Lowe’s Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy (Online & In-Store)

In 2020, despite a global pandemic, Lowe’s had annual revenue of just over It shows you just how big this popular home improvement store is.

As with most stores across the country, competitors are looking to capture . So it needs to do everything in its power to attract more customers while remaining competitive. Lowe’s wants to appeal to DIY home improvement people to contractors, like plumbers, electricians, excavating contractors, and builders.

One way to get more customers is the or the Lowe’s Price Promise.

What exactly is the Lowes Price Guarantee, and how does it help you as a customer?

Does Lowes Price Match?

Absolutely, Lowes will match any competitor’s pricing. Lowes, in fact, has one of the strongest price matching and adjustment practices in the retail sector.

This is guaranteed by the price match policy. Furthermore, if you find a rival selling the same product for a lower price, Lowes urges you to contact them.

You will be required to provide them evidence of the pricing difference. Once your claim has been validated, Lowes will match that price.

It’s easier to match name-brand items vs. items explicitly made for a store like hardwood floors, paint, types of succulents, bottled water, furniture, plants, kerosene, and more. But, of course, it may be cheaper to buy generic brands vs. name-brand home improvement merchandise.

Also, save more money by signing up for discount. It’s free, and you don’t need to be a contractor to get the benefits.

Does Lowe’s Price Match Appliances?

Yes, Lowe’s does price match appliances as long as they aren’t manufactured by any brands excluded from their list. Assuming it’s the exact same, Lowe’s should be able to match the price for appliances like refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, stoves, house humidifiers,

Does Lowe’s Price Match Online Retailer Prices?

Yes, Lowe’s does price match online purchases that fall within the terms and conditions. Trying to find lower prices online will take a great deal of research, but you can easily use apps such as to scan product barcodes and find lower prices online.

When you provide the proof to a Lowes associate, they will conduct their own research and, if everything checks out, price match the item.

Though Lowe’s aren’t Home renovation stores that are open 24 hours a day, it’s open as early as 6 am on weekdays, and 7 am on weekends. In addition, it has Summertime means later hours. during the outdoor season vs. the winter hours. 

Does Lowe’s Price Match Other Lowe’s Stores?

Surprisingly, Lowes does not match the prices of other Lowes stores. It’s a little more complicated than that, though. You can ask the associate to price match if you discover the item cheaper online than in-store at Lowes.

Lowes, on the other hand, frequently provides special online-only specials.

It frequently offers heavily reduced things online rather than in-store. Because the products have already been discounted, they will be disqualified from the price match policy.

Another difficulty is that various states’ stores do not impose their pricing on stores in other states. So, for example, you discover that a specific product is on sale in the New York store. The same product, however, is currently retailing for nearly twice the price at your local Lowes in Utah. So, in this scenario, the Utah store will not match the New York store’s price.

Does Lowe’s Price Match Costco?

Indeed, Lowes’ price is the same as Costco’s. It will match any retailer’s price as long as the item is identical and the terms and conditions of their price matching policy are met.

Does Lowe’s Price Match Home Depot?

Yes, Lowe’s does Home Depot price match as long as the items are the same and meet the terms and conditions. It will price match any item purchased within 30 days.

Does Lowe’s Price Match Menards?

Lowe’s will match the exact Menard’s products that are in stock at both places. In addition, Lowe’s will match the Menards is offering a 11% discount rebate. instead of mailing in the rebate.

Buying your stuff at Menard’s vs. Lowe’s will save you from waiting for the rebate check, filling out the rebate form, and money spent on postage stamps. Since an The cost of a single postage stamp is 58 cents., you’ll need the Menard’s purchase to be at least $5.28 to break even after the 11% rebate. It’s cheaper to visit your nearest Lowe’s to instantly save money on price matching Menard’s 11% rebate sale.

Does Lowe’s Price Match Amazon?

Sure, Lowes matches Amazon’s pricing, but the offer only applies to Amazon’s own products, not those sold by third-party merchants. Within 30 days of purchase, it will price match items sold by Amazon. Lowe’s does not match Amazon’s discounts, promotions, or Prime specials.

What is Lowe’s Price Adjustment Policy?

The organization is committed to giving the greatest possible purchasing experience and pricing to its customers. As a result, you should notify Lowes if one of their competitors offers lower prices on identical products.

