Parag Parikh: Books, Career, Interesting Facts

Parag Parikh was, and continues to be, a renowned stock market and veteran. In 1992, he launched The Parag Parikh Financial Consulting Services Private Limited, which he started in late 1970. PPFAS mutual funds are now sponsored by His Financial Advisory Services Private Limited.

Parag Parikh

Parag Parikh is renowned as a pioneer who applied the globally accepted ends of behavioral finance by investing in Indian companies. In a world where being politically correct is a norm, he started his different course— an observation on the Indian financial sector in the niches of general and stock markets (Mutual Funds in particular.)

Parag Parikh is a well-known author and blogger. He has contributed to a number of well-known publications. He has shared his thoughts on the financial market with the youth and his ardent readers.

He’s written two books:

1) From Wealth to Stocks

2) Behavioral finance and value investing.

He established himself as a thought leader and a next-level reader through his publications. His book makes it evident that he took his time before investing in his industry.

Name  Parag Parikh
Founded Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services Private Limited
Founding Year  1985
Books  Stocks to Riches, Value Investing and Behavioral Finance

Essence of Parag Parikh’s Books

Stocks to Riches

Investing in the stock market is difficult since it is too volatile to be safe. Brokers, analysts, and retail investors recognize that while investments perform well, investors do not. What is the reason for a failed investment that an investor should consider? How do you inflate the stock market? What causes the bubble to pop? What causes it to burst, and what is the best investment strategy?

All of these questions are thoroughly addressed in the book. Parag Parikh, interested by the queries, answers them all himself. Stocks to Riches is the culmination of his entire career. He has only done fiat stock investing and supplied potential falling in vestige venturing into the market. At the end of the day, the three guidelines ensure that the retail investor makes fewer mistakes. The following are some of them:

Emotional Investment (#1)

2) Perceptions of gains and losses

3) The Road to Glory

Value Investing and Behavioral Finance 

In his book, Parag Parikh claims that in the stock market, real-time spells of anxiety and greed are quite complementary to one another. It’s what gives the stock market its logic, volatility, and success. Knowing when to stop and when to channelize your emotions when investing and comprehending the finances is an important part of investing. At a time when market charms are diminishing, investor confidence is eroding, and trade fortunes are deteriorating, It is during this time that the most secure and prudent investing decisions are made.

In his work, he discusses the opportunities that must be recognized while others fall into traps.

Parag Parikh – Early Days

In his early childhood, Parag Parikh was diagnosed with polio. He has created himself from the ground up. He is widely recognized as the top bargain investor. He had the ability to spot and deal with inequities. He also has a wonderful family. His mother and wife allegedly sold their valuables to obtain the points required to obtain a broker’s card.

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting included Parag Parikh among the stockholders. Later that day, he passed away.

Parag Parikh’s Career

Parikh began his work in 1979 with the goal of eventually becoming a broker. He rose to prominence in 1990, once the Indian market was opened to international investment, thanks to his thorough study.

Facts on Parag Parikh

1) A long-term equity fund is Parag Parikh equity. It is one of the most effective investment methods. In the mutual fund sector, it allows for actual value investment.

2) International equity receives a 30 to 35% allocation in the equity. The main stocks that generate higher returns in the portfolio are Amazon, Google, and Facebook. While demonetization impacted the Indian equity market, it had no effect on the US market. As a result, his equities’ loss was restricted.

3) Parag Parikh is the only asset management company that exclusively manages one equity fund. That is, the fundraiser is geared on providing good returns to its unitholders. They recently started their tax-saving initiatives while still holding stock.

4) In each unit meeting holder’s portfolio, there are some questions and responses that are highly unique. This demonstrates how important unitholders are to the organization.

5) They’ve recently improved their portfolio by including ITC terms.

Conclusion – Parag Parikh 

His experiences and books can teach you a lot, especially if you’re just starting out as an investor. Read his publications and learn about the ideology of PPFAS Mutual Fund, their money management organization. Neil Parag Parikh is the current chairman.

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