MCWG Full Form

Motor Cycle with Gear is the full form of MCWG.

For different types of vehicles, the RTO (Regional Transport Office) issues separate licenses. The MCWG License covers all sports and non-sports bikes that we see on the road in our daily lives.

MCWG Motive

The primary goal of the MCWG License is to allow anyone to lawfully (with government approval) operate two-wheeler vehicles with engine capacity ranging from 50 cc to infinite cc.


  • A manual transmission gear-based functioning is required by MCWG.
  • Holders of an MCWG license can ride a motorcycle in any state in India.

Process to get MCWG license

  • Applicants must be 18 years old and qualify for the license. They must also be informed of traffic rules and regulations.
  • Applicants must provide proof of address, age, and identity.
  • They should be able to ride a bike (with gear) safely.
  • Can apply online for a License through the website “” by filling in all the details.
  • The offline technique can also be used by filling out the form completely and submitting it to the RTO office.

Limitation of MCWG

  • MCWG licensees are only allowed to drive two-wheeled vehicles.

Benefits of MCWG

  • MCWG makes it easier to drive lawfully.
  • We can easily transport the MCWG license because it is portable.
  • For our identity evidence, we can also use an MCWG license.
  • Previously, we received an MCWG license in the form of a book, but now it is available as a smart card.
  • We don’t need to be concerned if we misplace our MCWG license since we can use our MCWG license intelligent card number to track and download our MCWG permit at any time and from any location.

Driving License at a glance:

There are two types of driver’s licenses:

For Personal Purpose2  wheeler For Commercial purposes other than 2 wheeler
Mc50cc- D.L for 16-18 years old person vehicles the engine is less than 50cc. e.g., Moped. LMVT- Light Motor vehicle Transport. Maximum gross weight up to 7,500Kg. e.g., Taxi, Delivery Van.
MCEX50cc- D.L for more than 50cc vehicles. e.g. – Scooty   MGV/GVM- Medium good vehicle. Maximum gross weight up to 12,000kg. e.g. – Delivery Van  
MCWOG- D.L for without gear vehicle. e.g. – Scooty HMV- Heavy motor vehicle.The maximum gross weight will be more than 12,000kg. (HGMV and HPMV comes under HMV)
MCWG- D.L for a geared vehicle. e.g. – BIKE (Splendor, Pulsar etc.) HGMV- Heavy goods motor vehicle. e.g., Truck, Hyva, Dumper, etc.
HPMV – Heavy passenger motor vehicle. e.g., Busses, Coaches.
LMV-NT – D.L for equivalent or more than two-wheelers but Non-transport. e.g., Car, Van. LDRXCV- Hydraulic heavy equipment used for commercial purposes.Trailer, Poclane, Crane, etc.

A little nail might puncture a tire and ruin a journey, yet our preparedness can help us overcome obstacles and achieve our goals. Maintain a valid driver’s license, adhere to traffic laws, drive cautiously, and make your journey graceful and unforgettable.

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