How To Make Text Appear And Disappear On Instagram Reels

Short videos are called Instagram Reels. On Instagram, reels are posted by users. They could be about their daily lives, entertainment, knowledge, news, or anything else.

They occasionally accentuate videos with text, stickers, and music to draw Instagram users.

These flicks receive likes and comments from viewers. Reels inspire people to make humorous videos that they can upload to Instagram and share with their followers or anyone else.

In the reels, we have the ability to change the text, make it appear and disappear, and apply various filters.

From within the program, users may add timed text to their reels.

Here, we demonstrate how to make text in Instagram videos appear and vanish.

How To Make Text Appear And Disappear On Instagram Reels?

Step 1: Launch Your Instagram App

Open Instagram and sign into your account by entering your username, password, and email address.

You must sign in using your Facebook ID if your account is connected to Facebook. Your home page will appear.

Step 2: Click On the Plus(+) icon

At the top of the screen, click the plus icon. You’ll have choices, such as Post, Reel, Narrative, etc.

Step 3: Press On The Reel Option

When the camera screen appears after selecting the reel option, you can record the video or start a new one by adding new images and videos from your phone’s gallery.

Step 4: Click On The Text Icon

At the very top of the screen, select the text icon. Enter your text first, then alter it by adjusting the text’s background and font colors, as well as its size, shape, and animation.

Click done in the top right corner of the screen when your text is complete. Your text can now be positioned wherever on the screen.

Step 5: Choose The Text Duration

Drag the timeline’s edges to the desired position at the bottom of the screen, enter as much text as you’d like, and then click the checkmark to select the time that the text will appear in the video.

Step 6: Press On Next Button

By selecting the next button, you may send it to your reels.

To make text appear and disappear on Instagram reels, all you need to do is that.

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