Sharekhan Refer and Earn Program Review

Sharekhan is a well-known trading platform that offers a variety of investment and savings opportunities. It provides a wide range of investing options, including mutual funds, stocks, currency trading, portfolio management, and more.

Several people are drawn to this platform because of its exclusive stockbroker services. Yet, one of the best strategies for encouraging people to invest in this business is its referral and reward program.

This article will assist you if you are new to the Sharekhan trading platform and are unfamiliar with the refer and earn program. Learn everything there is to know about the Sharekhan refer-a-friend program.

What is Sharekhan Referral Program? 

Companies are developing a number of blueprints to persuade people to invest in them, and many trading platforms have been offering a variety of services to encourage commoners to participate in their platforms in recent years. As a result, Sharekhan, a renowned stockbroker, has jumped on board with the modern business model and now offers referral programs that allow people to make money by referring others.

The Sharekhan referral program is a type of cooperation in which consumers can earn 15% of brokerage commissions. If you are a Sharekhan user, you can take advantage of the referral program by inviting your family and friends to the site.

Anyone can participate in this promotion by opening a Sharekhan Demat account. Scroll down to learn how to setup a Demat account.

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Who Can Join the Sharekhan Referral Program? 

By opening a Demat account, anyone may typically join the Sharekhan referral and earn program. By just referring the site to their acquaintances, one can earn a source of passive money through this program.

This program is just for Sharekhan workers, with the exception of the advisory team, platform branch manager, business partner, grade 4 employees, and branch in charge. A Sharekhan user can simply get special privileges and a 15% brokerage rate for a year.

How To Earn 15% of Commission By Opening A Free Demat Account? 

If you desire to make money while you sleep without any effort, Sharekhan refers and earn program that is best for you. The initial step to avail of the program is to open a Demat account, and here, we incline the steps that can help you to open a free Demat account with Sharekhan. 

  • Step #1: You can easily open a free Demat account by visiting the official website of Sharekhan. Visit the website of Sharekhan and open a free account. 
  • Step #2: To open a free Demat account on Sharekhan, input the following information: name, PAN card number, mobile number, email ID, city, pin code, and then click open account.
  • Step #3: After completing the form and submitting it, confirm your account by entering the OTP sent to your registered email address and mobile number.
  • Step #4: The following step is to join the refer and earn program. You may easily enter the mobile number, and then generate a link that you can share and make money with.
  • Step #5: After successfully established a Demat account, you can quickly share the referral link with your family members and friends. You can simply earn 15% of the brokerage commission for a year by referring people to the plan.

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Benefits of Opening a Demat Account on Sharekhan

You can gain a number of benefits by opening a Demat account and referring the program to your friends and family, including the following:

  • When opening an account on this trading platform, there are no hidden fees.
  • On Sharekhan, anyone may easily create a free account.
  • Provides free research coverage in a variety of areas, including 180+ stocks, hundreds of ideas, and 30+ trade calls per month.
  • One of the highest trading desktop apps, Sharekhan, provides one-year accessibility of Trade Tiger. 
  • Sharekhan is a great platform for novices because it provides free access to the Sharekhan classroom.
  • By joining this trading platform, one can receive advice from an experienced relationship manager.
  • It is a customized trading platform that provides customers with a variety of investing options.
  • The F&O (Futures and Options) team is easily accessible.

Final Thoughts

For both new and seasoned traders, Sharekhan is the best trading platform. You may easily make 15% of the commission by introducing this platform to your relatives and friends for a year by creating an account on our site. By sharing the Sharekhan trading platform, you can earn an unlimited amount of money. You may easily refer this to anyone and earn money passively.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I earn through the Sharekhan trading platform? 

These programs are moderated by Sharekhan to enable alternative methods to earn money using the platform. The Sharekhan Affiliate Program, Sharekhan Partnership Program, and Sharekhan Referral Program are all simple ways to make money.

What are the things required to open a Demat account on Sharekhan? 

To register a Demat account on Sharekhan, simply go to their official website and select the option to open an account. You only need to fill in the essential information on the submission form, such as your name, mobile number, PAN number, city, and a few other details, and your account will be ready to use after you submit the form.

Can I avail of the Sharekhan refer and earn policy without opening an account on the trading platform? 

No, earning through refer and earn programs is not feasible without first opening a Sharekhan Demat account. To take advantage of the policy, you must first create a Sharekhan account.

What amount can I earn by referring the program to my friends? 

You may easily earn 15% of brokerage commission by introducing the Sharekhan platform to your family and friends, and you can get this benefit for one year.

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