How to Make Money Fast as a Kid (2020)

When I was younger, I read a lot and was constantly looking for methods to raise money for kids. I worked in a park system performing odd jobs and running the concession stand during the summer, in addition to cutting lawns and other yard maintenance.

Nowadays, there are many options for kids to quickly make money. The number of opportunities has expanded thanks to technology.

Some children will find many of these occupations for kids easier than others. Your academic prowess, unique talents, physical strength, age, maturity, and interests will all play a significant role. In contrast to when I was growing up and earning a few dollars here and there doing odd jobs, you can make a lot of money as a teen.

Below, we present 30 different ways to make money fast as a
kid from home, online, in the summer and the winter.  The money-making opportunities below range
from young kids to teenagers.

How to Make Money Fast as
a Kid at Home


Here are four suggestions for young people who want to quickly earn money at home or at someone else’s residence, such as babysitting.

1. One-on-One Tutoring Business from Home

One-on-one tutoring is a great way to share and teach your
knowledge in a subject with someone else and make extra money.  Most parents have forgotten what they learned
in elementary school, high school, and college. 
That’s why there’s a television show called, “Are you Smarter than
a 5th Grader?” 

In your school district or college, launch a one-on-one tutoring business. For their children in elementary and high school, parents will hire tutors. In college, your friends may engage you to tutor them in particular courses. You can start earning money right away at home, in a coffee shop, or after school. The hours might be flexible.

What are the tutoring rates per hour?

Your level of education, experience, and knowledge will all affect the price. You might anticipate charging between $10 and $40 per hour. As you gain a reputation as a top local tutor, you can start charging more.

2. Start Babysitting Jobs at Home

Parents are constantly in need of nannies so they can go on dates, attend parties, go shopping for the holidays, and more. As a mother’s helper, you might even be hired by a parent to keep their children occupied while they clean, work, or rest at home. To spend time with a newborn while you play and amuse older children, some parents look for babysitting services.

How to start a babysitting business?

Start your babysitting business by doing the following:

  • Take a CPR lesson and learn about child safety.
  • Start carefully with a familiar person.
  • When you first start, let the parent decide your babysitting charges.
  • Prior to advertising, determine your availability and schedule.
  • Start telling your friends, relatives, and parents about this.
  • Plan activities according to age. Have fun while occupying the children.

What are good babysitting rates to charge?

According to UrbanSitter, the ranges from $11.63 to $18.75 for one child. 

3. Tile Grout Cleaning Service

Everyone’s grout lines in the bathroom, shower, and kitchen become dirty over time. Although it is a laborious and tiresome task, cleaning is satisfying.

For use at home, you don’t need to purchase a tile and grout cleaning machine. You just need baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and a firm bristles brush. Grout can be cleaned without spending money on pricy, harsh chemicals. Watch the video below to compare using Clorox or hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to clean tiles.

4. Carpet Cleaning Business for Income

A carpet cleaning business might generate a good amount of money. You can work on it full-time, part-time, or on the weekends. Some customers only want a few rooms, the stairs, the basement, or their entire house cleaned. The cost of carpet cleaning will depend on how long it takes you to complete the task. Some basements are tiny, while others have a square footage of more than 2000.

Starting a carpet cleaning business from home only a few hundred dollars, and you may use your own equipment or rent one. Machines can be rented from Home Depot for a few hours or all day. Supplies for carpet cleaning are also available for purchase in the rental division.

Cleaning furniture with the carpet cleaner attachments is another way to upsell. Everybody uses their couch every day, yet they never clean it. Ugh!

Here’s how to use a carpet cleaner to thoroughly clean your carpet:

Good Ways for Kids to Make
Money Outside The House

These are nine excellent alternatives for children to earn money away from home. Some of these will depend on the weather, but the majority may be done all year long.

5. Earn Money Recycling

A young person can make some extra money by recycling metal, glass, and aluminum cans. Recycling in your neighborhood gives kids free money and benefits the environment.

Ryans Recycling’s CEO and manager, who started when he was just 3-1/2 years old, now has 50 clients. There was no typo.

By the age of 7, he had . 

What can a kid recycle as a side hustle?

  • Depending on where you live, you can earn between 5 and 10 cents per bottle of glass.
  • To find the best price, phone a few local recyclers of aluminum cans.
  • Scrap metal recycling – the kids, may
    need a hand hauling and recycling outdated equipment, such as refrigerators and heaters.  Large appliances can pay around $25, which
    one of the fast ways to make money as a kid. 
    Your local utility may come to your house and haul it away and pay you
    cash on the spot to recycle the appliance.
  • On websites like Amazon, eBay, and Gazelle, used electronics and cell phones are resold.

