How To Return an Amazon Gift Without the Sender Knowing?

It’s once again the Christmas season, which means one thing for many people: it’s time to exchange gifts!

It can be a lot of fun to buy presents for friends and family. However, there is always the chance that you’ll receive something from someone who does not know your tastes well enough. If this happens, don’t worry – there are ways to return an without the sender knowing about it, especially if the gift is from Amazon.

Returning your gift is not difficult, and you can do it yourself. Additionally, returning unwanted gifts to Amazon is free. All you need is a little patience and some time. Let’s get this party started!

So, how do you send a present back to Amazon while keeping the buyer in the dark?

Short Answer: You’ll need to track down the 17-digit order ID number from the packing slip to return an unwanted gift to Amazon without informing the sender. Then you fill out an Amazon returns form, print a return label, and return the item to Amazon. Refunds may take up to 25 days to process; however, the sender will not be aware of your gift return.

How to Return a Gift on Amazon Steps

You may receive gifts for your birthday or during the holiday season that you would like to return. You might wish to return a present because it doesn’t fit, is the incorrect color, you already have it from someone else, you don’t need it, or you’d rather spend the money elsewhere.

We will show you how to return your unwanted gift to Amazon for an Amazon gift card using the following steps:  

1 . Visit the Amazon Returns Center on Your Browser

Go to the Amazon online using a desktop or laptop browser. Then, either sign in to your Amazon account if you’re a member; otherwise, you’ll need to create one. 

You’ll need an account because refunds for returned items are issued in Amazon gift cards. To receive or use these gift cards, you must first create an account.

2. Enter the Order Number of the Item You Want Returned

On your packing slip or the emailed digital gift receipt, look for your order number. Then, for the items you want to return, enter the 17-digit order number.

If you’re having problems identifying the order ID, contact Amazon customer service and request assistance. With your tracking number or the sender’s name, the customer service person can locate your order ID.

3. Select Items and Reason for Return

From the drop-down menu, choose the goods that need to be returned and the reason for sending them back. For example, if a third-party vendor sold the items, you’d need to submit a return request.

Some Amazon merchants may check refund requests before approving them. Third-party products is not permitted on Instead, within 14 days of receiving the item, contact the seller directly. If the seller agrees to the return, it must be postmarked within 30 days and contain a tracking number if the item is worth $35 or more.

4. Print Return Label

To print a return label, click the Print Return Label button. Then you’ll be requested to open or save a PDF that contains the return label as well as instructions for attaching it to your shipment.

It’s a good idea to pack each item separately after you’ve downloaded your return label. Because returned items are sent to different sellers, you may need to print multiple labels. Carefully carefully package your things to avoid damage while shipping, delays in the process, or voiding your return.

5. Select Return Method

Choose your chosen return mechanism. Ups, Hub Lockers, Kohls, Whole Foods, and Amazon’s 4-star store are all options. Choose an Amazon Hub Locker location near you if you want to use Amazon Hub Locker to return.

To fit into the locker, your package must be smaller than 18 inches by 14 inches by 12 inches.

6. Package Your Return Item and Send Back

Put the return authorization form inside the present box, adhere the shipping label to the outside of the box, and you’re ready to send it back!

The item must be in the same condition as when it was received (with all accessories), according to Amazon’s return policy. As a result, if there are missing accessories or the item is in poor condition, you will most likely only receive a partial refund.

Your return can be tracked using the Return Summary email or the Returns Center.

How Are Amazon Gift Refunds Paid?

After Amazon has received your returned item, your refund will be issued as an Amazon Gift Card. Your refund amount will be credited to the gift card balance of the Amazon account you used to make your return. The refund process can take up to 25 days to receive your money.

Note that all parts, pieces, and accessories must be returned in the same condition as when they were purchased and received.

Additionally, gift products valued at more than $2,000 can only be refunded to the original payment method.

What Ways to Return Unwanted Gifts to Amazon?

Amazon purchases can be returned for free at tens of thousands of locations, including Amazon Books, Amazon 4-star, Amazon Fresh grocery stores, and Amazon Go stores. Additional ways to return Amazon gifts without the giver’s knowledge include Amazon Hub Locker and Amazon Hub Locker+ delivery locations, as well as businesses like Whole Foods Market, Kohls, and UPS.

The following are the best venues to return unwanted Amazon gifts:

UPS Store

There are nearly 20,000 to make a return. In addition, the UPS Store lets you drop off unwanted gifts using a prepaid mailing label. 

You can make a return at over 5,000 UPS Store locations without a box or a label by using the QR code generated from Amazon. The sender doesn’t need a printer or the original box. All you need to do is bring the item to the UPS Store and show the QR code on your smartphone.

You can also have a UPS driver come to your house or office and pick up your packages for free.

Hub Lockers

There are about 8,000 and Amazon Hub Locker + locations in more than 900 cities and towns across the United States. Whole Foods Market, 7-Eleven, Stein Mart, Blink Fitness, Chase Bank, and Sprint stores are among the places with Hub Lockers. The lockers can also be found on college campuses and in residential buildings.

Some items and gifts cannot be picked up or returned at an Amazon Hub Locker. However, if your return package is eligible, you’ll see an option in Amazon’s Returns Center to return it to an Amazon Hub Locker. It will let you choose a nearby locker from a map.

You’ll receive an email with your drop-off code once you’ve chosen a Hub Locker location. Go to the locker and enter your code on the touch-screen display, then follow the on-screen instructions.

Your package must be smaller than 18 in x 14 in x 12 inches to fit into the locker. For example, you cannot return a mattress in the locker, but an air mattress may fit.


is one of the country’s largest department store retail chains. It has more than 1,100 Amazon locations in 48 states where qualified items can be returned.

Visit their Amazon Returns desk and show the QR code to a store associate to complete your return. The returns desk is either located in the front of the store by the Kohl’s returns desk or in the back of the store near the bedding department.

The benefit of returning things from Amazon to Kohl’s is that you don’t need a box or label. Instead, Kohl’s and its associates will package up your stuff for you!

Whole Foods

Since December 2020, Amazon has offered return options at over. There’s no need for a box or label; take the item to the Whole Foods customer service desk with the QR code generated after starting a return.

A staff member from Whole Foods Market will scan the code and package the item for you.

See our guide on Cakes from Whole Foods and their prices while visiting the store.

Amazon 4-Star Store

is a cutting-edge physical store that stocks a carefully curated selection of products from’s most popular categories. Customers have given the items four stars or higher, they are top sellers, or they are new and trending on It makes it simple for you to locate goods that you will enjoy!

You don’t need a box or a label to return undesired Amazon gifts to the Amazon 4-Star Shop. Instead, the customer support professional will want the item as well as the Amazon return QR code.

The only downside is there are only around 35 Amazon 4-Star Stores in 17 states. Most of its retail stores have a smaller footprint and sell smaller items like the camping’s best portable projectors, speakers built into monitors, or Laptops that are compatible with Cricut Makers.

Return an Amazon Gift Without the Sender Knowing Summary

There are a few ways to return an Amazon gift without informing the sender.

You can use the UPS Store, Amazon Hub Lockers, 711, Kohl’s, or Whole Foods. Alternatively, you can return the item to an Amazon 4-Star store.

All of these options are basic and straightforward, and they make returning undesired goods to Amazon a breeze.

See our article on how long it takes Amazon to deliver packages.

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