Top 10 Virtual Credit Cards In India

The country’s online payment systems are rapidly evolving. The shape of money transactions has shifted dramatically, from online banking to UPI. Also, virtual credit cards are growing popularity in India. There are numerous inquiries regarding them, the most common of which is what is the greatest virtual credit card in India.

For international transactions, which virtual credit card should be used? Virtual credit cards allow you to transact safely and securely online. They can be a great alternative to using physical credit cards for transactions.

We will focus on the top 10 virtual In India, credit cards are accepted. that have performed well in the recent past.

Top 10 Virtual Credit Cards In India

1. HDFC NetSafe Card

HDFC NetFace is the banking service provided by HDFC bank to create a virtual card with your HDFC credit card number. It can be used for online shopping. It provides you with high security while shopping. This is a one-time use card. HDFC is one of the best virtual credit card in India.

Every day, a cardholder can create up to five virtual credit cards. The card has a two-day expiration period. The credit card’s limit is based on the amount the cardholder has deposited. After the card has expired, the remaining balance is credited to the primary source, which is the cardholder’s account. Cardholders can customize the amount list to their liking.

NetSafe virtual credit cards that employ VISA/Mastercard cards are accepted by every online store. Virtual credit card purchases will appear on your bank statement just like regular credit card purchases.

There is no charge for creating a virtual credit card.

2. SBI Virtual Credit Card

The E-card or SBI virtual credit card issued by the SBI provides you a safe and secure way of online shopping at a merchant website. SBI Virtual credit card is accepted at every store that accepts VISA/Mastercard. SBI Virtual credit card is valid for up to two days. The card will be canceled if not used. It is effortless to generate SBI virtual cards by just using Internet Banking.

Cardholders can create cards for as little as 100 dollars and as much as 50,000 dollars. It is a single-use card. Cardholders can use the card to transact in three countries: India, Nepal, and Bhutan.

In a single day, cardholders can generate an unlimited number of cards. The remaining funds will be credited to the user after the expiration date. The virtual credit card does not have an issuance fee.

3. LazyPay Virtual Credit Card

LazyPay is a credit platform powered by the PayU payment portal. Users can use LazyPay to purchase goods at the merchant’s website. Users can borrow up to ₹ 1 lakh. The loan amount depends on the individual’s cibil score. The virtual credit card can be accessed even if you do not own a credit card. However, users need to complete the KYC process to access the credit benefits. LazyPay is one of the best virtual credit cards in India.

It allows consumers to pay for purchases on Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, and other partners with EMIs.

4. ecoPayz Virtual Credit Card

ecoPayz is a virtual credit card powered by the Mastercard gateway of payment. ecoPayz presents one of the most secure and safe ways of online transactions. ecoPayz credit card is available in 8 currencies. It offers a pan world service. Users can spend the money worldwide wherever Mastercard is accepted. ecoPayz is among the best virtual credit cards in India.

Because all credit card data is virtual and blocked after one use, the card cannot be stolen or misplaced. There is no charge for creating a virtual credit card.

It can be issued to anyone and doesn’t require a bank account. It provides an easy and quick applying process. ecoPayz credit card can be used for online transactions. Users can enable or disable the credit card via the ecoPayz application. There are no minimum spends and no pre-set amounts on the card.

5. ICICI Bank Virtual Credit Card

ICICI bank virtual credit card is an E-card, generally issued for online transactions. The e-card is issued on the physical cards of the applicant. The digital credit card is safe and secure. The credit card is convenient and easy to use. No fee is required for generating the virtual credit card. Cardholders can use it to make international transactions. It is among the best virtual credit cards in India.

ICICI virtual credit card offers various deals and discounts on the credit card. On every ₹ 200 spent, users are rewarded with one reward point. The bank charges no fee for the credit card. The virtual credit card can be issued to banks or people with a a good credit score. The bank only allows making online purchases using the virtual credit card.

6. Axis Bank Freecharge Plus Credit Card

This Freecharge Plus from Axis Bank credit card is a virtual cum physical credit card. The virtual card has no joining fee.  Users can enjoy features of both physical and virtual credit cards on the same card. Only Freecharge users can get the card. Axis Bank Freecharge Plus Credit Card can be generated via the Freecharge application.

The virtual card can be used to earn EDGE reward points. Axis Bank’s EDGE reward points are earned by completing certain milestones with the bank. Spending over $2,000 earns you 100 reward points, while spending over $5,000 earns you 250.

The virtual card simulates the use of a credit card. Both real and virtual credit cards have their advantages. It also provides you with other benefits such as cash back and gift cards.

