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The term PO refers to a probationary officer. They are extremely important in the operation of banks.

The first level of officer cadets in the banking business is the bank PO. Bank POs must work in a single branch for a maximum of three years because banking jobs are transferable. These are newcomers that are currently on probation. A Probationary Officer should be familiar with banking legislation and be able to conduct financial tasks efficiently. They are given a probationary term to learn about their profession and how to put it into practice. They are able to make it more efficient.

Bank PO is a fantastic career opportunity, and many people attempt the exam to become a probationary officer at a bank every year. The position has a bright future. Those who have finished their bachelor’s degrees are eligible to take the Bank PO exam. And they should be between the ages of 21 and 30. The reserved sectors, however, have some leeway. Several institutes provide coaching to those wishing to take the Bank PO exam.

Types of Bank POs

Bank POs are divided into several categories. These are they:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Account Clerk
  • Bank Clerk
  • Insurance Analyst
  • Cashier
  • Credit Manager
  • Insurance Officer

Job Roles of a PO

A Probationary Officer is responsible for a variety of duties. They are assigned to help the branch manager with all financial matters. Typical responsibilities include:

  1. They are in charge of the bank’s cash area, which includes cash deposits and withdrawals.
  2. Reporting and Verification: They must open and cancel new accounts every day in order to conduct daily banking operations. They must also keep track of the database and documents. Each transaction should be handled by the POs, who should report any irregularities.
  3. Marketing of the bank’s deals to organizations and clients is the responsibility of the POs.
  4. Customer service: They must assist customers with their problems. They must resolve any issues that the clients have.
  5. Payment Clearance: Each payment requires the approval and consent of the PO. This is also one of their many responsibilities.

Career Path Progression For A Bank PO

Bank PO is a person appointed at this position who gets multiple promotions by experience and clearance of exams. The hierarchy follows like this:

  1. Bank Probationary Officer
  2. Assistant Bank Manager
  3. Bank Branch Manager
  4. Chief Manager
  5. Deputy General Manager of a Bank
  6. Deputy General Manager
  7. Chief General Manager
  8. General Manager 

Which Bank POs Get The Highest Salary?

State Bank of India Bank Probationary Officers are paid the most of any bank’s probationary officers. Even public sector banks do not provide them on an equal footing. Although public sector banks pay higher salaries than private banks.

Working as a bank teller is not a tough profession. Particularly for those who have successfully completed the four-stage selection process. There are numerous learning opportunities in this position. It can be stressful to face and manage new obstacles every day, but this moderate level of stress can be managed.

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