Lowes has made its pricing modification strategy uniform across all of its stores to make things easier. All you have to do now is go to your local Lowe’s and present your claim to any of their front-end colleagues. That employee will match the pricing once it has been validated.

The verification process is straightforward. The associate handling the claim will simply validate it through the competitor’s website or an official ad from another retail location before matching the price. Lowe’s will match retail stores, including Sam’s Club is a membership club that caters to, Joann Fabrics, Target, Best Buy, Walgreens, and more.

Keep an eye on the terms and conditions because they do apply. To price match a product at Lowes, for example, it must be the same brand, size, and quantity.

Another important consideration is that both Lowes and the rival must have the product in stock at the time the price match is made.

Lowe’s price match policy isn’t just for in-store purchases; it also applies to internet retail prices. They will not, however, be able to compete with eBay because it is dominated by independent merchants.

Lowe’s Price Matching Process

While Lowes’ price matching policy isn’t unique in the business, it’s nevertheless critical to follow the company’s explicit instructions, terms, and circumstances.

The steps for the Lowes price match policy are as follows:

  • To begin, go to your nearest Lowes shop and look for the product you’re looking for. You can also find the product you’re looking for at your local store; it doesn’t have to be Lowes.
  • Next go to Lowes.com and look for the product you’re looking for. You can also do a price comparison at nearby Lowes competitors to check if they are cheaper. Note that brand, model number, and product size must all be same.
  • Make sure the product you want to price match isn’t excluded from the Lowe’s Price Match program. Things excluded from the Lowe’s Price Match Program include free offers like books sent to you for free, rebates, sales tax promotions, tax-free events, one-time promotions, seasonal schedules sales like Black Friday, buy one get one offers, bundle offers, and special events.
  • Once you’ve acquired all of the facts, go to your local Lowes and show your results to a store associate. Printouts of your study, images, local marketing, or a link to the product on the competitor’s website or app are all options.
  • The associate will conduct a quick search to double-check the information. They’ll also double-check that the item you want isn’t excluded from the sale and is in stock at both locations. You’ll get a discount depending on the price match you obtained at the rival once they verify the information.

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How Long is Lowe’s Price Protection?

Price protection from Lowes is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. Customers can get their money back on purchases if the price drops or the item goes on sale, which is known as the price match guarantee or price drop policy. As long as the item was purchased within the last 30 days, the offer is valid.

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What Are Brands Excluded from Lowe’s Price Match Policy?

Pay special attention to the Lowes Price Match Policy’s terms and restrictions. There are several products and brands that are not covered by the policy.

Price matching is not available for Dacor, ICON, Fisher & Paykel, Monogram, SMEG, Liebherr, Weber, Kichler, and Nest, for example. There are a few more exceptions to the guideline, such as:

  • Service Pricing: Lowe’s doesn’t price match services such as labor, renting a side jobs with a pickup truck, installation, appliance removal, carpet cleaner rental, custom orders, special orders, and CO2 refills.
  • Unverifiable Prices: Lowes cannot match a competitor’s price if there is no method to verify if the competitor offers a lower price right away. You must show your proof to the associate, which should be verified through the competitor’s website, local ad, or app.
  • Out of stock items: If the items are currently out of stock at Lowes or a specific competitor’s store, the store will not price match.
  • Discounted Items: It doesn’t match prices on items that are either discounted, fall under the clearance category, bundled items, free items, used electronics, or used or refurbished items.
  • Financed Products: Won’t match products under financing offers, loans, or credit.

Exclusions from the Lowes price match program include:

  • Products discounted for seniors, employees, or military personnel
  • Printed or digital coupon offers or manufactured coupons
  • Prices that were printed incorrectly
  • Items that have passed the 30-day mark
  • Prices gathered from auctions or online bidding sites

Click for more information about Lowe’s Price Promise.

Does Lowe’s Accept Competitor Coupons?

Sorry, competitor coupons are not accepted at Lowes.

Lowes is dedicated to providing you with the best possible rates on the products you require the most. It will match the lowest price you can discover, as long as the goods fulfills their Price Match Policy’s terms and conditions.

Customers at Lowes can either match a competitor’s price or save money with a Lowes discount, but not both.

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