How much for you get for recycling cans?

The typical estimate was around 35 cents per pound of aluminum as of mid-2019. A pound of aluminum is produced using 32 to 35 cans, depending on the brand. It is best to avoid crushing the can so that the recycler can tell the cans apart.

6. Start Power Washing Business

Because every missed detail will be visible, pressure washing requires patience and accuracy. To launch a pressure washing business, you need the appropriate tools. The washer needs to be strong enough to reach a second story home and remove debris from brick, wood, and aluminum gutters in addition to being able to remove dirt from concrete and wood surfaces directly.

Here is a great video that shows you how to set up and operate a pressure washer with accessories.

7. Small Business Photography

If you enjoy shooting pictures, you might want to start a side photography business. Ask friends and family to take pictures of them in a park or other location of their choosing. Most families attempt to take a family photo with a selfie stick, but they would prefer to have someone else follow them around and take much better pictures. See how much an amateur photographer in your region charges per hour on websites like Groupon.

Where can you get a professional camera to take photos?

  • Utilize the most recent mobile device available.
  • Get a loan of a DSLR
  • Borrow a DSLR or any other photography gear from your neighborhood library.
  • Rent cameras from the school or the photographic club.

8. Start Window Washing Business

Is window cleaning a profitable venture? Indeed, as the majority of homeowners rarely clean their windows both inside and out. Your windows become dirty from the rain and outside debris. Your home’s interior is partially dirty due to grease, steam, and dust.

It’s simple and affordable to launch a window cleaning business. The following are the steps of cleaning a window on a budget:

  • Don’t clean windows in the hot sun
  • Combine one part hot water with one part distilled vinegar.
  • To dampen the window, use a sponge.
  • From the top down, use a squeegee of the proper size.
  • After each stroke, clean the squeegee to get rid of any dirt.

Depending on the type of windows and your age, the homeowner might want to cooperate with you.

How much to charge for window cleaning?

A professional will bill $2 to $7 for each window pane, according to CostHelper. We advise either halving that cost or charging per the hour. Offering to clean door and window screens with soap and water is another way to upsell.

Start by washing your own windows, or distribute leaflets to neighbors asking them to do the same.

8. Start Cleaning Houses and Moving Furniture

Learning how to start cleaning houses for money is simple. Here is a quick video on how to clean a house’s dirtiest rooms.

What would you do about cleaning cobwebs and dusting
behind furniture?

It’s incredible how many dust bunnies and cobwebs accumulate
under and behind furniture.  Most people
need help to dust behind large pieces of furniture.  Offer neighbors to help move furniture so they
can clean behind and under it.  Most
ladies and seniors would love for some muscle or an extra hand in moving
furniture and dusting.  You will charge
them hourly to help move furniture.

In a house, tidy up the difficult-to-reach areas.

Here is a list of :

  • Use a ladder if you are comfortable to reach light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  • Use a ladder and extension pole to reach tall furniture and cabinet tops.
  • Use a broom or extension pole to clean corner moldings and ceilings.

Window blinds – it’s tedious but necessary.  Here’s how :

  • Remove the screen, clean it with a wet rag and perhaps some q-tips. Show door and sliding door tracks.
  • Dust buildup on refrigerator coils causes the fridge to operate inefficiently. You’ll probably pull the lower grill off before using a vacuum to get rid of the dust and debris.
  • Everyone forgets to reach behind the toilets.

9. Tech Support and Fix Computers Nearby

Nowadays, children start utilizing technology as soon as they are born. By offering tech support to many adults locally, those abilities can be put to use. Potential technological issues include:

  • setting up a new computer or an email account
  • printing photographs that have been downloaded from a mobile device
  • installing antivirus software
  • installing a printer or a mesh network

These fundamental computing abilities are in high demand every day. Tech help should be priced per hour.

10. Pet Sitting Services

This is a fantastic method for someone who loves animals to make money without having to commit to pet ownership. For those who travel and work outside the home, this might easily become a full-time job.

When neighbors go on vacation or to visit family in the winter, it’s one of the ways they can make money. In the summer, when more families go on vacation, more people stay out later, and more people need someone to walk their pets, you’ll also earn more money.

Post some flyers and tell your neighbors that you want to be their first choice for pet sitting services to start a pet sitting business. Playing with their pet or giving them a bath are examples of additional services.

