Indian Bank Balance Check Number

The Indian Bank is a government-owned financial and banking company. The Ministry of Finance of the Government of India owns the company, which was founded in 1907 and is headquartered in Chennai, India. It has 41,620 staff, 6,004 branches, 5,428 ATMs and cash deposit machines, and serves more than 100 million customers, making it one of India’s best-performing public sector banks.

Customers of Indian Bank have access to a variety of banking services. Clients can check their account balances via a variety of methods, including missed calls, toll-free lines, USSD codes, and SMS messages.

Indian Bank Balance Check

The following are the many techniques for checking the balance of an Indian bank account:

Indian Bank Ваlаnсе Check Toll Free Number 180042500000
Indian Bank Balance Check Missed call Number 09289592895
Indian Bank Account Balance check  through SMS SMS BALAVL <Ac no> <MPIN> to 9444394443 
Indian Bank Mini Statement Number SMS
LATRAN<A/C no.><MPIN> to 9444394443
Indian Bank Account Balance check  WhatsApp Number Not Available
Indian Bank Balance Enquiry through Net Banking Visit here

Indian Bank Balance Check Toll Free Number

Customers of Indian Bank can check their account balance by calling the toll-free number 1800-425-0000.

Indian Bank Balance Check Missed Call Number

Customers who have registered their cellphone number with Indian Bank can use the missed call feature to find out their account balance. To use this service, customers must take the following steps:

  • Customers must register their phone numbers with Indian Bank in order to use the service.
  • They must make a missed call to 09289592895 to check their balance.
  • The bank will send an SMS containing the account balance as soon as the bank receives the customer’s missed call.

Indian Bank Balance Check Through SMS

If a consumer does not have access to the internet or online accounts, he or she can check the balance of an Indian bank account through SMS. Customers will need to register their mobile numbers at the home branch using the SMS banking application form. They can utilize the SMS service after getting the MPIN and a message verifying their registration. The following are the measures to take:

  • Make sure your mobile number is on file with Indian Bank at the branch where your account is held.
  • To check your account balance, send a text message to 9444394443 using the format BALAVL Ac no> MPIN>.
  • After that, Indian Bank will send you an SMS with information on your account balance.

Customers can use the SMS service to not only check their account balance, but also to obtain mini statements and track the status of checks they’ve written.

Indian Bank Mini Statement Number 

Account holders in India can check their mini statement by sending a text message.

9444394443. LATRANA/C no.>MPIN>.

Other methods to Check Indian Bank Account Balance

  • Indian Bank account holders can use net banking to access their accounts and a variety of banking services without having to visit a branch. Customers who open an account with Indian Bank have the option of enrolling in Net Banking. You can check your account balance after logging into Netbanking.
  • To execute online transactions and monitor account balances, the Indian Bank offers three mobile apps. IndPay, IB Smart Remote, and BHIM IndianBank UPI are the apps in question.
  • Updating your passbook at a nearby Indian Bank branch is the simplest way to find out your account balance.
  • Customers of Indian Bank can check their account balance in minutes at any ATM by using their Indian Bank ATM cards at any other bank ATM.

How to Check Indian Bank Balance without Registered Mobile Number?

Customers can access their account balance without entering a cellphone number by logging into the IndianBank NetBanking page using their username and password.

Final Thoughts

Indian Bank is a government-owned bank based in India. Clients can choose from a variety of savings accounts, fixed deposits, loans, credit cards, and other services and products. Customers of Indian Bank have a selection of options from which to pick to satisfy their needs.


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