Top 15 Best Reselling Apps In India

Reselling apps have grown in popularity over the last few decades, assisting individuals in establishing internet enterprises.

Nonetheless, it is true that resale apps help to build the foundations of online income. It offers a genuine way to sell and acquire things with no upfront costs. In this article, we’ll show you the top 15 resale apps in India that have given consumers a new method to make money.

It provides an online marketplace where you may purchase and sell a variety of things without having to pay a commission to the brokers.

Also, it simplifies the trading procedure because all you have to do is download the app, take images of the commodities (items), and submit them to the site; buyers will contact you eventually, and you won’t have to go anywhere. You may complete the entire process from the comfort of your own home using your phone. It seems thrilling!

We understand why reselling apps are popular, so what’s stopping you from trying one of these user-friendly reselling apps? Let’s take a look at the top 15 reselling apps in India by scrolling down this page.

15 Best Reselling Apps In India

1) Meesho – Resell, Work From Home, Earn Money Online

Meesho is an indigenous e-commerce platform launched by Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwell in 2015 that enables small businesses to grow and earn more. Moreover, it becomes a top choice of homemakers that enables them to earn money without spending a single coin. 

It makes reselling simple; all you have to do is share the products on your social media accounts. You will receive the commission if one of the members purchases the product, and you can profit without doing anything.

Meesho becomes India’s No. 1 resale app by empowering small companies, earning it a 4.5 rating and more than 10 million downloads. It provides a unique and simple means of income that helps individuals on a unique level. It also offers weekly awards and bonuses to entice buyers and sellers to utilize this incredible reselling tool.

Meesho Reseller App Features:

It has unique features that are not available in any other Indian resale app. The following are some of its characteristics:

  • Starting an online store is a simple process.
  • A large choice of products are available at a reasonable price.
  • Return policy is simple.
  • Option to pay cash on delivery
  • With no investment, anyone can make a commission.

Rating: 4.5

10 million+ downloads+

Platforms for download: Google Play Store, App Store

2) eBay Reseller App

eBay is the oldest app working in India; however, it was designed in California but spread its wings in many countries. The reselling app promotes B2B and C2C business and provides a stunning platform where you can easily sell and buy shipped items worldwide. It allows local businesses to list with it and gear the shipping cost of products in bulk. 

By just registering on eBay, you can purchase and sell a range of things, including cosmetics, clothing, gadgets, cameras, home furnishings, cars, and much more. It significantly boosts product sales and provides you with distinct perks.

It has risen to the top of the list of resale applications in India, and it is widely utilized by online merchants, who give it a 4.6 rating. You can quickly establish a strong brand with the help of this ecommerce platform.

eBay Reseller App Features:

eBay is well-known for its fantastic tools that help buyers and sellers communicate more effectively.

  • Advanced search engine with zip code search
  • User-friendly eCommerce platform
  • Provide free shipping to save money.
  • Simple product cataloguing and listing
  • Possess the ability to look for bargains

Rating: 4.6

10 million+ downloads+

Platforms for download: Google Play Store, App Store

3) Carousell Reseller App

Carousell emerged at a fast pace as the best eCommerce platform to sell and buy a wide range of products. It brings back the life of second-hand products, here you can easily earn from the useless products of your home. However, it majorly deals in clothing and automobiles, allowing people to gain high commissions. 

It is a platform that originated in Singapore and has since grown to become the most popular reselling app in the world, including India. With a 4.7 rating and over 10,000,000 downloads, it ranks at the top of India’s best-selling apps.

You may quickly sign up with Carousell and share things with your contacts; this allows you to earn money without having to sell anything.

Carousell Reseller App Features:

It has excellent characteristics that contribute to its growing popularity.

  • Seamless store establishment 
  • Easily log in without any problems
  • Robust customer support
  • Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites are available.
  • Products from well-known brands are available.

Rating: 4.7

10 million+ downloads+

Platforms for download: Google Play Store, App Store

4) GlowRoad: Work from Home, Earn Money Online, Start Reselling

GlowRoad is a top trusted online trading app that features excellent benefits to the people. Here you can get more than 1lakh quality products categorized into distinctive product categories with an affordable range. 

It allows people to instantly create an account using their phone number. Furthermore, it is rapidly gaining popularity, with a 4.5 rating and over 10 million downloads.

GlowRoad has a high level of credibility because it promises to deliver things on time and keeps its word. It not only promotes an original business concept, but it also assists homemakers, students, and small enterprises in earning more money from their homes.

GlowRoad Reseller App Features:

You will be astounded to learn about its features, as it offers a unique choice of products in several categories and bestows exceptional benefits such as:

  • Easy-to-use reselling app
  • Features easy-to-return policy
  • Create unique things at an affordable price.
  • On-time delivery with the option of paying cash on delivery

Rating: 4.5

10 million+ downloads+

Platforms for download: Google Play Store, App Store

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5) Mercari Reseller App – Your Marketplace

This eCommerce platform is being used by people to make money with their skills. You can sell and buy handcrafted items here, such as clothing, cosmetics, decorative objects, and more. It was originally developed in Japan and released in the United States in 2014.

