SBI Salary Account Benefits

Are you interested in learning more about the advantages of creating a salary account with SBI? Every salaried person, in today’s digital age, requires a bank account into which their salary is deposited. As a result, you will learn about the advantages of a state bank pay account in this article.

Benefits of SBI Salary Account

  • You can start your account with no money in it. In addition, the bank provides free SBI credit cards.
  • SBI allows consumers to do limitless transactions with any bank.
  • Accidental death insurance up to 20 lac rupees is covered by State Bank.
  • It includes a 30 lac rupee air accident death insurance policy.
  • The bank offers low-interest house loans, auto loans, personal loans, and education loans at reasonable rates. Loan processing fees can be reduced by up to 50% for users.
  • Locker fees are also discounted by 25% for SBI salaried account holders.
  • SBI makes auto-sweep available to anyone who wants to make a multi-option deposit. He can also borrow money from the bank at a high interest rate.
  • When you open a salary account, it also comes with a trading account and a Demat account.
  • Workers with a salary account with SBI can take advantage of free RTGS or NEFT money transfers.
  • They can also take advantage of free SMS notifications, multi-city cheques, and draft issues.
  • This bank offers selected customers an overdraft credit equal to their two-month salary.
  • Via their loyalty program, State Bank of India Rewardz, you can earn reward points on a variety of transactions.
  • SBI continues to give various incentives on Yono App and debit cards on a daily basis.
  • SBI also examines their customers’ eligibility depending on their gross salary. It includes a loyalty program, insurance coverage, and a variety of credit cards.

Silver, gold, and diamond are the package types.

Who is included in these categories?

  1. A individual with a salary range of $5,000 to $20,000 is eligible for silver level benefits.
  2. A individual with a salary of more than 20,000 but less than 50,000 comes into the Gold category.
  3. Those earning more than INR 50,000 but less than one lakh rupees are eligible for Diamond level benefits.

Which Companies are Eligible to open their Employee’s Salary Account in SBI?

The company must employ 25 people. Each of them is paid a minimum of 5,000 rupees every month. The institution’s total pay expense must not be less than one lac twenty-five thousand rupees.

If your organization fits the requirements, you can also convert your workers’ existing SBI accounts into salary accounts.

To Sum Up

Holding a salary account with India’s oldest and largest bank in terms of market capitalization and market value. The bank was founded as the Imperial Bank of India in 18006 and was previously known as the Bank of Calcutta. It has a long history of excellent service in the market.


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