Is Paytm Money Safe for Long Term Investing?

Paytm Money is a Paytm subsidiary, and One97 Communications is Paytm’s parent business. Paytm and its subsidiaries are operated by One97 Communications in India and other countries. Paytm is owned by Vijay Shekhar Sharma, who founded the company in Noida in early 2010.

Paytm has exploded since India’s demonetization, attracting thousands of new clients with attractive deals and rebates that other companies do not provide.

Paytm is also known for its cashback, discounts, vouchers, and coupon codes, which encourage customers to conduct multiple transactions while simultaneously generating revenue for Paytm in the form of commission.

With the help of Paytm money, we can do stock trading and can easily invest in Mutual Funds, IPO, bonds, digital gold, etc. Along with this if we save money in Paytm money wallet we will get monthly interest. This is a small intro about Paytm money and we hope you are clear till now.

What is the Market Value of Paytm?

Paytm is a massive cash-burning enterprise that is losing money because it offers its users huge coupons and discounts. Paytm’s value after raising funding, according to the July 2021 valuation, is roughly 16 billion dollars. The market value of Paytm and its subsidiaries is approximately 1.2 trillion+ rupees if we convert 16 billion dollars into rupees.

What are Paytm’s Customer Base and Monthly Active Users?

Paytm is one of the top players in allowing Indians to do digital transactions because it offers huge cashback and offers to its customers and because it was one of the first to enter the digital payments market in India when demonetization occurred. Paytm boasts 150 million monthly active users and processes 1.2 billion transactions per month. After Paytm, PhonePe comes in second, and Google Pay comes in third.

Paytm has been able to develop a strong brand in India by providing a one-tap frictionless transaction experience to its customers, as well as fast collect important customer databases and monthly active users.

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Who are Paytm’s Investors and Owners?

  1. Sharma, Vijay Shekhar 14.67%
  2. Ant Group has a 29.71% success rate.%
  3. 19.63% SoftBank Vision Fund%
  4. SAIF Partners owns 18.56% of the company.%

Vijay Shekar Sharma, the founder of Paytm and the first owner of Paytm Money, is a well-known Indian entrepreneur. Paytm Money has also received funding from Jack Ma, the Alibaba Group’s CEO. Softbank (Japan), SAIF Partners (Hong Kong), and others are among the other investors.

How Paytm Money Better and Safe than Others

  • Parent Company 

One97 Communications, India’s leading mobile marketing company, developed Paytm Money. They’ve been in business for more than two decades and are one of India’s major providers of mobile payment and e-commerce services.

  • Zero Margin Funding 

Paytm lacks margin finance, which is dangerous and jeopardizes a company’s growth.

  • Millions of Customers 

Paytm’s customer base has been steadily growing since its debut, with more than 6 million active users. A strong and expanding customer base demonstrates the company’s confidence and efficiency.

  • Low Complaints 

There have been no complaints filed against Paytm at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) as of 2021. The National Stock Exchange (NSE) has a complaint ratio of around 0.01%.%

  • Zero Proprietary Trading 

Customers’ funds are not used by the corporation for its own trading. Hence, with Paytm, your money is safe.

  • Pricing is simple and straightforward.

Paytm’s operational risk and complexity have been lowered by maintaining a single brokerage price for all consumers. Even inexperienced investors can comprehend this.

  • Safety and Security 

Paytm uses bank-level security to keep all important client information safe from unauthorized access. Two-factor authentication adds another layer of security to the platform.

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Paytm Money Memberships and Registrations 

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has registered the Paytm Money app as a stockbroker, depository participant, and investment counselor. The company is also a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE), where it is one of the most active. The following are some of the registration details:

INZ000240532 is the SEBI registration number for Paytm Money.

SEBI Registration Number: INA100009859 Paytm Money Investment Advisory

SEBI Registration Number: IN-DP-416-2019 for Paytm Money CDSL (Depository Participant).

PFNDA Registration Number: 269042019 Paytm Money

Is Paytm Money Safe?

Yes! Because it follows the guidelines of the Securities Exchange Board of India and other organizations, Paytm money is a very safe way to conduct regular stock market transactions.

Apart from that, we utilize Paytm in our daily lives and are familiar with its capabilities.


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