How to See Sent Friend Requests on BeReal

Another well-liked social media site among Gen Z users is BeReal.

Users of the platform must upload photos of whatever they are doing within a window of two minutes.

Due to its intriguing idea, the application has captured the interest of many users.

You can issue friend requests to anyone on BeReal, and your friends can do the same for you.

A lot of folks are having trouble finding the friend request they sent.

You can quickly find out how to view sent friend requests on BeReal if you’re interested.

How to view sent friend requests on BeReal is covered in this article.

How to See Sent Friend Requests on BeReal?

To view sent friend requests on BeReal, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the BeReal app on your Android or iPhone.

Step 2: Touch the icon (depicting two people) in the top left corner.

Step 3: Following that, three choices—Suggestions, Friends, and Requests—will show up at the bottom.

The Recommendations tab will recommend pals based on your behavior and your contact list.

Friends Tab: The friends tab will contain all of your newly added or friend requests.

Requests Tab: This tab contains all friend requests that have been made to you for inclusion in your friend list.

Step 4: All of the friend requests you have received are now listed under the Requests tab.

Step 5: Click on SENT, which is next to FRIEND REQUEST, to view your sent friend request on BeReal.

You will then view all of your sent friend requests.

You can currently see one friend request for SONISH. due to the fact that I only issued one friend request.

You will see the Pending and Cancel friend request screens below when you click on that friend request or the name.

Pending on BeReal denotes that you sent a friend request, but the recipient has not yet accepted it.

Simply tap the Cancel friend request button to end the friend request.

Your sent friend request will be canceled once you click Cancel friend request.

How to Know If someone Denied Your Friend Request on BeReal?

You won’t be notified if a friend declines your friend request.

Your list of submitted friend requests will no longer include the individual who rejected your friend request.

If the other person accepts your friend request, they will be added to your list of friends.

If someone rejects your friend request, they won’t appear on the Friends tab or the sent friend request tab.

The absence of that individual from any list (sent friend request page, friends tab) indicates that they rejected your friend request.

Do BeReal Friend Requests Expire?

No, a friend in BeReal never expires. Once you send friend requests, they remain in effect indefinitely unless you cancel them or the recipient declines them.

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