IRATA SBI: Add Beneficiary, Change Mobile Number

SBI stands for State Bank of India, an Indian public sector bank and statutory financial services provider. The state bank of India is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

IRATA stands for Internet Banking Request Approval Via ATM.

What is the IRATA option in SBI?

Internet Banking Request Approval Through ATM (IRATA) is a secured method of getting instant approval of internal banking-related requests. 
Earlier, the account holder had to visit the bank to get the details updated and added but, now people trust IRATA, an extremely secure method for immediately approving an internet banking request. 

To prevent online banking scams, banks need a cooling period before funds can be sent to a new beneficiary through net banking. The balance of security and customer satisfaction can boost internet banking volumes.

SBI launched the IRATA mode in 2014, and it is widely promoted and utilized to add beneficiaries quickly. You can alter your cellphone number and add a beneficiary without travelling to the bank with the IRATA option.

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How to Add Beneficiary in SBI Instantly Through IRATA?

You can add a beneficiary in 30 minutes using SBI Internet Banking. It takes about 30 minutes to show the additional beneficiary after the procedure. After the beneficiary has been successfully added, you will receive a validation message on your registered mobile number.

  1. Search for Onlinesbi on Google and then click Proceed to Login.
  2. To access your internet banking account, enter your username and password and validate the captcha.
  3. You’ll be taken to your internet banking account after clicking login.
  4. On your dashboard, select Payments/Transfers.
  5. You’ll notice an Inter-bank beneficiary option after selecting, which will allow you to add a beneficiary from another bank. Another choice is Own account, which allows you to add the same bank’s beneficiary.
  6. Choose whether you wish to proceed with an Inter-bank beneficiary or a personal account.
  7. After choosing an choice, fill out the next page with the beneficiary’s information and submit it.
  8. The beneficiary’s information will be displayed on the screen for confirmation; you must review and confirm the information.
  9. To approve the addition of a beneficiary, enter your profile password.
  10. On the following screen, you will have two options for beneficiary approval: ATM or OTP.
  11. Finally, to approve the SBI recipient, select the ATM option.
  12. A 10-digit reference number will appear on the following screen. Copy or jot down the reference number.
  13. Visit an ATM of SBI Bank.
  14. Enter your card PIN and swipe your ATM card linked to your account, which you can see in your Online Banking login.
  15. Choose Services, then Net Banking Request Activation from the drop-down menu.
  16. Enter the 10-digit INB reference number you took down and click the submit button.
  17. After entering the 10-digit reference number, the system will automatically add the beneficiary.

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How to Change Mobile Numbers in SBI Through IRATA?

A customer can update his/her mobile number attached to the account in a few steps if the customer has a debit card and active ATM with an internet banking username.

  1. Log in to your online banking account on the Onlinesbi website using your computer or any other device you have.
  2. Select the profile tab and then the personal details link.
  3. Then, on the screen, type your password.
  4. Name, email address, and cellphone number registered in internet banking will be displayed on the screen.
  5. Then, on that website, look for the hyperlink Change mobile number through ATM/OTP and click it.
  6. The system will redirect you to a new screen where you can make, cancel, and check the status of your request, as well as alter your mobile number.
  7. Enter the new phone number you’d like to add.

After entering the cell phone number, confirm that a message appears on the screen and press OK to proceed.

You now have three alternatives for changing your cell phone number on the screen: by ATM, OTP, or the contact center.

  1. The IRATA button will be next to the ATM choice. To continue, press that button.
  2. Select the account for which you have a debit card by pressing the button.
  3. Press the continue button once more.
  4. The system will then lead you to the confirmation screen for your SBI ATM card.
  5. The screen will display the activated and deactivated ATM options. Select and confirm the activated option on the screen.
  6. On the next page, input your ATM card information and click the Continue button.
  7. You will receive a successful registration notice on the ATM screen and by text message to your cellphone number.
  8. The IRATA reference number will be sent to your mobile number via SMS by the TNB system.
  9. Then, at the SBI ATM machine, swipe your ATM card.
  10. Next select the IRATA option under the alternative option.
  11. You must then input your ATM pin after selecting the services option.
  12. After that, select IRATA (Internet Banking Request Approval) from the Others menu.
  13. Enter the 10-digit reference number that was sent to you via SMS.
  14. Lastly, after the reference number has been verified, the request for a new number will be updated.
  15. After successfully changing your mobile number, you will receive a notification.

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How can I use SBI IRATA?

The three-element validation used in IRATA is utilized at the start: –

  1. Do you have a debit or credit card?
  2. Do you know the password to your ATM?
  3. Do you know what your INB reference number is?


This IRATA mode function can be accessed in a variety of ways. Simply select the (IRATA) option on the online SBI page when the recipient is approved, and then proceed. It is an very valuable service that saves clients’ time.


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