Target Makeup Return Policy – No Receipt? After 90 Days? Used?

Target is a popular shopping destination for millions of Americans. Its stores are known for their addictive shopping experience. Even the Urban Dictionary calls it the A customer walks into a Target store to pick a few grocery items like cheap diapers, Crushed or cubed ice, or a bottle of filtered water. But, still, they end up buying shakes and protein powders, a home use laminator, or some of the inexpensive meals to purchase.

It’s called impulse buying or overspending in financial terms. Make it your habit to carry a shopping list when going to Target lest you succumb to the “Target Effect.” It’s one of the top Tips for economical living that can help you save a lot of money.

I digress.

With over 150 distinct makeup brands available in their in-store beauty sections, Target has approximately 1,900 locations.

Beauty and household essentials are the best performing product segment at Target, which makes up to 26% of its total sales, according to . It’s been increasing its merchandise offerings through private labels and brand partnerships. The most recent one is a partnership with , the second leading health and beauty retailer in the US.

That makes it easier than ever before for customers to get makeup, skincare products, health products, and cosmetic products at Target stores and online on Increasing the cosmetics department makes sense because are female.

To begin with, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with Target’s makeup return policy. If you decide against making the purchase, the cosmetics has dried out, or the product doesn’t suit your skin, you may be able to avoid unnecessary worry in the future.

So, is Target a place where you can return makeup?

Short Answer: Customers can return the majority of makeup goods at Target with a receipt within 90 days of the date of purchase. A longer 120-day return period is available for purchases made with the Target RedCard. Better still, Target-owned makeup brands offer the longest return period of up to a year from the date of purchase. Also, receipt returns are qualified for a refund of the purchase sum to the original payment method.

Returns made within the standard 90-day return window are not eligible for full refunds. Most of the time, you’ll get an exchange or the equivalent of the item’s lowest price during the previous 90 days put onto an in-store gift card for merchandise that you may use to make additional purchases at Target.

If you have another form of evidence of purchase, you can also return makeup from Target that you didn’t receive a receipt for after 24 hours. Also, target employees can access information about your transaction using your payment method. Therefore don’t get upset if you misplace the receipt.

Target makeup brands that have been opened or barely used may also be returned with good cause. Target won’t, however, accept makeup containers that are completely or nearly empty. So once more, Target does not accept returns of makeup after the acceptable return window has passed. You could occasionally be able to return the makeup or receive shop credit, but it depends mainly on the store manager.

That said, Target doesn’t offer special holiday returns for makeup products. Sales schedules and clearance items or defective makeup items, like dried-out makeup and gifts, are all subject to the standard 90-day makeup return policy.

All returns can be made in person to any store at the customer service counter during regular Target store hours, even local 24-hour stores for goods. In addition, online returns are eligible for in-store or online returns via mail.

Can You Return Makeup to Target?

Yes, you can return makeup to Target. The return window is 90-days for most of the makeup items purchased using any other payment method except the . A Target RedCard makeup purchase has an extended return period of up to 120 days, while Target-owned makeup brands can be returned within one year from the purchase date.

For returns made with a receipt, your money will be returned to the original payment method used to cover the purchase. The majority of returns without a receipt qualify for an exchange or store credit on a Target merchandise card that can be used to make in-store purchases.

Can You Return Used Makeup to Target?

Yes, Target accepts used or unsealed cosmetics. Wow! You can therefore trick the merchant into letting you test out their cosmetic items without actually purchasing them, right? Ah, wrong!

Target is aware that dishonest customers will attempt to take advantage of the return policy to use cosmetics without paying for them. Therefore, only partially used or opened makeup products may be returned within 90 days, 120 days for RedCard purchases, and 1 year for brands owned by Target.

Fully used or practically empty makeup containers cannot be returned to Target. You cannot purchase makeup from Target, use it for a few days or a few weeks, and then return it to receive your money back or exchange it for new products.

