How to Navigate Sunday Coupon Preview

One of my favorite couponing resources be it blogger or couponer is .  They offer complete lists of coupons, their values and expiration dates. I can look ahead through the entire year and find out what weekends will offer certain inserts and which will not have any at all.

What’s the point of looking at the list? I can’t tell you how much time and money this resource has saved me. You can save money by getting a head start on what coupons will be available by getting a sneak peek at what will be available. You also have the benefit of knowing which coupons, if any, you wish to order from the clipping businesses in the future. Not to mention that most holiday weekends do not have coupon inserts, so not buying your stack of newspapers that week will save you money.

The primary page is described briefly above. One of the reasons I like is that it is mostly self-explanatory. Most of us don’t have time to visit our favorite websites on a daily basis, but we do check our email and readers. You can also get a sneak peek at Sunday Coupons this way.

Archives are accessible and can be used to determine when a coupon was released or to confirm its existence. Sunday Coupon Preview provides previews in two different formats. You can see exactly which inserts are released each week or be more specific about which coupons are in each insert.

Print Coupons tab is a link to print coupons directly from Sunday Coupon Preview without leaving the site, while Printable Coupons table is a link to all posts that contain printable coupons.


A sample of a coupon insert preview is shown above, along with descriptions of how to interpret the wording. As I previously stated, the site is quite user friendly, however it may appear Greek to the inexperienced eye.

Everything might be overwhelming when you first start couponing, therefore I always prefer to have explanations and clear understandings of everything rather than being disheartened. Please feel free to inquire if anything is still unclear or if you have any unanswered queries.


Sunday Coupon Preview was one of my fantastic sponsors at last week’s smart Blogger Conference. In exchange for their help, it is my pleasure to provide this position.


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