreign markets if you maintain quality and consistency in your production. This is also one of the manufacturing company ideas in India that you may start with less than INR 1 lakh (around INR 60-70k depending on scale).

20) Paper Bags 

There is also an increased awareness of recyclable products. You may help the environment by investing a small sum in the production of paper bags and envelopes.

To get started with this business, you will typically require waste newspapers and similar products, as well as some support. Because to the general goal of attempting to protect the environment, many stores such as gift shops and supermarkets have a high demand for this.

With around INR 30,000, you can start your paper bag business. This is one of the few manufacturing business concepts that is environmentally friendly.

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Summary of Top 20 Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

Please keep in mind that these are only estimations. The cost estimates may vary dramatically depending on the size of your firm, the specifics of your activities, and the region from which you intend to operate.

Sr. No. Manufacturing Business Ideas  Initial Investment Required (Minimum) in INR
1 Furniture Production and Renting 1,00,000
2 Homemade Bakery Items  50,000
3 Mineral / Purified Water  2,00,000
4 Jewellery 50,000
5 Garment 5,00,000
6 Spice Powders 30,000
7 Exotic Soaps 50,000
8 Ghee and Other Milk Products 10,000
9 Fresh Fruit Juice 1,00,000
10 Chocolates 20,000
11 Phone Accessories 75,000
12 Automobile Parts 5,00,000
13 Homemade Candles 50,000
14 Stationery 20,000
15 Homemade Bags 1,00,000
16 Pickle 10,000
17 Papad 30,000
18 Readymade Roti / Paratha / Chapathi  2,00,000
19 Coconut Oil 60,000
20 Paper Bags 30,000


These are some of India’s best manufacturing business ideas. Begin with the option that best suits your needs in terms of money, preference, and resource availability. Continue to be persistent, and good luck with your business!

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