Additionally, store employees conduct a return verification process on all returns. Without a receipt, open or barely used makeup items have a minimal chance of being accepted. So, having the original receipt increases your chances of receiving a refund or an exchange. The decision to accept worn or opened makeup goods ultimately rests with the store manager.

Having said that, don’t be afraid to return opened defective makeup items like dried-out cosmetics, broken goods, or cosmetics that you’ve used just once or twice before realizing they don’t suit you. Target will issue you a refund, exchange, or store credit as long as you have good justification and the original receipt.

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Can You Return Makeup to Target Without a Receipt?

Without a receipt, you can return makeup to Target. But, having the receipt can help to improve your chances of getting approved, especially if you paid cash or the product is opened or hardly used.

Depending on the type of payment used to make the purchase, Target associates can use your payment details to track the purchase. Thus, make sure you bring your Reliacard, Target RedCard, current or expired debit card, a chip-enabled credit card, personal check, gift cards, or the Target Venmo app used to pay for the item as an alternative proof of purchase.

Unfortunately, you might not be able to return an item to a Target location without a receipt until the following day. It’s because the Target payment system updates sales data after up to 24 hours. For same-day returns, you must therefore present the receipt as proof that you made the purchase at Target.

Try visiting a different Target location to see if you can have your return processed if you really need to make same-day returns. If the customer cannot present evidence of purchase, cash transactions or other forms of payment may be refused. Moreover, a merchandise return card is the sole method available for in-store credit.

That said, Target limits non-receipt returns to stop fraudulent buyers. You can only get up to $150 worth of non-receipt returns within 1-year. You’ll also be required to produce your government-issued photo ID for identification to prevent fraud. You won’t be able to make any more non-receipt returns at Target once you hit the $150 limit.

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Can You Return Makeup To Target After 90 Days?

After 90 days, you can return makeup to Target shops. After 90 days, there are numerous options for returning cosmetics. Use of the Target RedCard as payment is one option. The Target RedCard offers a 120-day extended return period for any makeup items bought with it.

Make sure you buy makeup from a brand that is owned by Target as a backup strategy. Target private label brands are returnable within a year of purchase, regardless of the payment method.

Getting a helpful customer support person is the third option. After the standard 90-day return period has passed, return makeup at your own risk. If you have the receipt and the makeup is new or unused, you might have a decent chance of getting it approved.

Most of the time, Target declines to accept items that are returned in violation of store policy. After 90 days, the store manager has the final say on whether or not to accept your return. But as you are aware, trying never hurts!

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Can I Return Makeup to Target that I Bought Online?

Yes, any Target store will accept makeup returns that were made from The fact that there are several ways to verify your purchase when making an online purchase is one benefit. When you present the item to the customer service counter, you can use the receipt from the online purchase, the Target delivery or shipping confirmation mail, the original payment method used, the original payment receipt, or the barcode from the Target app as proof of purchase.

You can mail in your return from the comfort of your home if you’re not in a rush or don’t feel like travelling to a Target location. To use the Target Online Returns Center to submit a return request, just sign in to your account.

You will receive a free mailing label to return the item if the return is the result of Target’s delivery fault. If not, you can be required to pay the return cost.

Approximately ten days after Target receives the returned items, if all goes according to plan and your return is accepted, you will receive your refund using the original payment method. A return check should arrive within 14 days for buyers without a payment method on file. The item will be sent back to you by FedEx or UPS if the return is denied.

However, some makeup products purchased online can only be returned to the store. In that scenario, will inform you of the location for the return of the item.

You should return things in-store rather than online since in-store returns process instantly and at no additional cost, in contrast to internet returns that require time-consuming processing and shipping fees.

Can I Return Items To Any Target Store?

Any Target store location will accept returns of items within the permitted return period that were purchased at Target or online at Therefore, it makes no difference if you purchased the item offline or online. Simply bring the makeup to any Target location during regular retail hours and submit it to the customer service desk.

