Paytm First Game

The organization has teamed with ESPL and Garena, two of the world’s largest and most respected gaming companies, to deliver major worldwide esports events to India.

Paytm First Games recently hosted one of the largest Clash Royale eSports competitions, attracting 11,000 players. About 70,000 people tuned in to watch the finals live on Paytm Inbox and YouTube.

Paytm First Game

With over 60 million registered users, Paytm First Games is India’s largest gaming destination. Ludo, Rummy, Teen Patti, Cycle Racing, Bubble Shooter, 8 Ball Pool, Fantasy Cricket, and Esports are among the more than 300 fascinating games available in the app.

Why don’t you get started now? When you download the Paytm First Games app, you’ll get a gaming experience unlike any other!

Paytm First Game APK

In addition to fantasy sports, First Games’ Paytm-powered online gaming platform offers online card games like online rummy, call break, and others.

If you enjoy fantasy sports, you can join in fantasy cricket, fantasy football, or fantasy kabaddi. The First Games app allows you to form your own fantasy team, win cash prizes, and improve your ranking by watching domestic and international matches in these three sports.

First Games, India’s most renowned online gaming software, allows you to play rummy and other card games like call break.

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How to Download Paytm First Game?

Follow these simple instructions to get this app on your Android device:

How to Install Paytm First Games:

  • Visit the Paytm First Games website and enter your mobile number to get the APK file link for the Paytm First Games app.
  • After you’ve obtained the APK link, click it to go to the download page.
  • To get started, click Download Now. Wait for the download to finish after clicking OK on the pop-up window.
  • You must have permission to install an APK from this source on your device.

Paytm First Game Referral Code

There’s never been a simple way to make money. Use the Paytm first games referral code to save a lot of money. Simply follow the instructions below to begin saving right away.

  • Paytm First Games APK can be downloaded here.
  • Launch the Paytm first game after downloading it and sign in with your Paytm account.
  • You will earn a Rs.30 incentive after successfully registering.
  • A list of games is available on the home screen.
  • Play anyone and win cash prizes from Paytm First.
  • You can earn up to Rs. 1 lakh by referring your friends to the link.

Popular Games on Paytm First Games

You can use the platform to play a variety of games and earn Paytm cash for good results. On Paytm First Games, you may look at the following popular game categories.

  1. Fantasy Sports: You may use the platform to build a strong virtual team and win Paytm cash by applying your knowledge of a specific sport. Each action a team takes throughout a game earns them points. As a result, the greater your fantasy team’s score, the better your chances of winning significant Paytm cash prizes. Paytm First Games offers popular categories like Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Football, and Fantasy Kabaddi to appeal to the interests of most Indian sports fans.
  1. Card Games: You can win real money by playing card games on Paytm First Games. Popular games such as Solitaire, Solitaire Tripeaks, and Rummy can be played, enjoyed, and won. Games used to be only for fun, but today you can earn real money for being the greatest.
  1. Paytm First Games has a Battle Center feature where you may compete against people from all over India in real time. You move up the leaderboard faster as you win. You will receive more prize money if you are at the top of a leaderboard. 3D Highway Racer, Guns & Bottles, and Jet Pack are among the games available on this platform.
  1. Trivia Quizzes: In this game, you will have the opportunity to prove who is the smartest. You can pick from a variety of quizzes on any subject you want. You can earn Paytm Cash by excelling at anything you enjoy doing.

How to earn Paytm First Games Bonus Balance?

To win Paytm First Game Bonus Balance, you must participate in contests or complete tasks. You can also make money by introducing friends to earn money via direct deposit.

To obtain your Bonus Balance, open the Paytm First Game app. Choose the Reward tab.

Check out the contests and tasks available once you’ve reached the rewards; each contest has its own set of rules and flavor. To get the Paytm First Game Bonus Balance, choose any of the contests and complete them.

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How to use Paytm First Games Bonus Money?

Paytm first Games Bonus Balances cannot be withdrawn or transferred to your bank account or Paytm. Because this balance can only be used to play more Paytm initial games,.

Paytm first games provides this possibility to individuals who want to try the games for free. Each game, however, demands cash. You can use this bonus balance to play these games or add money from your bank account.

After winning a game with a bonus balance, you will have the option to transfer rewards to your bank account. Below are two options for using your Paytm First Games bonus balance.

  1. Rummy is one of the most widely played games. Rummy is a popular game in India, and practically every young guy has played it at least once. You must wager or pay a small fee to play rummy games.

Play these Rummy games using your Paytm First Games Bonus Balance to win real cash prizes. Many people have claimed to have made a lot of money playing Paytm First Games Rummy games.

  1. Tickets: Paytm First Games features a section dedicated to lottery tickets, similar to Paytm’s lottery ticket department. Here you can find lotteries with a wide range of prizes. The lottery is more expensive to enter, but the payoff is higher.

Each lottery has specific information. It details who is involved, how many rounds will be held, and how much the price will be. Simply buy a lottery ticket with the 10 rupees Paytm First Game bonus balance and wait for the results. If you win, your winnings will be credited to your account. It is possible to withdraw any amount from there.

How to Withdraw Winning Balance from Paytm First Games?

Many fantasy apps, especially among the younger crowd, accept Paytm withdrawals. We must also transfer the funds to our bank account after getting a withdrawal. If we have a PAN card and a bank account, it is preferable to withdraw the winnings from the bank account.

Paytm transactions There are three ways to make the first game:

  • Instant Withdrawal
  • Paytm Wallet Withdrawal
  • Bank Withdrawal

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Paytm First Games Withdrawal Process

  • The first step is to launch the Paytm First Games application.
  • There are three lines in the preceding section. On them, tap.
  • Winnings can be withdrawn from My Balance by going to Winning Balance>> Withdraw.
  • Please enter a value and choose between Paytm and Bank.
  • You can withdraw right now by pressing the Withdraw Now button.
  • If you’ve chosen Paytm as your wallet, you can check it. Your winning balance has been automatically credited.

Paytm First Games Minimum Withdrawal

There is a daily withdrawal restriction of one, however there is no limit on the number of withdrawals. Make sure the Paytm Wallet on the cellphone number you’re using to withdraw is active. Otherwise, it will not progress.

If you haven’t deposited a minimum of Rs. 25, you won’t be able to withdraw your Paytm First Game Deposit Wallet. You can participate in future contests with this balance.

Paytm First Games Helpline Number

  • Call 0120-4456-456 for banking, wallets, and payments.
  • Call 0120-4606060 to place a Paytm mall shopping order.

The customer assistance crew is available 24 hours a day. The languages currently used are Hindi and English.

You will be required to input necessary details, such as the order ID, as part of the help registration procedure. After the team receives your request, they will handle your issue as soon as possible and contact you if extra support is required.

Despite the fact that the number is available 24 hours a day, the staff will call consumers between the hours of 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.

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