iPhone Control Center Icons

If you have an iPhone and want to know how to access your apps, utilities, and tools quickly and conveniently, the control center is what you need to know.

This control center saves time spent searching for a specific app on your phone or digging through all of your settings for the required feature or utility.

The control center has icons that function as shortcuts to make your phone more efficient and dependable. These icons represent the controls that you can access quickly and easily.

It also makes using an iPhone considerably more convenient and less clunky. The control center on the iPhone is comparable to the notification panel on an Android handset.

iPhone Control Center Icons

Control Center for iPhone Various apps and utilities are represented by icons in the control center. Shortcuts to essential apps and services make our lives easier and more efficient.

Airplane Mode, Cellular, Wi-Fi Network, Bluetooth, Screen Brightness and Screen Recorder are among the iPhone Control Center Icons, whereas Do Not Disturb, Music Playing, Screen Mirroring, and Volume Control are not.

Not only that, but we can customize our control center to keep the icons or shortcuts of select preferred apps and functionality there.

Several of the icons in the control center can’t be edited or changed in any way, and they can’t be disabled or moved about. These are some of the icons:

  • Airplane mode

It allows us to toggle the airplane mode on and off. This mode is typically activated when boarding an airplane for travel purposes.

The phone cannot connect to any cellular data, wifi, or Bluetooth when in airplane mode. As a result, this icon is a crucial component that remains constant in the control center.

  • Wi-Fi and Cellular Network

We are unable to change these two icons, thus they remain untouched, unmodified, and unmoved on the control panel.

This feature enables or disables cellular data and Wi-Fi networks.

  • Bluetooth

This symbol gives the user Bluetooth access, and its position cannot be modified.

  • Screen Recorder and Screen Brightness

The screen recorder allows the user to record anything displayed on the screen while the screen brightness allows the user to control the brightness of the screen. On the control panel, neither of these icons has moved.

There are some icons on the control panel that cannot be modified, such as Do Not Disturb, Music Playing, Screen Mirroring, and Volume Control.

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How to Add Icons To The iPhone Control Center?

Apart from these icons, which cannot be modified, we may personalize the control panel by adding desired app shortcuts, utilities, controls, and so on.

The following steps must be followed when adding icons to the control panel:

Step 1: Open Settings On Your iPhone

Find your phone’s settings, open it, and then look for the control center.

Step 2: Tap On The Control Center

Open the control center after you’ve found it, and you’ll see a list of programs, utilities, and controls.

Step 3: Add Or Remove The Control Accordingly

By choosing the app and tapping on the green plus (+) there, you can now add the relevant app icon to the control panel.

Similarly, you may remove a control or icon by first looking for it in the list and then touching the red minus (-) that appears.

How to Customise My iPhone Control Center?

Customizing the control center became available with iOS 11 and has continued to improve since then.

Control Center is already a very useful and valuable feature of the iPhone, but the ability to customize it is the icing on the cake.

To customize your control center, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Settings On Your Phone

Find settings on your phone, then scroll down or search for control center from there.

Step 2: Tap On The Control Center

Open the control center by tapping on it. A list of apps and controls will be provided.

Step 3: Customize Your Control Center Accordingly

Once you open the control center, you will see two sections. One will be the included controls and the other more control.

Step 4: Removing And Re-Arranging Any Icon From The Control Center

Under the included controls section, you can remove any icon by tapping on the red minus (-), and the control will be removed successfully. 

By touching and holding the three grey lines, you can rearrange the apps in the same sector.

Step 5: Adding A New Icon To The Control Center

Under the more controls section, you can add any desired app or icon by tapping on the green plus (+), and the app or icon will be added to the control center successfully.

Step 6: Checking Your Changes

When you’ve finished customizing your control center, swipe down from the top right corner of your screen to inspect it.

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The Control Center contains a number of features and app shortcuts that make it quicker and faster to access anything. For example, you may easily turn on your flashlight from the control center, or turn on your Wi-Fi from the control center by simply tapping on it.

As a result, this feature stands out because it enables users to access any utility or app by simply swiping down from the top right corner.

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