How to Pay Electricity Bill using Phonepe?

It is now common practice to pay electricity bills using online banking services. PhonePe is a payment app that facilitates UPI-based transactions. The PhonePe app allows you to pay your electricity bill directly. Continue reading to learn how to pay your electricity bill with the PhonePe app.

How to pay your phone bill with PhonePe:

Open the PhonePe application first.

Step 2: Locate the Recharge and Pay Bills category on the main screen.

Step 3: Select the option for Electricity.

Step 4: To refund a biller, you can either search for it or select Recently Paid billers.

Step 5: Type in your account number as well as your phone number.

Step 6: Press the Confirm key.

Step 7: You will receive payment for your electricity bill.

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