Top 10 Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

Are you having trouble finding the right guidebook regarding free online data entry jobs? To get hired, you’ll need basic computer skills and access to the internet.

Working as an online data operator/manager can provide you with a part-time income. Many businesses today hire data entry professionals to enter information into databases, transform sales numbers into electronic formats, and enter market research data into computer systems. Data entry work can be done from home or in an office setting.

In the section below, learn more about online data entry jobs.

What are Data Entry Jobs?

Data entry is a broad word that encompasses a wide number of professions. Typists (word processors), transcribers, clerks, and computerized data processors are all data entry workers. The process of entering data from various sources into a company’s database system for management is known as data entry. Candidates for Data Entry must be able to manage significant amounts of secret or sensitive data.

Online Data Entry Duties and Responsibilities

The following are common Data Entry job responsibilities:

  • Data entry documents are organized and filed.
  • Enter data into a database program. Make sure everything is correct.
  • To make data entering easier, prepare and sort data files.
  • Examine the data for possible flaws and errors. Check for inconsistencies across data sources as well.
  • To produce and deliver data backups to the employer.
  • Provide data to authorized members as soon as a request is made.
  • Data from multimedia is extracted and converted into text format.

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Requirements and Qualifications for Online Data Entry Jobs

Most businesses require data entry workers. These abilities are required to effectively perform the role.

  • Job applicants should have a basic understanding of computers.
  • Should be able to use Microsoft Word, Excel sheets, and other database management tools.
  • Employees should have strong analytical skills and be able to deliver work with great precision.
  • Job applicants should have good language and grammatical skills.
  • Ability to operate under pressure.
  • People who can type quickly are more likely to be hired. They should be capable of writing at least 40 words per minute.
  • Additional abilities include time management, management, and communication.

Top 10 Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

1. Medical Transcriptionist

A medical transcriptionist’s job is far more technical than that of a typical data input operator. They are in charge of converting medical professionals’ audio reports into text format. It is sometimes inaudible due to the speaker’s accent or other technological issues. That is why the organization recruits healthcare documentation professionals that are proficient in writing and are familiar with medical terminology.

You can be a medical transcriptionist without any prior experience or can complete around a six-month course. Medical transcriptionists earn a fair amount of money for working  5-6 hours per day. The earnings may range from ₹ 300 – ₹ 500 per project. A freelancer transcriptionist can seek a job at a freelancing website or can directly contact a healthcare firm.

2. Data Entry Keyers

Entering Data After extracting data from a document or a report, keyers are assigned to enter it into a spreadsheet or text form. The data is delivered to the customer for interpretation after it has been entered. These positions are available both online and offline.

Working 3-4 hours every day might yield a respectable amount of money. The daily earnings might range from $100 to $500. Data keyers are compensated on an hourly basis or after the job is completed. With each project completion, workers can earn up to $25.

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3. Copy & Paste Job

Jobs that are copied and pasted are among the most popular data entry jobs. This job requires no investment and skill set. You need to have the internet and a computer or smartphone. These jobs are often provided by blogging websites, news agencies, or content creators. Workers are assigned to extract important info from other documents and convert that into text format (Excel sheets or MS word documents). This is an online-based data entry job.

Employees can earn up to five dollars each file. On average, finishing a file takes 1-2 minutes. The copy-paste job has been listed on several freelancing platforms.

4. Data Entry Clerks

Data entry clerks are frequently hired on a contract basis or as full-time employees. Data entry clerks are frequently employed by hospitals, offices, and schools. Data entry clerks perform the same duties as regular clerks. To establish a database, they must enter the provided data into files and digital forms.

It has one of the country’s largest workforces in terms of total employees. These positions are available both online and offline. Workers might earn between 700 and 1200 dollars per day and 25,000 and 35,000 dollars per month.

5. Captcha Entry jobs

One of the top online data entry jobs without investment is captcha solving. Employees are required to overcome captchas set by third-party websites on other websites. Employees with a basic understanding of the internet and computers are eligible to apply. A person can quickly solve up to 500 captchas in an hour. For captcha entry, workers can easily make 0.50 to 1 rupee. They can earn 1500 to 2000 dollars per day by working only 4-5 hours.

Third-party programs and websites that act as captcha blockers give captcha entry employment.

6. Converting audio to text or Transcribing

One of the most well-known free online data entry tasks is converting audio to text. Transcribers are the employees, and transcribing is the job title. On freelancing websites, trancribers can work as freelancers.

Individuals interested in this position should be fluent in the target language. The task is to convert the audio to a text format that is free of errors. Transcribers can make a good living doing the job. The earnings per project might range from $50 to $100. In general, it relies on the audio’s language and category. Interviews, novels, academics, and news projects are more likely to pay well than other categories.

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7. Converting Image to Text

Workers must translate the content written in an image into text format, as the name implies. Short-hand format, terminology, and abbreviations are frequently used in these graphics. Employees should have strong analytical capabilities as well as fluency in a specific language. This work pays higher than comparable online data entry jobs without requiring any investment.

