How to Pay Electricity Bill in Google Pay?

Google Pay offers a variety of UPI-based transaction options, including bill payment online. Google Pay is a digital payment service that allows you to make purchases at your favorite retailers.

You can now use the Google Pay app to pay your electricity bills. To pay your electricity bill, simply follow these simple steps.

How to pay your electric bill with Google Pay:

Log in to your Google Pay account first.

Step 2: Select Bill from the menu.

Step 3: To pay your bill, select the Electricity option.

Step 4: Choose your energy biller.

Step 5: If your electricity is connected, continue with the process. If the account has not been linked by the customer. Select the option to Get Started.

Step 6: Enter your account name and customer ID.

Step 7: Choose the Account Connection option.

Step 8: Fill out your bill information and pay it.

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