Is Paytm Safe? Safety & Security Features

Paytm ensures that mobile payments and banking are secure. Paytm makes it simple to make payments, whether it’s a payment, a bill payment, or a money transfer. Paytm has been certified by the RBI and can be used for a variety of applications.

Paytm is a safe and secure payment method. Paytm uses industry-leading encryption standards to keep your Paytm data safe. The NPCI has approved Paytm.

Paytm is a convenient and secure way to pay, with a network of over 10 million merchants and 15 lakh touchpoints. Paytm uses industry-leading encryption standards to keep your Paytm data safe.

Paytm takes every precaution to keep its users safe. You want to protect your information when using your phone to make payments or transfer money.

You’ll notice that whenever you use Paytm, you’ll be asked to enter a passcode to protect your personal information.

SSL encryption, tokenization, encryption key management, secure infrastructure, dedicated infrastructure, sophisticated authentication, state-of-the-art firewall protection, anti-virus protection, web application firewall, behavioral detection, device hardening, penetration testing, and application penetration testing are among the security procedures used by the organization.

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Paytm payments are made through UPI, which ensures that the money moved from the Paytm wallet to the bank account is completely secure. Paytm payments are made using the BHIM payment protocol, which is India’s most secure payment method.

Paytm also works with HDFC Bank, which is one of our associated banks. HDFC Bank is one of the country’s leading corporate banks and a well-known financial institution.

Paytm has filed a complaint in the Delhi High Court, alleging that India’s top telecom operators are allowing consumers to access phishing websites masquerading as official websites, such as Paytm, by not banning numbers accessible via SIM cards.

The complaint seeks a fine of 100 crores from the operators, as well as remedy under the IT Act.

How to keep your Paytm Account Safe?

To keep their account safe and secure, readers should consider the following suggestions:

  • Keep track of all official Bank and Paytm transaction and login alert SMS and emails.
  • Do not give out OTPs, login credentials, or any other personal information to anyone.
  • Regularly update your login information.
  • If your SIM card is lost or stolen, have it blocked. With the Paytm app, you can change your email and phone number.
  • Use a PIN or biometric identification to secure your Paytm account.
  • Make no payments to any dubious websites. Scammers can lead you into any trap they want.

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Paytm Controversies 

Paytm was accused of sharing user information with the Indian government in 2018. Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma’s brother, Ajay Shekhar Sharma, was discovered to have intimate ties to the Indian government.

The Indian government has asked me to give information about Paytm customers in Jammu and Kashmir. Ajay Sharma was the subject of a sting operation by the Indian media outlet Cobrapost. Ajay Sharma confirmed that he was summoned from PMsPMs. According to claims, the information was used to influence state elections and quash protests in Jammu & Kashmir.

Later, the firm disputed the charges.


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