How To Turn ON Post Notifications On Instagram

Large amounts of content are posted on Instagram. A user may share a photo or a video on this site. It will remain on your profile indefinitely.

In time, more people like and comment on these posts. A post that you share will show up in the feeds of other users who are linked to you.

A post may use multiple hashtags. In their posts, users can reference other persons and places.

We receive notifications when connected persons share posts. Turn on post notifications to stay informed of who is posting what.

Follow these instructions to enable Instagram post alerts.

How To Turn ON Post Notifications On Instagram?

Step 1: Open Your Instagram Account

Log into your device’s Instagram account. Alternately, visit

Step 2: Click On Your Profile Icon

You can access your profile page by clicking the profile icon that is currently located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Tap On Three Horizontal Lines (Menu)

On your profile page, click the three horizontal lines (Menu) in the top right corner. You’ll see a selection of options that includes Settings, your activity, and numerous more choices.

Step 4: Go To Settings

You can edit your account’s settings by clicking on settings. Your account, security, alerts, and privacy are all at your control.

Step 5: Click On Notifications

When you click on notifications, options for various push notification settings will appear.

Step 6: Scroll Down To “Posts, stories, and comments”

Tap on the articles, stories, and comments after scrolling through them. Following this, options such as Initial postings and tales appeared.

Step 7: Turn ON Post Notifications

You have three choices under First posts and stories: OFF, From people I follow, and From everyone.

From the individuals I follow.Click on. To enable post notifications on the Instagram app, all you need to do is that.

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