How To Return DIRECTV Equipment: A Complete Guide (Get Return Label)

Returns are inconvenient, but they don’t have to be. This article is for you if you need to return DIRECTV equipment after canceling or upgrading your account.

We will guide you on how to return DIRECTV equipment with minimal effort. All you need is the returnable equipment, the original receipt, and a box from home or an office supply store that’s big enough to hold all of the equipment that is required to be returned.

What is DIRECTV?

is the number one satellite television provider in the United States, with over 200 channels for both residential and commercial users.

News programming, NFL Sunday Ticket, and television shows are among the many entertainment options offered by the popular television service. Users can also pay an extra monthly subscription to get 4k high-definition visuals of their channels.

There are a variety of reasons why someone might want to cancel DIRECTV service, including relocation, cable cost savings, or simply not utilizing it any longer. But, canceling DIRECTV is a straightforward operation that may be accomplished by following the steps below:

  • Call 800-531-5000 and inform them you want to cancel.
  • Just state that it is no longer the right fit for you when asked why.
  • They will then connect you with a customer care professional who will be able to assist you with any additional questions or issues. These representatives are usually extremely helpful in ensuring that the procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

There are several things to consider when canceling DIRECTV service, including early termination fees depending on your contract. Understand your contract before you call to avoid any surprises or hidden costs; otherwise, you may need to Reduce your cable bill by negotiating..

How to Return DIRECTV Equipment After Cancellation or Upgrading Service?

The return process for equipment after canceling DIRECTV service is simple, but there are some rules you need to be aware of. First, if DIRECTV provided the equipment as part of your package purchase, it cannot simply be It was returned in its original packaging and box.

All things provided by DIRECTV must be returned. Before returning any goods that do not belong to you, contact DIRECTV to order replacement receivers and remotes if you have misplaced the equipment.

The next step is determining how to send the DIRECTV equipment back to the warehouse to be processed. While DIRECTV makes an effort to ensure the equipment is safely returned, it’s ultimately the responsibility of the user to package and ship the receiver back.

There are three options for returning DIRECTV equipment:

Method 1: Return DIRECTV Equipment Through UPS or FedEx

Look for a or closest to you.

The account number (9 digits) on the top of your box is necessary. Your DIRECTV bill will also have your account number on it.

When using FedEx or The UPS Store, all of the equipment will be packed and shipped to the company without any shipping fees.

As proof that your equipment was returned, request a receipt from the shipping company.

Method 2: Return DIRECTV Equipment Through Return Label

While packing up your equipment, make use of the materials that came with it in the box.

Always remove the return shipping label’s receipt tab at the bottom, the original label with the return shipping label, and any additional postage stamps.

The DIRECTV return equipment shipping label will be required; otherwise, it are not refundable to DIRECTV/AT&T.

Drop it off at any or the nearest post office if you have Fixed Wireless Internet or DIRECTV.

Drop the box off at an official if you have AT&T Internet or Existing AT&T U-Verse TV customers.

Method 3: Return DIRECTV Equipment Through Return Kit

Contact DIRECTV customer support 24-hours a day to request the your equipment’s return.

Wait for the return kit and the pre-paid shipping label to arrive.

Put all of the necessary equipment in a box.

On top of the box, place the DIRECTV return shipping label (prepaid with free postage) that came with the package.

Get the parcel picked up by a mail courier or deliver it yourself to the post office.

What Should You Know About Returning DirecTV Boxes?

If you prefer to return your equipment by FedEx or USPS, make sure it is properly wrapped and tagged with the needed information, such as:

  • Your name
  • Account number for DIRECTV
  • A description of each item being returned, such as the serial number on the devices like the receivers and remotes, extension cords, model numbers or barcodes on equipment such as remotes, and the quantity being returned for each item
  • The reason for returning each used electronics or piece of equipment

If you’re sending your product by a DIRECTV-approved carrier (UPS), don’t write anything in white text on either side or at the bottom. That will obstruct the proper processing of your return.

Your name, account number, and a description of each item being returned, such as serial numbers or barcodes, must be written on the packages.

Don’t make the same mistake as this customer!

Do I need to Return the HDMI Cable to DirecTV?

No, all you have to do is return your AT&T DirecTV receiver. They do not, however, want you to return the HDMI cable, remote, wires, instructions, or anything else.

What Happens if I Don’t Return my DIRECTV Equipment?

If you don’t return your DIRECTV equipment, there’s a chance they will charge you for it. It can be costly and, in most cases, unnecessary if the account has been paid off or closed. You can instead save that money for something else. 

The service contract with the company can have a clause that requires you to return the equipment. Make sure your contract is complete and up-to-date before returning any DIRECTV equipment.

How To Send DIRECTV Equipment Back Conclusion

If you cancel your DIRECTV service, make sure to return any equipment you borrowed. It makes correct product inventory easy for businesses, and it allows customers who desire working devices to receive one.

Before terminating your contract, simply contact customer service or login online using your account details. They can tell you how much time you have until you have to send it back.

We hope that this blog post has been helpful in guiding you through the process of returning DIRECTV equipment.

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