You can earn a good amount of money by working 5-6 hours per day. Employers typically pay 50 100 per file, which can add up to 40,000 per month. On freelancing websites, you can work as a freelancer.

8. Payroll Data Entry Operator

Employee data, such as salary slips, appraisals, and other financial information, is maintained by Payroll Data Entry Operators. This is a task that can be done both online and offline. Employees should be able to type quickly and have a basic understanding of computer applications such as Microsoft Office and other database management systems. Payroll data managers can also be workers with no prior experience.

This is typically a 9-5 job. Businesses frequently hire contract workers or full-time staff.

Pay for payroll data entry operators ranges from $25,000 to $35,000 per year. Employees are tasked with converting raw data into digital representation for storage in company databases.

9. Captioning

Jobs in captioning are comparable to those in transcription. One of the most challenging and greatest online data entry jobs without investment is captioning or subtitling. For the photos provided, captioners must supply subtitles or write captions. Employees who can type quickly and listen well are ideal candidates. Captioning is one of the better-paying freelance jobs because it requires greater precision, skill sets, and time.

You can find captioning jobs on freelancing websites and begin working as one without any prior experience. A captioner might earn between $300 and $700 each job. Captioners are professionals that create captions for movies, videos, and social media posts.

10. Online form filling

Although no prior expertise is required for this work, it does require a concentrated mind. It would be ideal if you filled out the form completely accurately. Job holders are given the task of entering raw data into a form. This work pays higher than other online data entry occupations that don’t require any investment.

Working 4-5 hours per day, job holders might easily earn $500-800 per day.

Online form filling jobs are available as a freelance option for job seekers. To complete the work, you will need a computer and some technical skills.

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Where to Find a Legit Online Data Entry Job Without Investment?

There are dozens of legitimate freelancer outsourcing companies that offer a platform for people who want to work online data entry tasks for free. You can think about the following platforms:

1. Rev

Rev is an American-based freelancing data entry site. It provides various data entry jobs like closed captioning, subtitles, and transcription services. At the beginner level, you need to complete the qualifiers task. You can transcribe some audio samples. After completing 60 minutes of transcribing, you will be promoted to the next level.

Transcribers and captioners might easily make $70,000 to $80,000 per file. It gives workers with a flexible working environment. The business was established in 2010. More than 50,000 freelancers work as transcribers for Rev. You can also make money by adding subtitles to video files. It works with Amazon, Microsoft, other OTT platforms to provide services. Freelancers can earn up to $500 per minute for foreign language subtitles.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelancing platform that provides a wide range of freelancing work. Job seekers can apply for gigs listed on the platform. You may find every kind of data entry job on the platform. After registering yourself for free, you can apply for jobs. Fiverr also provides tutorials and training that will help you in understanding the work precisely.

Your service fee can be determined based on your experience and work. In 2010, Fiverr was established. Hundreds of data entry jobs are available on the platform.

3. Scribie

Scribie is a data entry job provider where you transcribe transcripts of interviews, meetings, podcasts, videos, webinars, etc. it is Indian based data entry service provider. A freelancer can earn ₹ 700 – ₹ 1000 per hour.

Self-registration is available for freelancers. They must first pass a basic test in order to be hired. Scribie has almost 36,000 freelancers registered. It offers one of the top free online data entry jobs available.

4. is an online job platform for freelancers. The platform is available in more than ten languages. You can register your sleeves and search for data entry jobs. According to your interests, you can apply for the job.  Freelancers also can join contests held on the platform for data entry jobs. The platform can offer you access to an extensive network of buyers.

It enables you to set a cost based on your experience and work.

 5. Truelancer

It is yet another outsourcing platform for a variety of services, including free online data entry jobs. There are a dozen data entry and transcription jobs available. You can register and begin working as a data entry operator right away. You can either add your prior work or begin as a beginner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a data entry job?

The process of entering data from various sources into a company’s database system for management is known as data entry. Typists, captioners, transcribers, translators, clerks, and electronic data processors are all included.

How to do online data entry jobs from home?

You can sign up for freelancing websites that offer data entering tasks. To increase your chances of being hired, make sure you meet all of the company’s or website’s requirements.

What is the data entry job salary in India?

One of the most popular freelancing tasks is data entry. During 4 to 5 hours of work, freelancers can easily earn $500 to $1500 each day. Specialists and experts might earn upwards of 60,000 dollars every month.

Are data entry jobs safe?

Indeed, data entry jobs are common and secure. Rev and Scribie are two websites that offer a safe and secure environment to work for data entry tasks.

Which are the top 5 online data entry jobs websites for freelancers?

These websites are good places for freelancers to look for data entry work. Rev, Scribie,, and Truelancer are some of the most popular websites that offer data entry jobs for free.

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