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7. Kotak NetC@rd

The Netc@rd Kotak is one of the best virtual credit cards in India issued by Kotak Mahindra Bank. The card is a one-time use credit card with an expiration period of two days. Users can load money into the card via net banking. Kotak Netc@rd is accepted worldwide. It can be used to access free trials of OTT platforms. Every merchant website that accepts VISA cards will accept the Kotak Netc@ard. Kotak Netc@rd is among the best virtual credit cards in India.

There is no charge for creating a virtual credit card. The bank offers the consumer a terrific deal by allowing them to generate a credit card with a zero balance account, but they must first complete the KYC process. Aadhar and PAN cards can be used to establish virtual credit cards.

8. Ewire Virtual Credit Card

Ewire is a virtual credit card India (VCC) with auto-expire and CVV. Users can get a credit card via Ewire mobile application. The credit card offers several benefits and discounts on spending at selected merchant websites. Ewire Virtual credit card is convenient and easy for billings and shopping. Cashier, a fintech company, powers Ewire Virtual credit card.

Further services offered by the credit card include RechargeEwire, which allows you to make online recharges (both prepaid and postpaid) and money transfers. Ewire allows users to withdraw money from ATMs. There is no charge for creating a virtual credit card.

9. Slonkit Prepaid Credit Card

Slonkit Virtual Prepaid Credit Card is an innovative digital wallet that provides you free virtual credit cards powered by the VISA payment gateway technology. The virtual credit card is backed by DCB bank. Users will get all the offers given by DCB bank. The virtual credit card can be managed by the money management application on your smartphone. No fee is required for generating the virtual credit card.

Users may keep track of their spending and expenses. Slonkit Prepaid Credit Card is appropriate for children, and parents can keep track of transaction activity on their smartphones. This credit card may be the most effective tool to teach your youngster about money management.

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10. Udio Virtual Rupay Credit Card

Udio Virtual  Rupay credit card is backed by RBL bank. The VISA gateway technology powers the credit card. Udio Rupay credit card is the best virtual credit card for teens. Users can deposit money using their net banking or credit card. No fee is required for generating the virtual credit card.

It also allows you to transfer money from your bank account. Udio also offers a variety of discounts and rewards for online purchases. All RBL bank perks are available to users.

A transaction limit of 20 transactions per day and 100 transactions per week applies.

Pros and Cons of Virtual Credit Cards

Pros of Virtual Credit Card:

  • Virtual credit cards make online transactions safer and more secure. If a user is a victim of fraud, his personal information and funds from the credit card will be safe.
  • Another benefit of virtual credit cards is that the merchant or online payment system does not see the actual credit card account number. This information cannot be used by fraudsters to attempt any other type of online fraud.
  • The produced credit card is only good for one-time online purchases, reducing the risk of identity theft. Virtual credit cards expire after transactions or their time period has expired.
  • On the virtual credit card, users can set a transaction limit. Customers can link their virtual credit card and contribute as much money as they require.
  • Users can make any purchases or transactions they choose on the internet. The benefit of a virtual credit card is that it is widely accepted by merchants.
  • Virtual credit cards also have the benefit of being widely available. Virtual credit cards can be created by anyone.
  • Online shoppers have more options with credit cards. They can shop online from anywhere in the world using virtual credit cards.
  • Virtual credit cards work in the same way as physical credit cards in terms of rewards and cashback.
  • Debit cards are not accepted by many online platforms and websites. The virtual credit card can be used if the user does not have a credit card.
  • The card can be turned off at any time by the user.

Cons of Virtual Credit Card:

  • They are less user-friendly than UPI and swipe machines, which are both popular transactions.
  • Some virtual credit cards may not have a cash withdrawal option.
  • Even so, some merchants refuse to accept virtual credit cards as payment.

Frequnetly Asked Questions

Are virtual credit cards legal?

In India, virtual credit cards are legal. Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, and SBI Bank are among the famous banking institutions that offer virtual credit cards with no issuing cost.

Do virtual credit cards affect credit score?

No, getting a virtual credit card has no bearing on your credit score. Institutions issue virtual cards as distinct entities. As a result, having a virtual card will not affect your credit score.

Which is the best virtual credit card for OTT platform trails?

Accessible subscription trails of various OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and others may be best accessed with Kotak Netc@rd and HDFC NetSafe credit cards.

Can users block their virtual credit card online?

Virtual credit cards can be blocked online by cardholders. Consumers can either request that their banks block their cards or block themselves using the credit card issuer’s mobile application.

How is a virtual credit card safer than a regular physical credit card?

The information on your credit card is more important and vulnerable to fraud. It’s hazardous to use physical credit for online shopping because merchant websites can store and examine your credentials. Because it contains no information about your primary credit card, using a virtual credit card for online transactions can reduce the risk.

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