How To Turn ON Story Notifications On Snapchat

A Snapchat story is a compilation of snaps from the previous day.

You can tell all of your friends about these tales.

You are able to describe your day in detail. A 10-second video and pictures can be added. With your stories, you can experiment with various filters. You might become excited when one of your pals notifies you of one of these tales.

Therefore, you must enable Snapchat’s story notifications.

Here are some instructions for activating Snapchat story notifications.

How To Turn ON Story Notifications On Snapchat?

Step 1: Open The Snapchat App On Your Phone

With the credentials, launch the Snapchat app on your phone.

 Step 2: Tap On Your Profile Circle Icon 

You may access various symbols and your profile information by tapping the profile icon in the top left corner.

Step 3: Go To Settings.

In the top right corner, tap the settings symbol. By clicking on it, you can set up your account.

Step 4: Tap On Notifications

To change the notification settings, scroll down to notifications. The option for Friends’ Stories will appear in your notification settings.

Step 5: Turn ON Stories From Friends

The green button next to “friends’ stories” should be clicked. It will be unfilled. All you have to do to enable story notifications on the Snapchat app is that.

Does Someone Know If You Turn On Story Notifications On Snapchat?

No, unless they are using third-party apps, nobody knows if you switch on Snapchat story notifications.

You have complete control over how often you wish to switch on or off notifications.

However, you can like and comment on their post if you want them to know.

Every time someone you follow posts a photo or a video, you will be notified if you have enabled their story notification.

How To Know If Someone Has Story Notifications ON For You On Snapchat?

No, you can’t tell whether someone has enabled Snapchat story notifications for you.

However, you can see who has watched a story you’ve posted on Snapchat.

When they view your story, you receive their name in the viewers list, which is what story notification On means to you.

You can take certain actions to find out if someone has story notifications turned on for you.

Step 1: Visit your previously posted My Story.

Step 2: Click on the arrow below to reveal the viewership statistics for your story.

Step 3: Swipe up on your story to see a list of all viewers. From there, you can see if anyone has turned on or off their Snapchat story notifications for you.

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