If you didn’t get a receipt for an in-store purchase, bring the receipt or the payment method you used along with a valid photo ID. Because Target employees may utilize your payment information to search up the purchase and your ID for identification to assist prevent fraud for non-receipt returns, it speeds up the return process.

You might use the barcode in your Target app, the receipt, the order confirmation email, or the delivery email as evidence of purchase if you made the purchase online at

The amount of your refund will be applied to the original payment method once your return has been processed. Target store credit or exchanges are accepted for returns without a receipt.

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What’s the Policy for Returning Target Owned Brands?

Around 40 beauty brands owned by Target are available at Target, and they offer the most lenient return policies. Within a year of the purchase date, you may return any makeup products owned by Target that you purchased from Target online or in-store. Returns with or without a receipt are both permissible, however having the receipt on hand makes the procedure go more quickly.

Additionally, Target will accept back opened and lightly used premium brands. You won’t be able to trick the shop by manipulating the return policy, though. Only genuine returns will be accepted thanks to a verification process in place. For instance, you are unable to return exclusive brand makeup containers to Target stores if they are almost empty or completely used.

Dry makeup, faulty, or damaged makeup are all acceptable justifications for returning it to the retailer. If the cosmetics doesn’t suit your tastes or your skin reacts negatively to it, you can also return opened makeup.

48 private brands on the following list are returnable to Target within a year:

  • A New Day
  • All in Motion
  • Archer Farms
  • Art Class
  • Auden
  • AVA & VIV
  • Boots & Barkley
  • Playground Bullseyes
  • Casaluna
  • Cat & Jack
  • Cloud Island
  • Colsie
  • Embark
  • Everspring
  • Favorite Day
  • Good & Gather
  • Goodfellow & Co
  • Magnolia Hearth & Hand
  • Heyday
  • Boutique Hyde & EEK
  • JoyLab
  • Kindfull
  • Knox Rose
  • Kona Sol
  • Made By Design
  • Market M=Pantry
  • Mondo Llama
  • More Than Magic
  • Opalhouse
  • Open Story
  • Original Use
  • Pillowfort
  • Project 62
  • Room Essentials
  • Shade & Shore
  • Simply Balanced
  • Smartly
  • Smith & Hawken
  • Sonia Kashuk
  • Spritz
  • Stars Above
  • Sun Squad
  • Threshold
  • Universal Thread
  • Up & up
  • Wild Fable
  • Wondershop
  • Xhilaration

What’s the Return Policy for Clearance Items at Target?

Users may return clearance items to Target stores for a refund or exchange within 90 days of purchase under the company’s return policy. The same rules apply to products that are broken or damaged.

However, you won’t get any price adjustment when returning clearance items, like makeup. The items will be refunded or exchanged at the price when purchased, net of any Printed coupons or online coupons. So if the item’s price has dropped since buying it, you won’t take advantage of that.

Target Makeup Return Policy Summary

Around 150 different makeup brands, as well as many private label brands, are available at Target. Because of this, its boutiques are excellent locations to buy makeup, skincare, wellness, and cosmetics products.

Cosmetics must be returned to Target stores within 90 days after the purchase date, per the company’s usual return policy. Target private label makeup brands can be returned to Target stores within a year of the purchase date, while items purchased with the Target RedCard have an extended return period of up to 120 days.

Non-receipt returns are eligible for an exchange or an in-store product return card, whereas receipt returns are eligible for a full refund to the original payment method. In addition, things can be returned to any Target location, whether they were purchased there or in another Target location.

Online returns are preferable to those made in-store. In-store returns process more quickly and are free of additional processing fees, whereas online returns can take longer.

And the good thing is, there are nearly 1,900 Target stores in all 50 states. Thus, you’re pretty sure to find a to return unwanted or defective makeup products hassle-free. Just present it to the customers’ service desk during Target’s regular hours of operation.

Use the to find a nearby store.

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