11. Party Helper

Businesses and families are constantly looking to recruit party personnel. Birthday celebrations and seasonal get-togethers are regularly hosted by neighbors, businesses, and families. The party helper prepares for the celebration by setting up, gathering coats in the winter, watching over and playing with children, picking up empty plates, moving food, and more. A young assistant would be the ideal extra set of eyes for the birthday party host.

What are party helper rates?

As a party assistant, your hourly wage will probably be $8–12. Your age, the nature of the event, the volume of work, and your responsibilities will all affect the rate.

12. After Party Cleaning Services

When your time as a party assistant is up, you can provide cleaning services following parties. The location or home will be a mess whether it is a kid party or an adult party. Cleaning up after a party is not enjoyable, and the birthday party host will probably be worn out. Services for cleaning up after parties will be greatly appreciated. You’ll probably need to sweep the floor, wipe the tables, gather the garbage, wash the dishes, put the chairs away, and more.

Where to find needed after party cleaning services?

Consult your local park district to see whether they rent out their facilities for kid parties, ask your neighbors who are throwing block parties or birthday parties, and so on.

How much to charge for after party cleaning services?

Cleaning services provided following a party will cost about the same as a party assistant. Depending on the job, $8–12 per house.

Easy Things to Make and Sell for Money

Here are a few simple items you may produce and sell locally or at home to make money.

13. Easy Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit

Making and selling original crafts can be lucrative and popular.

Making and selling unusual crafts includes:

  • Beaded bracelets
  • Mosaic picture frames
  • Homemade soaps and bath bombs
  • Homemade scented candles
  • Personalized magnets
  • Decorative sweets

Look for DIY ideas that you may turn into a home business on Pinterest and Etsy.

How much to sell crafts for?

When figuring out how much to charge for crafts, there is no precise formula. Keep track of your time and be aware of your supply costs. To manufacture cool crafts, you must be paid a reasonable wage for your labor and time.

14. Start a Candy Business

Master the art of making just one kind of sweets. During the holidays or as party favors, candy is a great item to sell. Use social media to promote your sweet creations and provide samples.

How much can you make starting a candy business from

Depending on the type, quality, and size of the candy, you can anticipate earning between 50 cents and $2.

Ways to Make Money as a Kid in Winter

There are six ways for kids to make money in the winter. Living in the chilly, snowy upper Midwest of Chicago, I was always looking for good ways to make some extra money.

15. Professional Gift Wrapping Service

During the winter break, will be in high demand. For holiday shoppers, a mobile wrapping service can help ease their stress. You will undoubtedly have neighbors who dislike the idea of gift wrapping because they are too busy working or getting ready for the holidays. It’s a tedious and monotonous profession that requires patience and an attention to detail.

By first watching some YouTube videos and practicing on some boxes, you can quickly learn how to launch a gift-wrapping business. Practice with newspaper rather than wrapping paper to save money. Since there are so many various patterns and paper qualities, I would advise letting the customer pick and supply the wrapping paper they like.

How much can you make wrapping gifts?

Depending on the size, shape, and additional embellishments, such as ribbon and custom bows, you can anticipate making $2 to $10 per package.

16. Snow Shoveling Services for Seniors

Snow removal is a task for everyone, but it is particularly challenging for the elderly. Every time it snows, local elders need snow shoveling services. It’s one of the simple ways that children can earn money throughout the winter. Naturally, you must reside in a region with a cold, snowy climate.

Distribute flyers in your community in the late fall to promote your home snow removal company. After the first snowfall, make a list of prospective clients for snow removal and knock on their doors. Most certainly, you’ll have more work than you can handle.

Moreover, ask any families who are traveling over the holidays. Neighbors want the snow cleared so it won’t freeze and get hard when they arrive home. Because homeowners also desire snow removal, they don’t target their homes during the holidays because there aren’t any tire tracks or other indications that anyone is at home.

What to charge for snow removal services near me?

Shoveling the driveway and sidewalks should cost between $15 and $30 per person.

Considerations for pricing a snow removal service include:

  • Who is doing the shoveling?
  • How much snow has fallen so far?
  • How much snow is there?
  • How much space are you actually shoving? Is the driveway short or long?

Here is a discussion amongst some parents about the r.   

Ask your neighbors how much it costs to shovel snow from any residence in the area or for elders.

17. Hot Chocolate Stand

You have a hot chocolate station set up on the corner of your neighborhood despite the cold and snowy weather. The majority of individuals will pause and purchase one from you.

