Netspend Max Withdrawal Limit at Walmart (Fees, Limits, ATM)

is a prepaid debit card that lets you access your funds without having to carry cash. It’s accepted at millions of locations that accept Visa or Mastercard. You can also pay bills online or over the phone with your Netspend card.

Netspend provides various useful features in addition to its prepaid debit card services:

  • Online Account Access Check your account balance, transactions, and more from the comfort of your own home.
  • Netspend’s mobile app allows you to manage your money while on the go.
  • Direct Deposit – Have your paycheck or government benefits deposited directly into your Netspend account.
  • Pay bills online or over the phone with money from your Netspend account.

Although there may be limits on the amount you can take in a single day or week, the highest amount you can withdraw through Netspend is $4999.99.

The various Netspend withdrawal restrictions and fees will be discussed in this article.

How to Withdraw Netspend Money at Walmart?

The simplest way to withdraw money from your NetSpend account is to go to your local Walmart Money Center.

You’ll need your Netspend card and a valid government-issued ID to withdraw money from Walmart.

Once you obtain both of these items, proceed as follows:

  1. Select Cash Withdrawal at the Walmart Money Center.
  2. Swipe your card and enter your PIN number.
  3. Choose how much cash you want to withdraw and show your ID.
  4. Your request will be processed by the teller, and you will be given the cash.

You can also use your Netspend card at Walmart when shopping for goods like a tv, air mattress, or a cheesecloth. Request a cashback before paying, and your purchase will be put on your Netspend card.

You can also use the Walmart in-store Money can be withdrawn from ATMs. with your Netspend card. As usual, insert your card, enter your PIN, and pick the amount of cash you want to withdraw.

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What’s the Netspend Max Limit at Walmart?

At Walmart, the maximum Netspend limit is $2,500 per day at any over-the-counter withdrawal location, such as the Money Center. If you’re withdrawing a significant sum of money, it’s wise to contact beforehand to ensure they have adequate cash on hand.

Any debit card purchase at a Walmart register is subject to a $100 spending limit, which also applies to NetSpend withdrawals. Additionally, you may be limited to $60 per transaction at Walmart self-checkouts.

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What is the Netspend Walmart Withdrawal Fee?

For each transaction, the Netspend Walmart withdrawal cost is approximately $3.75. When you withdraw money from your Netspend account at a Walmart shop, you will be charged a fee. The cost, however, will be determined by the store’s location.

Netspend reload sites can charge anything they want up to $4, or 2.75 percent of the withdrawal amount.

How to Withdraw Money from a Netspend Card for Free at Walmart?

If you’re paying for groceries or goods at Walmart, consider using the cashback feature on your Netspend prepaid debit card to get some of your money back. Depending on the The location of the Walmart service desk, you can get up to $100 cashback on every transaction made at the cash register. Also, you can get up to $65 cashback at self-checkout counters.

To get cashback from your Netspend card at Walmart, swipe it as you would a card (credit or debit). Then choose “debit” at the checkout, enter your PIN and enter your cashback amount. 

If you’re on the Pay-As-You-Go plan, keep in mind that Netspend costs $1 2 every debit transaction if you’re on the Pay-As-You-Go plan. If you’re on the Monthly Plan or a Reduced Monthly Plan, however, the transaction fee is waived.

Using a Netspend monthly plan is the only way to withdraw money from a Netspend card for free at Walmart.

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What’s the Netspend ATM Withdrawal Limit At Walmart?

Users of Netspend can withdraw up to $325 every ATM transaction. You can make up to six transactions in a 24-hour period, with a daily ATM withdrawal limit of $940. Regardless of the account amount, the limit is in effect.

How Do I Withdraw Large Amounts of Money from my Netspend Card?

Netspend will not allow you to withdraw more than $940 per day because there are limits on how much money you can withdraw.

There are put in place by the , which states that prepaid card customers have limitations on how much they can spend, purchase and withdraw using a Netspend Debit Card. 

Suppose you want to withdraw a large amount of money from your Netspend card. In that case, you’ll want to get money out of your account using any means possible, including ATMs, banks, credit unions, retail establishments, and so on.

What’s the Netspend Cash Advance Limit? 

Cash advances are short-term loans that allow you to borrow money using your credit card’s value as collateral. Cash advances have substantially higher interest rates than conventional purchases, and the amount you can borrow is usually much smaller.

Netspend, unfortunately, does not provide cash advances, loans, or payday loans. Loan proceeds, on the other hand, can be deposited into your Netspend account and subsequently transferred to your Netspend Prepaid Debit Card.

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Netspend Max Withdrawal Limit Walmart Summary

Overall, Netspend is an easy and convenient way to spend your money back when shopping at Walmart. Using the Netspend card withdrawal at Walmart is a great way to avoid fees, wire transfer costs, and ATM withdrawals. It’s also helpful when you do not have access to traditional banking because of long lines or limited bank branches for the unbanked.

At Walmart, you have three options for spending and withdrawing money from your Netspend account. You can get cashback at the cashier, withdraw cash from an ATM, or acquire money from the Money Center counter.

While Netspend has a withdrawal restriction at Walmart, it’s simple to get around it by making a series of smaller withdrawals rather than one large one. But, keep in mind that each option has its own set of fees, so do what works best for you.

Remember to bring your Netspend card, photo ID, and the primary cardholder’s social security number or (TIN) for withdrawals at a Walmart Money Center.

If you need to withdraw money from your Netspend card, Walmart is a great place to go. There are a variety of options, and you can usually trust on Walmart to have the funds you require.

So be mindful of the fees connected with each method and keep your Netspend daily restrictions in mind.

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