How to Unblock SBI ATM Card Instantly?

Let’s face it, everyone has experienced this. Your SBI ATM card has been blocked by your bank or by you for any reason, and you just want it unblocked as soon as possible. If you’ve attempted to unblock your SBI ATM card, you’ve probably encountered difficulties. In this article, we’ll look at six simple ways to unlock your SBI ATM card.

Why is your SBI ATM Card Blocked?

There are four main reasons why your ATM/debit card may be blocked. The following are the reasons:

  1. You entered the wrong pin three times: The bank will immediately block our ATM/Debit card if we enter the wrong pin three times. This is done on the assumption that your card has been stolen and that the criminal is attempting to guess your PIN in order to take your money. So don’t panic; the ATM card may unlock itself during the next 24 hours.
  2. Your card has been misplaced: When we misplace our ATM card, we can have it disabled in a variety of ways to protect ourselves from theft or fraud. Here’s how to disable your SBI ATM card. (link)
  3. Your ATM card is no longer valid: Every ATM/debit card issued by a bank has a defined validity period during which it can be used. It will be automatically blocked when it approaches the end of its validity period.
  4. You don’t have enough balance: If you don’t have enough money in your bank account to cover the yearly renewal charge, the bank will block your ATM/Debit card.

Different ways to unblock SBI ATM Card? 

Because the ATM card could have been blocked for a variety of reasons, the solution of unblocking it is contingent on the reason for the block. You can only utilize all of the techniques after your card has been blocked for 24 hours.

  • If you input the wrong ATM PIN three times in a row, your ATM card will be immediately banned for 24 hours to prevent theft. But don’t worry; it will automatically unlock after 24 hours.
  • If you have accidentally or intentionally banned the card, you must make a formal application to the nearest bank branch to get it unblocked. You must submit your application with your identity verification documentation to unblock the card using this technique.

1. Unblock SBI ATM card by vising bank branch

Simply follow these simple steps to unlock your SBI ATM card.

  1. The ATM Unblock Application Form is available at your local SBI Bank location.
  2. Now you must complete the form correctly. You must correctly input the account number, the card’s last four numbers, and other important details.
  3. When you’re finished, sign the application form and attach your photo ID.
  4. Then hand the form over to a bank official.
  5. Your card will be unblocked within 24 hours.

You will receive an SMS notification on your phone once the card has been unblocked.

2. Unblock SBI ATM card by Calling SBI cusotmer care

  • SBI Customer Service Phone Number: You can now easily unblock your SBI ATM card by calling the customer support hotline. Take the following steps:
  1. From your registered phone number, call customer service at 1800112211.
  2. The customer care person will ask for some information to authenticate your identification once you call using the IVR.
  3. Your card will be unblocked once you verify your information.

3. Unblock SBI ATM card through SMS

You can also unblock your ATM card by sending an SMS from your registered cellphone number to the bank. Take the following steps:

  1. To compose a message, click here.
  2. PIN (last four digits of your debit card, XXXX) (last four digits of your bank account, YYYY)
  3. Check it once more. PIN XXXX YYYY should be the format.
  4. SBI customer service can be reached at 567676 or 9223440000.
  5. You will be given an OTP, which you must present at an SBI ATM.
  6. You must insert your card into the ATM. Choose Banking> Change your PIN
  7. Next you must input this OTP and a new PIN of your choosing for future use.
  8. Your card will then be unblocked, and you can use this new PIN to make purchases.

  • If your card has been stopped by the bank due to a security breach in their systems, you will be issued a new card at no charge. You can request the procedure at your local branch.
  • An expired ATM card will be blocked unless it is replaced. You can ask the bank to renew it and issue you a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I unblock SBI ATM card?

There are several ways to unblock your blocked ATM card. The most common option is to use your bank’s SMS banking service and send an SMS in the required format from your registered mobile phone. You can also draft an application and submit it to your bank so that the proper procedures can be followed by the relevant authorities.

Can I unblock SBI ATM/ Debit card through net banking?

Yes, you can unblock your ATM card online if your bank provides this service. SBI does not currently provide this service for unblocking your card through net banking.

How to unblock SBI ATM/Debit cards offline?

You can visit your nearest SBI bank and submit a written application to unlock your card offline. You can also send an SMS or make a phone call.

How to unblock SBI ATM/Debit card with YONO App?

Unblocking your card is not possible with YONO. You can also call, send an SMS, or go to your local branch to unblock your card.

How to unblock an SBI ATM/Debit card online?

Online unblocking of SBI ATM cards is not possible. The SMS feature is the greatest option. Send an SMS to 567676 with the characters PIN (last four digits of your debit card number) (last four digits of your bank account number).

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