A commercial hot chocolate machine is not necessary. Get some boiling water and some hot chocolate mix. It’s easy. Bulk or individual hot chocolate packets run between 40 and 45 cents per cup of mix. Supplies for a hot chocolate bar include mugs, mix, and change to break $20 bills.

How much to charge at a hot chocolate stand?

Price each cup of hot chocolate between $1 and $2. Most clients will give you $2 as a tip if you charge $1.50. Most people wish to honor diligent children who are selling hot cocoa on a corner during a winter day.

18. Christmas Light Installation

Start handing out flyers about Christmas light installations to working, busy parents, and senior citizens after Halloween. Installing lights on your own home is a good place to start since it serves as your finest Christmas light business card. Get your orders in order as soon as you can, and then start putting in your Christmas lights like a pro.

This is a video showing how to place Christmas lights on gutters from some professionals.

19. Christmas Tree Trash Pickup

After the holiday season is over, collect Christmas trees to be disposed of. After the holidays, everyone is worn out and doesn’t want to bother with taking down the Christmas tree decorations or throwing the tree away. Identify those who need assistance capping off the season because they will be working or traveling after the holidays.

20. Get Paid to Run Errands

For seniors and busy parents, you can provide an errand delivery service. In the United States, there are over 40 million seniors over 65, and that number is rising. Elderly people and people who are working can utilize assistance with a variety of tasks, including picking up groceries, picking up medications, and cleaning up after themselves. They could occasionally have to wait around the house for the repairman while you conduct errands for them.

How to Make Money in the Summer Teenager

For teenagers and younger children, we have four suggestions for summertime income. If you just have a short summer, the jobs can either be temporary side gigs or several of them can turn into full-time companies.

21. Lemonade Stand Ideas DIY Alternatives

Every child wants to create a lemonade stand business in their community during the summer to earn some extra cash. In addition to lemonade, we have other items to sell at a lemonade stand.

alternatives to lemonade stands:

  • Popcorn stand – popcorn is very cheap and easy to make.  There is an endless amount of popcorn toppings.  See the Food Network Kitchen 50 from lemon butter to everything bagel popcorn to cinnamon sugar popcorn.  You can both savory and sweet popcorn.
  • Temporary tattoo station – buy a sheet of reputable temporary tattoos to sell.  The tattoos are placed directly on the skin and last about three days.  It’s best to have an adult supervise the application. 
  • Hawaiian shaved ice stands are available at reasonable prices. Similar to a slushy, shaved ice is typically available in cherry or blue raspberry flavors.

22. Get Paid to Play Sports with Other Kids

Nowadays, youngsters receive significant sports training. Several sports, including basketball, baseball, and tennis, pay private coaches to train with young athletes. Private tutoring for children can easily cost $100 per hour. If you excel at a specific sport, you may offer to practice with youngsters your own age or younger. Instead of paying a coach every time, you might charge a parent $25 to $50 to warm up or practice with their child.

Since you and the other child practice the sport frequently, you won’t need any equipment. Locate a park or public court to practice at. For teenagers or younger children, it may be among the most lucrative summertime income opportunities. Earn money while practicing your sport-related skills. Win-win situation.

23. Mowing Lawns for Cash

Starting a lawn-mowing business is a common venture for young people. In the summer, you can rake leaves, and in the fall, you can mow lawns. The size of the yard will determine how often the grass needs to be cut. Create fliers and distribute them throughout your area in the spring to get a price on lawn mowing. It’s a simple way for teenagers to make quick money.

24. Mobile Car Wash Service

Offer a mobile car wash that cleans the car in the driveway to your neighbors after it has rained. Instead of standing in line or letting harsh, bristles equipment damage its paint, you can wash it by hand. Purchase some tire shine spray and exterior car wash soap. Bring a bucket and lots of rags and towels. Starting a local car wash service is quick and simple.

Easy Ways to Earn Money as a Teenager Online

In the 21st century, there are many easy ways to
earn money as a teenager online. 

25. One-on-One Tutoring Online for Money

You can apply for an online tutoring job with no experience
being a teacher.  There are hundreds of
subjects you may be a potential master in and share your knowledge with
others.  The best online tutoring sites
to work for can range depending on your specific expertise.  TutorMe is an online education platform for
online courses and on-demand tutoring. 
The platform allows for a flexible schedule, working from home, and over
300 subjects from programming to piano.  There
is a high demand to become an English tutor online for people overseas.  You can get jobs in video games with no
experience by teaching other kids strategy on how to play and win.  E-Sports’ popularity growth has incredible

Online tuition fees for private instruction for money ranges
depending on the subject and your skills. 
TutorMe claims tutoring rates start at least $16 per hour plus
bonuses.  It is one of the best ways to
make money fast as a teen at home with students in different time zones.  You can tutor in the evening and weekends
when you are not attending school. 