Mercari is such an ingenious reselling app that promotes handcrafting, and it’s especially beneficial for women and housewives. Users are delighted with this eCommerce platform that reflects in their reviews and feedback. Furthermore, it drastically emerged as the top reselling app because of its authentic features. 

If you’re unsure how to get started with something new, Mercari is the best platform available. Here you can showcase your talent and turn it into a source of income.

Mercari Reseller App Features:

Mercari is well-known for its excellent features, which include the following:

  • Excellent opportunity to showcase your skills.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • A wide range of products are available for free shipping.
  • Any item can be exchanged without any issues.

Rating: 4.7

10 million+ downloads+

Uptodown, Google Play, and the App Store are all available for download.

6) CarWale: Buy-Sell New & Used Cars

You’ve probably heard of this term because it’s a well-known site for selling and buying used and new automobiles at the greatest prices. This app is at the top of the list of the best reselling applications in India. Users frequently use this app to check the prices and offers of cars in their immediate vicinity and to obtain the finest market notion for buying and selling a car.

CarWale allows verified users to access this platform, and here you can find genuine car sellers. Plus, you can buy affordable ranges of cars with the easiest options to pay.  

CarWale achieves rapid success because it not only provides a platform for buying and selling various car models. But it also allows its users to employ specialized assessment tools to assess the current market price.

CarWale Reseller App Features:

Because of its unique features, CarWale received a 4.6 rating.

  • Use CarWale to connect with real buyers.
  • List your used automobiles quickly and easily for an exclusive pricing.
  • Excellent customer support
  • Advanced valuation tools

Rating: 4.6

5,000,000+ downloads+

Platforms for download: Google Play Store, App Store

7) Shop 101: Resell, Work From Home, Make Money App

Explore Shop 101 if you’re looking for the greatest reseller app. It helps a lot of small businesses by giving them a dependable platform to sell and earn a variety of products.

Shop 101 has more than 90 lakh registered customers, including resellers and wholesalers. You can easily use this app by downloading it from the Google play store; it features free registration, so you can effectively create your account and page where you can sell whatever items you like. 

Shop 101 Reseller App Features:

Unlike Meesho, it aimed to provide a platform for housewives and women to work from home. As a result, it has amazing features:

  • Various products are available.
  • Exciting cashback offers
  • Gain high commission

Rating: 4.5

10 million+ downloads+

Platforms for download: Google Play Store, App Store

8) Olx : Buy & Sell Near You with Online Classifieds

Olx is a familiar reseller app for Indians as it provides an authentic marketplace to sell and buy used items. Here you can get all-inclusive products from clothing to cars at a genuine price. 

It has a chat first function that detects bogus people and allows you to distinguish between spammers and genuine consumers. Furthermore, by quickly picking up the merchandise, vendors might make a large profit.

Olx is a fantastic online marketplace for selling your used stuff; there is no better place than this genuine software.

Olx Reseller App Features:

Because of its fantastic features, it makes the list of top resale applications in India:

  • Profile creation is simple.
  • Obtain a detailed overview of the product.
  • Option to chat for better communication
  • Get the greatest discounts and bestsellers in your area.

Rating: 4.2

100 million+ downloads+

Platforms for download: Google Play Store, App Store

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9) Quikr Reseller App in India

Quikr app gained a lot of popularity within a couple of years as it became a top hub of used gadgets, furniture, clothes, vehicles and many more. Like its name, it endows quick delivery and service at your doorstep. 

It’s an incredible feature that makes renting and selling houses much easier. It’s a unique option that other resale applications don’t mention.

It is profound in the top position among reselling apps, with 4.3 stars and over 10,000,000 downloads.

Quikr Reseller App Features:

Quikr provides excellent features that allow users to have a fantastic time buying and selling products:

  • Allows for full-time and part-time employment.
  • Used items at a reasonable price are available.
  • Excellent place to look for houses.
  • Service of pick-up and drop-off

Rating: 4.1

10 million+ downloads+

Platforms for download: Google Play Store, App Store

10) OfferUp: Buy, Sell, Letgo. Mobile marketplace

Large options of vehicles, clothes, accessories, home appliances and much more products are available on this mobile marketplace. Additionally, OfferUp interpolates rewards and exciting offers for regular customers. 

Consider this if you’re seeking for a dependable reselling app. It gives buyers and merchants feedback opportunities to outbid customer experience. With 10 million downloads and a 4.5 rating, it currently ranks first among reselling apps.

OfferUp Reseller App Features:

Its features are unique and designed with users in mind.

  • Excellent customer service
  • This app is simple to sign up for.
  • Buyers and sellers can communicate via chat.
  • There are thousands of products to choose from.

