Is Sharekhan Safe for Trading & Investing?

Sharekhan is India’s oldest stock brokerage firm, having been founded in 2000. BNP Paribas is the parent company of this stock brokerage firm. BNP Paribas is one of the largest and most reputable French international banks, with branches in more than 70 countries.

We can easily trade equities, bonds, mutual funds, IPOs, and other sorts of financial instruments with the help of this Sharekhan stock brokerage company for a very low brokerage fee and with the use of a flawless app trading experience.

Sharekhan Special Features

  • As we discussed above, Sharekhan is a stock brokerage company that is backed by one of the biggest French International Banks, so the company is having good funds.
  • Because Sharekhan was founded in the 2000s, it has a strong brand in the Indian market and a large number of paying clients.
  • To make trading more convenient for all customers in India, Sharekhan has launched a mobile app that allows you to trade a variety of financial products.
  • To undertake fundamental analysis of a stock, Sharekhan employs innovative financial algorithms and artificial intelligence. If they believe the stock will do well, they will recommend it to their customers so that they can invest in it and get a decent return on their investment.
  • Sharekhan will have access to historical data on the stock. As a result, sharekhan uses artificial intelligence to process the data. The AI will then analyze the data and provide a precise future prediction based on historical data and stock movement in relation to market and seasonal factors.
  • Learning about the stock market and then trading will be extremely difficult for a novice. Beginners are likely to lose a significant amount of money while trading. As a result, Sharekhan offers new traders the opportunity to learn more about the stock market through Sharekhan classroom training.
  • Every newcomer may quickly learn about the stock market with the help of the training, and then invest in stocks and make good returns.
  • Sharekhan solves its customers’ problems by providing cutting-edge customer support because it is a customer-oriented and customer satisfaction company. So that customer service receives your issues and responds to your questions as quickly as feasible.

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What Makes Sharekhan Safe?

  • BNP Paribas is the parent company.

BNP Paribas is Sharekhan’s parent company. It is one of Europe’s largest banks, with operations and products in more than 72 countries. In the year 1860, BNP Paribas opened its first branch in India. Sharekhan gains additional credibility by having a powerful parent firm.

  • Offline Presence

Sharekhan is also available offline in 541 places across India. If you have any questions or wish to file a complaint, you may always visit their office and speak with their representatives.

  • Advanced Desktop Software

You will be given state-of-the-art Trade Tiger Desktop software if you actively trade on Sharekhan. This includes heat maps and complex indicators for tracking market moves and providing other vital stock data. Sharekhan has something special for everyone, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned trader.

  • Low Customer Complaints

Sharekhan’s complaint to active client ratio is incredibly low, demonstrating the platform’s trustworthiness.

  • Registrations with the government and legal obligations

Of course, Sharekhan is a SEBI-registered company that follows all applicable regulations. The National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange are also members of Sharekhan. Brokers are monitored by regulators, and any wrongdoing is reported to them. Until date, there has been no serious controversy or case brought against Sharekhan.

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Final Thoughts – Is Sharekhan Safe?

Absolutely, Sharekhan is extremely safe, and you can easily trust it to handle your daily financial instrument purchases.

  • 748 Sharekhan BSE member ID
  • 10733 Sharekhan NSE member ID
  • CIN: U99999MH1995PLC087498 Sharekhan Limited
  • INZ000171337 is Sharekhan’s SEBI registration number.

These are some of the most crucial registration numbers to remember when becoming a Sharekhan customer and trading stocks with them. As a result, you can confidently begin stock trading on the Sharekhan platform.


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