You can as a beginner, get paid, to write with no
experience.  It’s easy to find people online
willing to pay for writers.  You can get
paid for the following types of writing:

  • Write short stories
  • Provide product reviews
  • Write poetry online
  • Write lists
  • Write articles
  • Write song lyrics
  • Review products on Amazon
  • Write Yelp reviews
  • Write blogs
  • Write essays

You can write about ant subject from travel to legos to
video games to technical or technology. 
A writer will make more money if they have a particular single-focused
knowledge and good writing skills.  

26. Write and Get Paid Instantly

The websites on the list below will either pay you immediately or soon after completion. This list is designed for newcomers who are looking for simple, untested ways to make money as a teenager.

  • Upwork is a extremely popular and heavily used freelance website. Spend some time developing a thorough profile that highlights your subject-matter expertise.
  • Filtering options for freelance writing jobs include language, income, and skill requirements.
  • You don’t need to manually send customers invoices because iWriter handles all the billing.
  • You will first send a sample article to Textbroker for review and ranking. Your pay will be based on your rating.

Here’s a good about what you love or what writing jobs are available. 

27. Pay to Listen to Music

It’s true; you can listen to music and get paid for it.  lets audiophiles listen and discover new bands and songs.

To earn money from Music Xray for listening to music, just follow these simple steps:

  1. View the video here
  2. Join for nothing.
  3. Fill out your profile with information about your favorite bands and songs to receive a targeted music selection.
  4. Your email inbox will receive customized music.
  5. For cash, I listen to music. For every song you listen to, you’ll receive at least 10 cents.
  6. Once your account balance reaches $20 or more, you will be paid via Paypal to listen to music.

After 30 seconds, you can stop listening to the song and still get compensated. When you do find something you enjoy, Music Xray and the artists assume you will tell your friends about the music and band.

One of the simplest ways for youngsters to get money online is through music listening.

28. Take Online Surveys That Pay the Most

There are countless websites that will pay you to play games, perform web searches, watch videos, and participate in paid online surveys. With a $10 welcome bonus, Swagbucks, one of the oldest online survey companies, offers the highest payouts. With nearly $398 million in member payments, they did well. Online surveys from Swagbucks are remunerated with Paypal or gift cards from stores like Amazon and Walmart. This is how Swagbucks operates.

29. discover the top sites for stock photo sales

The majority of people are unaware that you may sell your photographs online for cash. To get started, all you need is a camera or smartphone. Check out the top stock photo selling websites because they all have different payment methods.

Some of the top websites for selling stock photographs are listed below:

  • One of the most well-known websites for selling stock photographs is Shutterstock. It is well-liked because there have been more than 500 million downloads and more than $300 million has been made by photographers.
  • About five million photographers have uploaded their works to 500px Prime. For each license purchased, 500px pays 70% net. A photo license typically costs $250. Signing up is cost-free.
  • You receive 85% of the picture markup from SmugMug Pro, but you must subscribe. To receive the high royalties, photographers must subscribe for as little as $12.50 per month. Selling HD or 4K video footage as well as vector graphics is another way to make money.
  • Although Etsy is known for its handmade goods, you may also make money there by selling stock images. With only 20 cents per photo and 3.5% of each transaction, Etsy has a liberal pricing structure. The drawback is that few people use Etsy to purchase stock photos. You’ll need to promote your work in some way.

Make Money Fast as a Kid Summary

There are 29 various ways for kids to quickly make money. Obviously, not all of the jobs on the list above will be simple ways for youngsters to earn money. Some jobs will appeal to children and teenagers more than others.

List the positions that most appeal to you as you go through the list. Whatever decision you make, you ought to be content. The objective is to generate income as a teen without having a job. Appreciate your work!

Save aside a significant amount of your income from an early age. Think about making an investment in your state’s 529 Plan or a money market with a high yield. The earlier you start investing, the greater the potential of compounding.

The list demonstrates different ways good kids can make money right now. If you’re curious, we have suggestions for how a 13-year-old can make money. Alternatively, how to make money when you’re 14 or older. All ages can find inspiration.

Let us know how you made money as a kid, both now and in the past.

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