Rating: 4.5

10 million+ downloads+

Platforms for download: Google Play Store, App Store

11) Amazon : Seller-Sell Products, Start Business Online

Amazon is a worldwide known platform to sell and buy a massive range of products. It gained a reputable position in the online market; people trust this site for excellent service and affordable products range. 

Furthermore, they are known for their great characteristics, which include a simple return policy, prompt shipping, and the availability of high-quality products.

No one in India is now ignorant of this amazing reselling app because it provides its consumers with exactly what they want. As a result, it is at the top of the list, with a 4.4 rating and over 5,000,000 downloads.

Amazon App Features:

Amazon has become the preferred choice of shoppers and sellers due to its outstanding features.

  • 24-hour client service
  • Branded products are available at a reasonable price.
  • Certain items are eligible for free delivery.
  • Cash on delivery is an option.
  • You can have whatever you want.

Rating: 4.4

100 million+ downloads+

Platforms for download: Google Play Store, App Store

12) ZyMi Reseller App

ZyMi is an authentic online marketplace where you can easily start your online shop without any investments. It offers user-friendly features with easy to buy and sell options. 

The best aspect about this service is that you can easily set up an online business and earn money without putting in any effort. Many of branded products are available at wholesale prices.

ZyMi Reseller App Features:

Take advantage of fantastic benefits from one of India’s most popular reselling apps.

  • Purchase a branded product at a discount.
  • Genuine website for buying and selling
  • A collection of brand-new, trendy items

Rating: 2.8

Downloads: 50K+

Platforms for download: Google Play Store, App Store

13) Cartlay: Reseller Online Shop, Work From Home

Cartlay is one of the great reselling platforms where you can earn without spending money. It is already associated with more than 10,00,000 registered users and uplifting its position at a fast pace. 

This app is well-known for providing high-quality things at a reasonable price. It also provides 24-hour customer care and the quickest delivery service.

As a result, it will be a better place for beginners to make more without making any investments. Simply join our site and start earning right now.

Cartlay Reseller App Features:

Because of its unrivaled capabilities, it is regarded as India’s greatest resale app.

  • Cartley wallet is used to pay for things.
  • Return policy is simple.
  • Fastest shipping

Rating: 1.8

Downloads: 100K+

Platforms for download: Google Play Store, App Store

14) LetGo: Buy & Sell Used Stuff

Whether you desire to buy or sell used and secondhand products, LetGo is a great space to use. LetGo emerged as the convenient online marketplace with more than 100M downloads. 

Its wonderful characteristics prominently assist small and rural enterprises. In addition, compared to other reselling applications in India, it offers reasonably priced shopping areas.

It earned a secure place in the online marketing apps with a 4.3 rating and high customer trust.

LetGo Reseller App Features:

It facilitates the following exciting features:

  • Several products are available.
  • Quickly resolve customer complaints
  • Platform for rural companies that is simple to use

Rating: 4.3

Downloads: 30K+

Platforms for download: Softonic for Android, App Store

15) 5miles: Buy and Sell Locally 

5miles is such an awesome reselling app in India, especially for urban businesses, as it supports local businesses with robust customer support. You can easily compare prices and products on this platform and find out the best nearby reseller. 

It has become a popular choice among users, with 4.4 stars and 5,000,000 installs. You can offer your products, such as furniture, home accessories, antiques, electronics, and many others, with ease.

5miles Reseller App Features:

It provides buyers with a comfortable shopping environment while advertising its unique qualities.

  • Identified users
  • Possibility of leaving feedback and reviews
  • A simple platform for buying and selling
  • Resolve customer complaints in a timely manner.

Rating: 4.2

Downloads: 40K+

Platforms for download: Softonic for Android, App Store

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Final Thoughts 

It can be difficult to find the best resale app in India because there are so many options on the Play Store, but we’ve made it easier by listing the top 15 reselling applications.

All of the reselling applications are quite easy to use and have received high ratings and favorable feedback. You can use the reselling apps with confidence because we thoroughly researched and listed the finest for buying, selling, and earning.

Don’t rely on others; establish your own business with these applications and attain new levels of success in a short period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reselling app? 

The reselling app is an online platform where you can make money by selling things and buy products at a low cost. Because reselling apps are popular, you may take use of the greatest one.

How can I start reselling business?

Reselling is no longer a difficult company to start because there is now a large choice of reselling applications available in India that allow you to start a business without investing any money. Simply register or make an account on any of the resale platforms listed above, then share products with your group or publish new and used items in various categories. It allows you to profit quickly and easily, and you can immediately begin your reselling business.

Is online reselling beneficial in India? 

Certainly, during the recent pandemic, people were spotted widely engaged in reselling apps and earning large sums of money without difficulty. As a result, it is apparent that the internet resale industry in India has a promising future.

What are the advantages that I avail of from a reselling app in India? 

A reselling app can provide you with a number of benefits:

– Start business with zero investment
– No need for any kind of experience
– Work comfortably without any pressure
– Easily choose a variety of products to sell and buy

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